HM46 – sexism in the humanities final exam

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1. Misogyny is defined as the social organization of gender in society.

A. True B. False

2. Androcentrism implies putting men on center and confusing maleness with humanity.

A. True B. False

3. Patriarchy can be defined as:

  1. Male bashing b. Male domination c. Male objectification d All of the above.

4. A primary focus of a “third wave” feminist agenda is on:

  1. sexuality and identity

  2. equal pay for equal work

  3. getting women into high positions in the political and legal system

  4. environmental issues

5. The late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century women’s organization NWSA continues today as:

a. NOW b. John Birch Society c. Ms Magazine d. League of Women Voters
6. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was written by:

a. Gloria Steinem b. Susan B. Anthony c. Mary Wollstonecraft d. Jennifer Baumgardner

7. Postmodern feminism:

a. Pays attention to how language constructs reality

b. Emphasizes truth is a relative concept

c. Emphasizes identity is multifaceted

d. Both (a) and (b)

e. All of the above

8. Second wave feminists often learned about activism from their experience in:

  1. The abolition movement

  2. The environmental movement

  3. The civil rights movement

  4. All the above movements

9. In 1961 the political network of second wave feminists encouraged President Kennedy to do what?

  1. Establish a presidential commission on the status of women

  2. Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

  3. Establish women’s studies on college campuses

  4. Allow women to vote

10. The feminist theoretical perspective that combines radical feminism and the insights of a class analysis is:

a. Liberal feminism b. Lesbian feminism c. Ecofeminism d. Socialist feminism
11. The act that required Indian woman to be burned at their husbands’ funeral pyres is known as:

  1. Santeria b. Sati c. Sakandi d. Sufi

12. What protestant denomination has been embroiled in a public controversy between fundamentalist and moderate leaders over religious and secular issues affecting women?

  1. Unitarian Universalists

  2. Presbyterians

  3. Southern Baptists

  4. United Church of Christ

13. Who was called the Great Mother in ancient Babylonian mythology?

  1. Marduk b. Sophia c. Venus d. Tiamat

14. The document that came out of the UN 4th World Conference on Women in 1995 was

a. The Platform for Action

b. The Document of Sentiments and Resolutions

c. The International Manifesta of Women’s Rights

d. The Global Treaty of Women’s Issues and Concerns

15. According to Paula Gunn Allen in “Grandmother of the Sun,” pre-conquest American Indian women valued their role as vitalizers. This is related to their role as:

  1. Thinkers b. Mothers c. Artists d. All of the above

16. According to Judith Plaskow in “Standing Again at Sinai,” Sarah was one of the strong women figures of Genesis.

a. True. b. False.
17. Concerning the craft of Wicca, Starhawk writes that the craft values most of all what concept?

  1. Truth b. Love c. Devotion d. Energy

18. “Wicce” means what?

  1. Connected to the goddess b. Earth-loving c. Compassionate d. Wise

19. In the article “Religion and Feminism’s Fourth Wave” Peay writes that after September 11, 2001, a founder of the “fourth wave” decided she should:

    1. Pray to the Goddess

    2. Unite with other religious people in the US

    3. Gather the women in support of world peace

    4. Go back to the seminary and train to be a minister for peace

20. The male gaze can be defined as the process of men looking at pornography.

a. True. b. False.
21. MTV has been a positive force for some women.

a. True. b. False

22. Shows such as “Will and grace,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” have addresses what system of inequality and privilege?

a. Sexism b. Looksism c. Ableism d. Heterosexism

23. Who identified the concept of the “male gaze”?

  1. Gloria Steinem b. Joan Morgan c. Linda Alvarez d. Laura Mulvey

24. The “status quo” involves:

  1. Established patterns of power

  2. Systems of inequality that enforce “isms”

  3. Political power groups

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above.

25. Gender is best understood as:

a. Innate b. Genetic c. Heteronormative d. Performative
26. Which of the following are illustrative of the politics of sexuality?

a. Valentine’s Day b. Bans on gay marriage c. Prom as a heterosexual event

d. Both (a) and (c) e. All of the above
27. In interpersonal communication, women are more likely to:

a. Talk less in mixed-sex situations

b. Talk more in mixed-sex situations

c. Provide more feedback and confirmation for a speaker

d. Both (a) and (c)
28. The fear and dislike of lesbians and gay men is:

  1. Misogyny b. homophobia c. Homoeroticism d. Gynophobia

29. Institutions pattern systems of inequality and privilege in which of the following ways:

a. Assign various roles

b. Interconnect with each other

c. Police systems of inequality

d. Both (a) and (b)

e. Both (a) and (c)
30. Which of the following examples was used by Patricia Hill Collins as a way to explain systems of privilege and inequality:

a. Helping a fellow student pick out a sweater to wear

b. Joining a fellow student in a rally for equality

c. Deciding with a fellow student about what they should order in a restaurant

d. Living with a fellow student and sharing decisions about paying bills
31. In “Toward a New Vision,” Patricia Hill Collins writes about the symbolic dimension of systems of oppression. This is the same as the:

a. Institutional realm

b. Individual realm

c. Structured realm

d. Ideological realm
32. Marilyn Frye uses the analogy of the lion’s den in her article “Oppression.”

A. True B. False

33. The double bind means that you are caught between opposing forces and must direct your anger onto someone of equal or lesser status.

A. True B. False
34. Unearned privileges tend to form a resistance to hate crimes.

A. True B. False

35. In her article on privilege, Peggy McIntosh says that unearned privilege is like a what?

  1. Invisible knapsack

  2. Invisible birdcage

  3. Invisible gold star

  4. Invisible gold watch

36. An economically privileged, heterosexual white man is positioned as the “mythical norm” in all the groups where difference is stratified.

A. True B. False
37. Many researchers assert that the reason US society has become more and more obsessed with our bodies is that:

A. it is something that we can control in an uncontrollable society.

B. the body has become synonymous with societal control.

C. the body has become synonymous with personal freedom.

D. Both A & C. E. None of these.
38. The text states that there is a double standard of beauty for women and men and can be seen in the ways:

A. physical appearance is much less important for women in the way they are perceived and treated.

B. physical appearance is most important for men in the way they are perceived on the job.

C. physical appearance is more important in terms of the way women are perceived and treated.

D. None of these. E. All of these.
39. When talking about biological essentialism,

A. scientists agree that it is all nonsense.

B. women are associated with nature, while men are associated with culture.

C. it is generally agreed that Western societies notions of progress have involved the taming and conquering of nature in favor or civilization.

D. the female=nature side of this dichotomy is valued less and often denigrated.

E. All of these Except A.

40. The prime example that the text uses to explain biological essentialism is

A. maturation. B. menstruation. C. bed-wetting. D. child-birth.

41. _________ is the term used by some scholars to describe how our everyday routines and “rules” create and recreate an almost official standard of beauty.

A. Disciplinary practices. B. Ordinary practices. C. Common practices. D. All of these.

42. Disciplinary beauty practices are those that:

a. Women are not forced to take part in b. Women participate in to maintain standards of “beauty”

c. Cost women time, energy, and money d. Both (b) and (c) e. All of the above
43. _________ is the term defined as a contemporary eating disorder characterized by self-starvation.

A. Bulimia. B. Gonorrhea. C. Anorexia

44. The hormone “patch” such as OrthoEvra must be changed

a. Weekly b. Monthly c. Every three months d. It does not need to be changed except every 5 years

45. What disease discussed in Chapter 6 on women and health is discussed in the context of corporate responsibility and environmental issues?

a. Lung cancer from second-hand smoking b. Breast cancer c. Heart disease d. Diabetes

46. Stranger rapes are more likely to be reported than acquaintance rapes.

a. True. b. False

47. The woman whose story was discussed in the text when she was stalked and beaten was embarrassed that she had agreed to meet this man at her home.

a. True. b. False

48. The birth control method YAZ is

a. An IUD b. Birth control pills c. A cervical cap d. None of the above

49. Native American women are among the largest group of women in U.S. society who have been sterilized against their will. a. True. b. False.
50. As a result of environmental toxins, the average man has 20% more testosterone than his father did 20 years ago. a. True. b. False.
51. The following is a rape myth:

  1. Women are partly to blame b. Reports happen less frequently than often indicated

  1. Rape tends to be intraracial d. Both (a) and (b)

52. According to Clarkson in “War Crimes,” Human Rights Watch monitored the rapes against women and children.

  1. True b. false.

53. In the hospital referred to in “War Crimes” (Clarkson), between 30 and 50 victims of sexual violence were treated every week.

  1. True b. false.

54. The contraceptive Depo-Provera:

  1. Consists of 6 flexible capsules inserted in the upper arm that release progestin

  2. Is an intrauterine device that prevents implantation of a fertilized ovum

  3. Is a flexible, transparent ring that is inserted into the vagina monthly

  4. Is an injection of synthetic hormone that suppresses ovulation

55. The contraceptive practice that protects against HIV infection is:

  1. The pill b. The condom c. Intrauterine devices d. All of the above

56. What Supreme Court ruling removed the States’ ban on abortion?

a. Roe v. Wade b. Griswold v. Connecticut c. Webster v. Reproductive Health Services d. Harris v. Mc Rae
57. Eugenics is the practice and belief that:

  1. All people have the right to reproduce

  2. Only certain groups should reproduce

  3. Birth control should be universally available

  4. Voluntary motherhood should be a right of all women

58. The Hyde Amendment and accompanying Supreme Court ruling (Beal v. Doe, 1977) gave the states the right to:

  1. Introduce parental notification and consent laws prior for minors

  2. Introduce viability tests prior to abortion

  3. Decide whether Medicaid funds would be spent on abortion

  4. Provide freedom of access to clinic entrances

59. Before becoming a birth control advocate, Margaret Sanger was a nurse.

a. True. b. False.
60. When did the Supreme Court remove the ban on contraceptives for married persons?

a. Late nineteenth century b. Right after World War I

c. Right after World War II d. Mid 1960s
61. The article by Silliman et al. titled “Women of Color and their Struggle for Reproductive Justice” critiques which of the following philosophical orientations of the reproductive rights movement?

a. Neoliberal b. Classical laissez-faire c. Socialist d. Libertarian

62. According to the article by Silliman et al. titled “Women of Color and their Struggle for Reproductive Justice,” nationalist movements in the US often came to see birth control and abortion as forms of:

a. Hegemony b. Servitude c. Democracy d. Genocide

Match the law passed in the last 40 years that improves women’s status in the following areas:
63. Economics A. Title IX

64. Reproductive rights B. Family Leave Act

65. Families C. Antitrust Laws

66. Education D. Roe v. Wade

67. Military E. Admittance to Service Academies
68. British common law utilized what doctrine?

  1. Femme fromage b. Femme decoupage c. Femme couverte d. Femme enfants

69. The present policy concerning gays and lesbians in the military is called _____________.

a. never ask, don’t tell b. don’t ask, never tell c. don’t kiss and tell d. don’t ask, don’t tell
70. The text explains that alongside rights, citizens have three important obligations. These are:

A. sex, drugs, and rock and roll. B. voting, working, and paying taxes

C. jury duty, taxes, and military service. D. marriage, taxes, and death.

71. The 1992 Supreme Court ruling Planned Parenthood v. Casey

a. Upheld parental notification b. Upheld limitations on public spending on abortion

c. Provided for freedom of access to clinic entrances d. Both (a) and (b)

72. To mask the workings of power within knowledge is to claim:

a. Value-neutrality b. Objectivity c. Lack of subjective values d. All of the above

73. In the U.S. women got the vote in 1920 with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.

a. True b. False

74. One of the themes for a future with a feminist-inspired integrity is to balance personal freedom with:

a. Rights for personal choice b. Collective responsibility

c. Individual identity d. Constitutional rights
75. Which of the following racial groups is the largest growing in terms of population statistics?

a. Latino/as b. African Americans c. Whites d. Asian Americans

76. As discussed in her poem “Warning,” what color does Jenny Joseph want to wear when she grows old?

a. Gold b. Green c. Purple d. Black

77. According to the film, “The Burning Times,” in what century did the persecution of the “witches” begin?

  1. 13th and 14th b. 15th and 16th c. 17th and 18th

78. According to the film, “The Burning Times,” the symbol of the Goddess is:

  1. Moon. B. Sun. C. Stars. D. Spirit

79. According to the film, “The Burning Times,” the craft of Wicca is:

  1. Doctrine based. B. Earth based. C. Metaphor based. D. All of the above.

80. According to the film, “The Burning Times,” the book that was used as a handbook for witch trials, Malleus Maleficarum, means:

a. harbinger of the witches b. handbook of the witches

c. hammer of the witches d. heartbreak of the witches

81. Another translation of the word “wic” or “wicce” as told by Starhawk in the film, “The Burning Times,” is to: a. bend or shape. b. tear up c. concoct or charm d. none of these
82. One of the reasons that Christianity was easily adopted throughout Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries was that

a. many Catholic churches were built on formerly pagan sacred sites.

b. many Catholic churches changed goddesses into saints to lure the people.

c. many Catholic churches used soldiers to force the people into coming there.

d. Both A & B. e. None of the above.
83. According to the film, “The Burning Times,” one of the most famous “witches” that was burned was Joan D’Arc. She is famous for:

a. inspiring Shakespeare to write the 3 witches in MacBeth.

b. leading the French to victory in the 100 years’ war.

c. being granted Sainthood in the 20th Century by Pope John Paul

d. Both B & C. e None of the above.
84. One of the reasons that the Catholic church outlawed midwives was that they eased the pain of labor which is Eve’s punishment that all women must bear. a. True b. False
85. Many feminist scholars consider the “witch craze” or “the burning times” as the ______________.

a. start of the women’s movement b. women’s holocaust

c. end of strong women d. All of the above.
86. In terms of the gendering of musical instruments, the piano is considered an appropriate instrument for women to play.

a. True b. False

87. In “Fear of Feminism” Lisa Maria Hogeland writes that feminism is not a fear of gender but a fear of what other concept?

a. Misogyny b. Politics c. Power d. All of the above

88. Who organized anti-lynching activism in the early 1920s?

a. Jesse Daniel Ames b. Elizabeth Cady Stanton c. Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza d.Mary Daly

89. Whose sati attracted much attention?

a. Roop Kanwar b. Saj Deorala c. Jaspal Rajput

90. Most contemporary Native American stories suggest that creatures are born from the mating of the sky father with the earth mother.

a. True b. False

91. Paula Gunn Allen’s “Grandmother of the Sun: The Power of Women in Native America” is an example of feminist reconstruction of religion rather than a re-creation.

a. True b. False

92. According to Paula Gunn Allen in “Grandmother of the Sun,” pre-conquest American Indian women valued which of the following:

a. Peacefulness b. Health c. Music d. Both (a) and (b) e. Both (b) and (c)

93. Descent and inheritance through the male line is called patrilocality.

a. True b. False

94. According to Starhawk in “Witchcraft and Women’s Culture,” when Christianity first spread through Europe the mother-centered religions were immediately squelched.

a. True b. False

95. Which among the places below is not one of the great centers of mother-centered worship according to Starhawk in “Witchcraft and Women’s Culture”?

a. Malta b. Crete c. Iberia d. Brittany e. None of the above; they are all great centers

96. To mask the workings of power within knowledge is to claim:

a. Value-neutrality b. Objectivity c. Lack of subjective values d. All of the above

97. One of the themes for a future with a feminist-inspired integrity is to balance personal freedom with:

  1. Rights for personal choice

  2. Collective responsibility

  3. Individual identity

  4. Constitutional rights

98. The ERA is currently:

a. Dead b. Being reconsidered c. Already passed d. Currently on its way to the Senate
99. Which of the following is not listed in Chapter 13 as one of the seven implications of envisioning a feminist-inspired integrity?

  1. Set feminist principles and keep them

  2. Understand the limitations of technology

  3. Provide reproductive freedoms for all women

  4. Celebrates diversity and difference

  5. None of the above; all are listed in Chapter 13

100. According to Rosen in “Epilogue,” the two issues that mobilized antifeminist backlash were:

  1. Abortion and HIV/AIDS.

  2. Abortion and the ERA

  3. ERA and gay/lesbian issues

  4. HIV/AIDS and gay/lesbian issues

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