Holy Family Catholic Church Catholic School Subsidy Policy

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Holy Family Catholic Church Catholic School Subsidy Policy
All registered families sending their children to a Catholic school, whether parochial or private, are eligible to receive a subsidy to aid their children in their Catholic education. When a parish does not have its own school, it is the diocesan policy that the student’s home parish subsidize the school the student attends. These subsidy requirements can vary from school to school. Each school usually furnishes a subsidy card to be signed by the pastor or delegate in order for the family to receive a subsidy. In the case of a family sending their child/children to a private Catholic school, such as St. Bernard’s or Overbrook, and the family would like to receive a subsidy from the parish, the family is asked to contact the pastor to request the subsidy. The amount of the specific subsidy to the school will be determined after a meeting with the pastor.
The Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Board believe that in order to be financially responsible to all contributing members of this parish, a consistent and fair policy concerning Catholic school subsides is important. Our subsidy policy is:
It is expected that a family enrolling a student in a Catholic school be active in their home parish. Being active entails two requirements:

  1. Regular Participation in the Sunday Eucharist

One of the reasons for sending a child to a Catholic school is for the child to grow in faith and worship. Children need to experience their family living and growing in faith if they are to live and grow in the faith.

  1. Financial Support of the Parish Using Church Envelopes

Families seeking a school subsidy for the current school year are required to have a pledge commitment of a minimum of $1,000 to the parish using the Time, Talent, and Treasure Stewardship Form. If a family is seeking a subsidy for the first time, their previous year’s contribution to the parish should be a minimum of $1,000. If a family is new to the parish, they will be asked to make a pledge commitment to the parish and to provide a letter from their previous parish indicating their level of parish support.
If a family has not fulfilled the above requirements and have extenuating circumstances, the Subsidy Review Committee will become involved to determine the eligibility of a family receiving a subsidy.
Many families are making a substantial sacrifice in sending their child or children to Catholic schools. Be assured of our prayers and encouragement. The above policy reflects an attempt to be as fair as possible to all members of the parish, and at the same time, to strongly support Catholic school education. Other parishes in the diocese have policies similar to ours.
If you have any questions about our subsidy policy, please feel free call the office and contact either Fr. Ed or Pam Comeaux. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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