Hobbes & Locke Objective

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Hobbes & Locke

Objective: To read selections from Thomas Hobbes and John Locke two of the most influential political philosophers in western civilization and examine how their ideas are reflected in our own beliefs and our present day society. Discuss how the differences between the two philosophers sets up a conflict when it comes to establishing government and power structures and how we go about resolving that conflict.
Directions: Read the passages as directed and complete the assignment which includes the comparison chart and questions on the back.

  • Read Hobbes first and the Locke.

  • Working with 1 or 2 people next to you do the following:

    • Ask clarifying questions (including vocabulary)

    • Complete the comparison chart below:




Human nature

Concepts of individual rights


Where the right to rule comes from

Purpose of Government
Who should rule and why?

Changing the government/Rebellion

Power of the executive

    • Your analysis – answer the following questions based on what you think about the readings. Each response should be at least 3-4 sentences in length and refer to specific ideas/quotes from the passages.

  1. Who do you agree with on the various issues/ideas of rights and government? Why? Be very specific in your response.

  1. Based on your own view of human nature and the role of authority in society, what system of government seems best? Why? Be very specific in your response.

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