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Heritage Project

  • Interview a family member (mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). Try to obtain as many details as possible about your family’s immigration to America. You may wish to videotape your interview, or take notes and attach a current photo of you and the person you are interviewing. To help focus your research, heritage questions have been provided. However, you may also wish to add your own.

  • Compile your notes and research into a written report. Use your answers from the sheet of questions to write your report.

  • Use the written report to create your Oral History Presentation.

  • Project Due Date: Thursday, December 8th

  • Presentations: December 8-9th (If possible, dress in native costumes)

  • Multi-cultural Luncheon: Thursday, December 8th

THE PROJECT REQUIREMENTS (select an option AND turn in a written report)

  • Option 1 – create a poster that represents your ancestor’s immigration experience (Ellis Island documents, ocean liner tickets, letter, diaries, postcards, family photos, artifacts from their homeland, locks of hair, small family keepsakes, advertisements, etc.) Make sure your poster represents the era of immigration or your ancestor’s country of origin.

  • Option 2 - Create a suitcase out of construction paper or a box and decorate the outside to indicate what country your relative(s) are from. Make a nametag for your suitcase, just like a baggage tag. The tag needs the students name and address. Attach the report to the inside of the suitcase. You need to also include memorabilia’s, such as, photos, articles, postcards, letters, maps, etc.


  • Present your heritage suitcase or poster project. You may use your project to guide the delivery of your oral presentation.

  • Use any other props or visual that will enhance your presentation (maps, pictures, drawings, historical documents, etc.)

Suggestions for Interview Questions

These questions are only suggestions. You may ask other questions that are appropriate when conducting your interview.

  1. Who did you interview?

  2. Where in the world did your family come from?

  3. Which ancestors immigrated to America? How old was he/she/them?

  4. When did they immigrate and why?

  5. How did they travel to America and what was their port of entry?

  6. How did they survive when they arrived? How did they find employment, housing, etc.?

  7. Did they speak English when they arrived? If not, how did they learn to speak the language?

  8. What family traditions do you still follow that have been passed down in your family?

  9. Is there any special story about you, or your relatives, coming to America that you would like to share?

  10. Is your daily life different in America than in the country you immigrated from? If so, how?

  11. Is there any special food or recipe that you got from your ancestors or family?

  12. Any family artifact or heirloom?

  13. Any interesting family stories?

Self-check List for Heritage Report/Project - Due on December 8th

  • Written Report

  • Poster/Suitcase

  • Dressed in native clothing (optional, but highly recommend)

Remember, this is a supposed to be a fun, interactive,

and informative project about your heritage. Be creative!

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