History of Fashion and Design Study Guide – Answer Key

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History of Fashion and Design

Study Guide – Answer Key
Multiple Choice
1. The decade known for the cloche hat and feather boas was the

a. 1920’s

b. 1940’s

c. 1950’s

d. 1970’s

2. The female body was remodeled to a more neo-classical shape in the

a. 1930’s

b. 1950’s

c. 1960’s

d. 1990’s

3. During World War II, many designers relocated from Paris to

a. Rome

b. New York

c. Los Angeles

d. Milan
4. During which war was the number of models in shows limited and substitute materials used whenever possible?

a. World War I

b. World War II

c. Vietnam War

d. Cold War
5. The zoot suit became popular in the

a. 1930’s

b. 1940’s

c. 1970’s

d. 1980’s
6. Designers Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren became popular in the

a. 1930’s

b. 1950’s

c. 1970’s

d. 1990’s

7. _____ ________ made jogging look fashionable in the 1980’s with her short skirts, leotards, headbands, and leg warmers.

a. Madonna

b. Norma Kamali

c. Azzedine Alaia

d. Elsa Schiaparelli

Fill in the Blank
1. During World War II, no more than _4___ meters of cloth was permitted to be used for a coat and a little over one meter was allowed for a ____blouse____.
2. The woman’s skirt became increasingly shorter until the mini skirt emerged in ___1965____.
3. __Synthetic____ fabrics were widely used in the 1960’s.
4. Retro clothing inspired by the __1960’s__ and __1970’s__ was popular in the 1990’s.

True or False
___F_ 1. As the effects of the Great Depression began to sink in, designers found that crises are the perfect time for experimentation.

___F_ 2. After the first World War, Paris’s reputation as the center of fashion began to crumble.

___T_ 3. In the Twenties, men began to wear the soft wool suit all day long.

___F_ 4. In the 1950’s, the costume designers of Hollywood kept track of all the Paris fashion styles while creating costumes for the film stars of the time.

___T_ 5. By the end of the 1950’s, “off-the-peg” clothing became much more popular than in the past. This granted the public access to fashionable styles.

Short Answer
1. List three of the most influential and respected designers of Hollywood from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

__answers may include: Edith Head, Orry-Kelly, William Travilla, Jean Louis, Travis Banton, and Gilbert


2. How did the radical change that occurred between 1960 and 1969, change fashion forever?



3. Explain some principle changes in men’s clothing during the 1960’s.



4. Briefly describe the “hippie” fashion of the 1970’s.


CTAE Resource Network • History of Fashion and Design – Study Guide - Written by Amanda Stephens & Dr. Frank Flanders

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