History Heard Categories and Questions Introduction

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History Heard

Categories and Questions

[Interviewer must read the following before beginning the interview]

“This interview is part of the History Heard Project. The content of this interview may be used for historical research. However, no part of the video, itself, may be reproduced without the express written permission of an authorized representative of History Heard. Today is (m d, y) at (time). This is an interview with (full name) in (city, state). He/She was born on (m d, y) in (city, state). [If there is a relationship with the interviewee, state it.]”
Topics for Discussion:

  • The Changing Role of Women

    1. As a woman, what was it like to watch the changing roles and increasing freedoms of women in society? (woman)

    2. As a man, what was it like to watch the changing roles and increasing freedoms of women in society? (man)

    3. What did it feel like to be treated like a minority as a woman? (woman)

    4. What was your experience as a woman during WWII when so many men were in battle? (woman)

  • Experiences of 20th century wars (World Wars I and II, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam War)

    1. What was your experience concerning WWI/WWII?

    2. What was your experience concerning the Vietnam War?

    3. Where did you stand in regard to the Vietnam War protests?

    4. Did you fight in a war during the 20th century? If so, which one? If not, why not?

  • Cold War and Space Race

    1. What was it like to see the incredible accomplishments people are capable of when astronauts set foot on the moon?

    2. How did the competition brought on by the cold war affect your life?

    3. How did the Cuban Missile Crisis affect your sense of security?

  • Transportation

    1. What kind of transportation did you use when you were growing up?

    2. Was public transportation more widely used than it is today?

  • School/education

    1. What was it like to attend school when they were first becoming coed?

    2. What was it like when schools became integrated?

    3. What was the importance of education when you were growing up?

  • Entertainment

    1. What did you do for entertainment when you were growing up?

    2. What were people’s attitudes towards entertainment? How important was entertainment in their lives?

  • Great Depression

    1. What happened to your family during the early 1930s?

    2. What was life like coming out of the Great Depression?

    3. How did the hardships of the depression affect your parents’ values?

      • The 40’s era

  1. How did the growth of the suburbs affect you?

  2. How did the G.I. Bill affect you and your education?

      • The 50’s era

  1. How did you respond to the beginning of Rock n’ Roll?

  2. What was corporate America like in the 1950’s?

  3. How did the Interstate Highway system affect the way that you traveled?

  4. How did the Baby Boom affect American society?

  • The 60’s era

    1. The 1960s were a time of enormous change from the 1950’s. How did this affect you?

    2. Did drugs affect your life at all during the 1960’s era of rebellion?

    3. How did changing men’s fashions affect notions about male sexuality?

    4. How did the beginning of birth control affect the role of women in the household?

      • The 70’s era

1. How did the Watergate scandal affect your trust in the government?

2. Today, the 70’s are portrayed as the decade of bell-bottoms and Disco. How greatly did Disco actually affect society?

3. What was your impression of professional sports as they became “big business” in the 1970’s?

  • Music (rock and roll, war protest, the Beatles/ the British Invasion)

    1. Describe how the changing styles of music reflected the changes in society?

    2. How did the arrival of music from bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones affect younger generations?

    3. How did the changing styles of music affect the relationship between older and younger generations?

  • Hometown growing up

    1. What was it like growing up in your hometown?

    2. How big or small was your hometown?

    3. What was a normal day like for you as a teenager?

  • Fashion

    1. What did fashions say about society throughout your life?

    2. How did you feel about the drastic changes in both men’s and women’s fashions in the 1960’s?

  • Childhood

    1. How do children’s attitudes differ now from when you were growing up?

    2. How was your childhood different from the lives of children today?

    3. What did a typical day of your childhood entail?

  • Health and Medicine advancements

    1. How have advancements in medicine affected your life?

    2. How was new medical technology viewed at its beginning?

  • Television

    1. How did the introduction of television to the household affect your life?

    2. How did television initially affect advertising?

    3. How did television change the way that information was shared?

  • Morals (patriotism, values, respect)

    1. How do you view the changes in people’s morals over the years?

    2. How would you describe the change in people’s sense of civic duty over the years?

    3. How do you think that people’s respect for others has changed?

    4. How has focus shifted on what people value in their lives?

  • Changing attitudes towards race/ethnicity and religion

    1. How would you describe the changing attitudes towards race?

    2. How have attitudes shifted in regard to different religions?

    3. How did the Civil Rights Movement make you feel about human rights and race?

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