History of philosophy

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Works on Philosophy




ARISTOTLE : Outlines of the Philosophy of Aristotle. Compiled by EDWIN
WALLACE, M. A. Third edition enlarged. Pitt Press Series. i6mo. $1.10, net.

Ethica Nicomachea. By J. BYWATER. 8vo. $1.50, net.

Ethica Nicomachea, Book V. Edited by HKNRY JACKSON. 8vo. $1.60, net.

Nicomachean Ethics. Translated by J. E. C. WELLDON. $2.00, net.

Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. By J. A. STEWART, M.A.
2 vols. 8vo. $8.00, net.

Ethics. Bohn Library. $1.50, net.

Metaphysics. Book I. Translated, with Analysis and Summary. 8vo.
$1.25, net.
Metaphysics. Bohn Library. $1.50, net.
Psychology. In Greek and English. By E. WALLACE, M.A. $4.50, net.

BACON: Novum Organon and Advancement of Learning. Edited with notes

by J. DEVEY, M.A. Bohn Library. $1.50, net.

Novum Organon. Translated by G. W. KITCHIN, M.A. 8vo. Bohn Library.

$2.50, net.
The Essays. Edited by S. H. Reynolds, M.A. 8vo. $3.75 net.

Novum Organon (Latin). Edited by T. FOWLER, M.A. 8vo. $3.50, net.

Novum Organon (Latin). Edited by G. W. KITCHIN, M.A. 8vo. $2.50, net.
BALFOUR (A. J. ) : A Defence of Philosophic Doubt. An Essay on the Founda

tions of Belief. 8vo. $3.50, net.

BAX (E. B.) : A Manual of the History of Philosophy, for the Use of Students.
Bohn Library. $1.50, net.

The Problem of Reality. i2tno. 90 cents, net.

BIRKS (T. R.) : First Principles of Moral Science. i2mo. $2.50.
Modern Utilitarianism; or, the Systems of Paley, Bentham, and Mill Examined
and Compared. I2mo. $2.00.

Modern Physical Fatalism and the Doctrine of Evolution. Including an

examination of Herbert Spencer s "First Principles." I2mo. $2.00.

BONAR (J.) : Philosophy and Political Economy in some of their Historical

Relations. The Library of Philosophy. 8vo. $2.75, net.
" We arc accustomed to expect good work from Mr. Bonar, and this book will add to his reputa

tion. . . . He understands, and makes his reader understand, the vital connection between the great

subjects of which he writes. As a book for students, his work is much to be commended; it is fuli

of instructive detail; the style is sober and careful; and the index is all that an index should be."

T. RALEIGH, in The Critical Review.


BOOLE (G.) : A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences. Third edition

I2mo. $2.60, net.
BOSANQUET (B.) : Logic ; or, the Morphology of Knowledge. 2 vols. $5.25, net.

The History of ^Esthetics. The Library of Philosophy. Svo. $2.75, net.

effective a teacher as England has ever sent across the sea. His ability as a thinker has been familiar

to American students through his work on Logic, which takes high rank as an authority." Science.

BRADLEY (F. If.): Appearance and Reality. A Philosophical Essay. The

Library of Philosophy. Svo. $2.75, net.

" The author is a distinguished logician and thinker, and it can be assumed that his book is

worthy the attention of those interested in mental science." Boston Transcript.

BURNET (J.) : Early Greek Philosophy. Svo. $2.50, net.

CAIRO (E.) : The Critical Philosophy of Immanuel Kant. 2 vols. Svo. 7 50, net.

The Social Philosophy and Religion of Comte. Second edition. $1.60, net.

The Evolution of Religion. 2 vols. $4.00, net.

CALDERWOOD (H.) : A Handbook of Moral Philosophy. Fourteenth edition.
I2mo. #1.50, net.
The Relations of Mind and Brain. Second edition. Svo. $4.00.

Evolution and Man s Place in Nature. $2.00.

CLIFFORD (W. K.) : Lectures and Essays. Edited by LESLIE STEPHEN and F.
POLLOCK, with an Introduction. New edition. $2.50.

Seeing and Thinking. With Diagrams. Nature Series. $1.50.

COMTE S Philosophy of the Sciences, being an Exposition of the Principles of the

Cours de Philosophic Positive. By G. H. LEWES, author of " The Life

of Goethe," " Biographical History of Philosophy," etc. Bohn Library.

$1.50, net.

DEVEY (J.) : Logic ; or, the Science of Inference. A Systematic View of the Prin

ciples of Evidence and the Methods of Inference in the Various Departments

of Human Knowledge. A Popular Manual. With Index. Bohn Library.

$1.50, net.

ERDM/NN (J. E.) : A History of Philosophy. English translation edited by

WILLISTON S. HOUGH, Professor of Philosophy in the University of Minnesota.

The Library of Philosophy. 3 vols. Svo. $10.50, net.
" This is the most satisfactory history of philosophy now published in the English language, both

as a work of reference, and as a systematic interpretation of the tendencies of speculative thought in

its successive periods." The Critic.
" To the student who wishes, not simply a general idea of the course of philosophy, nor a sum

mary of what this and that man has said, but a somewhat detailed knowledge of the evolution of

thought, and of what this and the other writer have contributed to it, Erdmann is indispensable; there

is no substitute." Antimer Review.

" It is certainly to the credit of our country that the two leading German manuals of the history

of philosophy should be made accessible to English readcr> by the hands of American scholars. . . .

Erdmann s " History " and the entire series should be in the library of every coll-ge that pretends to

make serious work of philosophy or, indeed, to deal with it at all; individuals with philosophical

interests will need no urging, and will be only thankful to Professor Hough and Professor Muirhead

for the rich treasures thus brought, or to be brought, to their doors." The Dial.

An Outline of Erdmann s History of Philosophy. By HENRY C. KING, Pro

fessor of Philosophy in Oberlin College. 30 cents.

FOWLER (T.) : The Elements of Logic, Deductive and Inductive. i6mo.
Progressive Morality. An Essay in Ethics. i2mo. #1.50.

FOWLER (T.) and WILSON (J. M.) : The Principles of Morals. 8vo.

PART I. (Introductory Chapters.) $1.25.
II. (Being the Body of the Work.) #2.75.


Edited by A. C. BRADLEY, M.A.

GREE : ^-) : Prolegomena to Ethics.

IAIJ1 edition. 8vo. #3.25, net.

HART TN ( E - VON ) : Philosophy of the Unconscious. Speculative Results

ding to the Inductive Method of Physical Science. Translated into

sh by W. C. COUPLAND, M.A. 3 vols. 8vo. $7.50, net.
chea i c - Translated from the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences.

Prolegomena by W. WALLACE, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo.

Translation. $2.50, net.

Prolegomena. In preparation.

on the Philosophy of History. Translated by J. SIBREE, M.A.

ry. $ 1.50, net.

(Prof. H.) : Outlines of Psychology. Translated by M. G. LOWNDES.
$1.50, net.
mastery of his materials is complete, his methods are thorough, and his hand-

questions in psychology so judicious as to command the respect of the reader,

sent. Prof. Hb ffding s book is one of which no student of psychology can

in ignorance." Presbyterian and Reformed Review.

ard is one of hearty commendation for so fresh, learned, lucid, compact, and on the sentation of the subject as has thus, from a Danish original, through an English German translation, been made accessible to the American public." New

1 P >

I.) : The Elements of the Psychology of Cognition. Second

revised. I2mo. $1.50, net.

S.) : The Principles of Science. A Treatise on Logic and

Method. I2mo. 52.75, net.

E.ementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive. With copious

Questions and Examples, and a Vocabulary of Logical Terms. New edition.

i8mo. 40 cents, net.

Studies in Deductive Logic. A Manual for Students. Second edition. 121110.

$1.60, net.
Pure Logic; and other Minor Works. Edited by ROBERT ADAMSON, M.A.,

LL.D., and HARRIET A. JEVONS. Preface by Prof. ADAMSON. 8vo. $2.50, net.

KANT : Critique of the Pure Reason. Translated into English by F. MAX MULLER.
With an .Historical Introduction by LUDWTG NOIRE. 2 vols. 8vo. $8.00.

The Translation. Complete. Sold separately. $3.50.

Kant s Critrcal Philosophy for English Readers. By JOHN P. MAHAFFY,
D.D.. and JOHN H. BERNARD, B.D. A new and complete edition.

VOL. I. The Kritik of the Pure Reason Explained and Defended. $1.75, net.

II. Translation of the Prolegomena. With Notes and Appendices. $1.50, net.

Critique of Judgment. Trans, by J. H. BERNARD. 8vo. $3.50.

Critique of Pure Reason. Trans, by J. M. D. MEIKLEJOHN. Bohn Lib.
$1.50 nft.
Prolegomena and Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science. Trans

lated with Biography and Memoir, by E. BELFORT BAX. Bohn Library.

$ 1. 50, net.

The Philosophy of Kant. As contained in Extracts from his own Writings.

Selected and translated by JOHN WATSON, LL.D. $1.75, net.
KBYTES (J. N.) : Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic. i2ino. $2.75, net.
KINO (Prof. II. C.) : An Outline of Erdmann s History of Philosophy. By
HENRYC. KING, Professor of Philosophy, Oberlin College. 30 cents.

LAURIE : The Institutes of Education. Comprising a Rational *

Psychology. By Dr. S. S. LAURIE, M.A., I.R.S.E., Professor i^irt rhird e< Jitu

of Edinburgh. $1.00, net. MAIi

" The author s reputation as professor of the institutes and history of edu< accoi f $5 2 5> ,

famous universities of the world is evidence of the value of his book." Bosti t c , J

" That book is strongest which makes the reader think the most keenly, Englf -"

and judged by this standard, this seems to be the most useful book of the seas< nquet provett

the hands of a working teacher more quickly than any other book that has cor -j^L : las been famu,

a month." -- Journal of Education. - "hy." Scien

"Professor Laurie is well known to students of philosophy by his woi Wltq

Ethics, and to students of education by his volumes of Addresses, Lectures, an. _ | Essay. j"

themes. His writings show him to be a man of great independence and unusua lL - 11.1

having a thorough knowledge of the history of educational theory, and no little T

educational practice of the modern world." School Review. (\m his b k
LEIBNITZ : Critique of Locke. New Essays on the UnderstL c !" re ^
Author of the System of Pre-established Harmony. TransP^j /m
French by ALFRED G. LANGLEY, A.M. I2mo. \_Inihepress3G\o. $751


A History of Philosophy. By JOHANN EDUARD ERDMANN, 1^60
losophy, University of Halle. English translation edited fai/^ eenth edi oi

HOUGH, Ph.M., Professor of Philosophy, University of Mp t n w ^ -

Large 8vo. $10.50, net. ^ dld P^io.
Development of Theology. In Germany since Kant, and *r a>l j
1825. By OTTO PFLEIKERER, D.D., Professor of Theolcyr, .-J-EPHEN ar re

of Berlin. Translated, under the author s supervision, by 7 i-.. ^

Large ,8vo. $2.75, net.
The History of Esthetics. By B. BOSANQUET, M.A., Auti ^inci , e Jgic;

the Morphology of Knowledge"; Translator of Lotze s " ;ntlfic " f nC < ! P ^" Phi,

phy." ^2.75, net. ^
Philosophy and Political Economy in some of their Historical ilations.

JAMES BONAR, M.A., LL.D. Large 8vo. $2.75, net.

Appearance and Reality. A Metaphysical Essay. By F. Y. Bi ew< DLEY, I,
Large 8vo. $2.75, net.
LOCKE : Philosophical Works. With Preliminary Discourse, Ana! is of Loi

Doctrine of Ideas, Notes by J. A. St. John, Index, and Portrait . f the Au

Bohn Library. 2 vols., each $1.00, net.


PART I. Logic. In three Books. Of Thought, Of Investigation sh } id Of Kr

edge. English translation by BOSANQUET. 2 vols. I2mo. ilatioo, net.

PART II. Metaphysic. In three Books. Ontology, Cosmolog sopfl and Ps}

ogy. English translation by BOSANQUET. 2 vols. I2mo. $. tht o, net.

Outlines of a Philosophy of Religion. Edited by F. C. CONYB Spt ;E. 90
net. .* n s I
MACKENZIE : An Introduction to Social Philosophy. By JOHJ^ MACKE:

M.A., B.A., Assistant Lecturer on Philosophy in Owens Colkg f e^ M?nch

formerly Examiner in Philosophy in the University of Glasgow. Svo. fi

" The philosophic mind will find here, if not much novelty of original suggestion, a review

chief topics of society, made by a man of fine and deep culture, who has the rare merit of writing

prehension, strength and candor." Literary World.

MAHAFFY (J. P.) and BERNARD (J. H.) : Kant s Critical PhilosOi- j
English Readers.
VOL. I. The Kritik of the Pure Reason Explained and Defended. $1.75, net.

II. Translation of the Prolegomena. With Notes and Appendices. $1.5


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