History of Education

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History of Education

a Smorgasboard of Resources

Penfield Library http://www.oswego.edu/library
Library Catalog: Connect from the Library homepage to search for books, videos, and much more. For primary sources, good search terms include: sources, diaries, journals, letters, speeches, etc. – anything that is the original words of the person recording them. Photographs, news articles and documents of the time period are other excellent primary sources.
For books on your topics, start with “words in subject” searching on the terms “United States AND history AND education”. Other search terms that work well are specific persons or descriptive terms for a time period, for example “colonial.”
Indexes for Articles:
ERIC – education focused articles and documents from 1966 to present

Suggested subject term: “educational history” (with the quotes)

America: History and Life This database covers all aspects of history, so be sure to include “schools” or “education” among your search terms.
New York Times Article Archive Online index for New York Times since 1851 –

microfilm scanning of articles is available on request.

Reader’s Guide Retrospective Online index of popular magazines, 1890-1982. Continues in paper in the Reference Room.
Several education periodicals are available in back issues, most in the 1900s. For older education periodicals start with the paper index Education Index, which can be found on the College Table in the Reference Room.
For electronic indexes, link through the A-Z list of databases or research guides.

Reference Resources: Most have excellent indexes in the back or last volume. Look for “schools”, “education”, or specific topics you have identified as relevant. Look for reference lists (bibliographies) with these articles, which lead you to additional relevant resources.
Album of American History (Ref E178.5 .A48 1981)

Biography Reference Bank (online through A-Z list)

The Annals of America (Ref E173 A793) – includes many source documents, found in

Table of Contents

Education in the United States: A Documentary History (Ref LA 205 C53)

Encyclopedia of American Education (Ref LB 17 U54 1996)

**Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society (online) **Encyclopedia of Education (online and print at Ref LB15 .E47 2003)

Encyclopedia of Education Statistics (NCES), (http://nces.ed.gov/edstats) – includes

Projections for 2011 – paper Digest of Education Statistics available from 1966

School, the Story of American Public Education- videos – 1770-present

Media LA212 .S3528 2001 (4 volumes – library use only from the 2nd floor desk)

Supplement: Public Broadcasting’s teacher resources on this series, including a great photo gallery. http://www.pbs.org/kcet/publicschool/
**Check the box “search within this publication” if you wish to focus on the book you chose. After the first search the entire Gale Virtual Reference Library will automatically be searched unless you use advanced search to again limit to a single book.

Penfield Library Guides:
College History http://www.oswego.edu/library/archives/CollegeHistory.html

Lists many resources available in our Special Collections area (open Monday

1:30 – 4:30). Special Collections also has elementary textbooks from c1850s – 1910.
Education Research Guide: Provides access to major database and Internet resources in the field. Available through Research Guides by Subject on the library’s home page. See also the History and News guides.

Select Internet Sources:
Library of Congress: American Memory Collection (primary documents)


New York Heritage Digital Collections (primary documents)


History of American Education Web Project


History of Education: Selected Moments of the Twentieth Century


Librarians’ Internet Index http://lii.org Browse or search this collection of select websites.
Barbara Shaffer, Education Librarian

For questions contact bshaffer@oswego.edu OR Ask A Librarian (now available 24/7) 8/09 EDU 301

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