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What herbs.

Act means the herb. Medicines derived from plants, animals and minerals, which have not been cooked or mixed transition. (Excluding drying) is still a part of the plant such as stems, leaves, roots, fruits, etc., have not gone through any processing steps, such as cutting, grinding, distillation, extraction, and mixed with other substances. But the trade. Herbs are often modified in various ways, such as being cut into small pieces and grind them into a powder to stick. Or peeled off, etc. When it comes to herbs, the plants generally tend to think that the only use of the drug in animals and minerals because they are used less. Be used only in certain diseases.

History of medicinal use.
Herbs are a natural gift given to mankind. Humans are known to use herbs in the treatment of disease. Since this period Anderson Wuppertal in Iraq.
Currently, the tomb was found with the use of herbs.
Herbs in history.
Thailand has a climate suitable for growing a variety of crops. In particular, existing plants. As well as many thousands of species that occur naturally and cultivation. Some were used as raw materials in the production of modern medicine. Many herbs. Used as a folk medicine, herbal medicine, traditional foundation courses from India and Thailand are influenced mainly Evidence of Northern Thailand due to migration from the mountains. Albert Einstein China To Thailand. It is influenced by cultural and religious traditions of India for the treatment of many diseases. The evidence is clear that the Bible is the basis of Indian Ayurvedic diagnosis. Herbs are used to treat a disease that is not the name of Pali and Sanskrit words such as Mali (Sanskrit that Mullin) etc.
It is estimated that each year there is an herb used in excess of 500 million baht (These herbs are derived from both the countries. And imports from outside countries, especially China, Korea, and India) due to deforestation. The campaign must have an planted a herb garden up. In the year 1800, which corresponds to the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng. This is the golden age of the herb of Thailand. His big forest herbs in the top Khiri Mat District The Statue Sukhothai area of ​​several hundred acres. Which are still preserved. Is conserved to a study of people who do.
Later in the reign of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He saw that all herbal medicines and food.
The family will be prosperous, stable nation has also a small family. With stability. There is both physical and mental health. His grace is ordered. The project initiative. Herb garden in the country by the year 2522 AD has graciously. Study on the collection. Herbs such as with regard to all aspects of academic, medical, biological treatment plants, environmental protection, especially to the royal cause was thought up many sources of forest herbs. It also has an extensive research study by the Institute for Science and Technology to find the essence of the herb is toxic. Extraction is pharmacodynamics of drugs commonly used in the synthesis of the drug.
Thailand is not the only use herbs as medicine only. It has adapted to consumers in the form of food.
And herbal drinks. Which are discussed in particular. "Herbs have been used as a health drink".
Living in Thailand is the foundation for hundreds of thousands of years. Various civilizations. That is unique to the state. Represents a species. And the people who grow it. One thing is very well expressed. Mixed and artistic engagement in the everyday life of Thailand itself. These include the art of living well, including the establishment of the deck. And the food supply. It's not only splendidly sumptuous to the sole. There is a beautiful presentation of the food look even more beautiful. It is not uncommon to drink it carries a commitment to Thailand. The drink has absorbed the flavors and benefits together. It wisely.
If you trace the history of the herbal drink that has come since the modern era with water called "Ajmer governance" or water, refreshments, which the clergy can I take this kind all day instead figure out Kiev. The gameplay is based on the Law of Buddhism after meals. Water use herbal refreshments. Or crop varieties with spicy like lemongrass, ginger, galangal, etc. X ® be boiled in hot water and mix it with brown sugar to taste Paแlemๆ. Which is widely popular to lay with.

The benefits of the herb.
1. Use as therapeutic drugs.
2. Use as food.
3. An eye.
4. Use the body as a supplement.
5. Toxins.
6. Use as a beverage.
7. Helps promote economic stability

Thailand's herb with benefits.

Indications: .. low parasitic reduce swelling and inflammation. Maintenance treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, stomach carminative acute appendicitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, tuberculosis, malaria, cold vaginal infections due to fungi. Ringworm scar head Nongkae toothache. Stenotic coronary artery disease. Hypertension. Drive pin worms.


Properties: the gallbladder to squeeze itself up. Treatment of gallstones in the gallbladder. Reduce blood pressure. Antibacterial. The blood pharmaceutical distribution diffuser pain treatment abdominal pain, flatulence short period. Abdominal pain after childbirth. Lesions were abscesses due to heart pain. Gastritis cure toothache.


Indications: Normal adjustment period as antibiotics, blood pressure, reduce the heat off a stomach tonic, diuretic, cough and hepatitis. Infection in the urinary tract. Strengthen bones and teeth. Prevent hardening of the arteries. Pregnancy to nourish the brain and memory.

Indications: inflammatory swelling sweaty. Prevent colds, cold, headache, nasal congestion, swelling, pain, treatment of abscess lesions due to being hit. Abdominal pain due to a urinary excretion polished twisted eyesight, kidney tonic sexual enhancement. Distribution driven pathological congestion cure nosebleeds. Stay warm. Increased body temperature, brain pathology driving young pin flatulence dyspepsia stimulate lactation increases milk nematode rhinitis in children.

Lemon grass
Properties: anti-fungal, cold air, abdominal pain, flatulence, headache, arthritis, bruises, because I was beaten physically exhausted.

Properties: Add vitamin D, which helps the nervous system to help relieve insomnia, memory thirst tumor suppressor urinate cloudy surface. Reduction of facial wrinkles. Lower abdomen, as child malnutrition or disease.

Sweet basil

Indication: treatment of colds, headache, waist pain teeth after a cum without knowing it. Prevent mosquito bites. Foyt and twist tie. Was in the carminative drug charges. Stimulate the secretion of milk.

Indications: stomach digestive tonic to stimulate the appetite driven by the wind driven circulation of blood poisoning, a cold sweat when I got the measles cough, excessive sputum air bubbles.

Morning glory
Indication: for the treatment of diabetes. Foods to neutralize the poisonous mushrooms. Hot off as a diuretic to treat food poisoning. Out the nosebleeds. Vomiting of blood. Urine, blood in the sputum, abscess, swelling, coughing up blood, snake bites centipede sting leucorrhea were bruised, swollen young hot yellow piss thirsty.


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