History 232 (us history since 1877) Final Exam Study Guide

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HISTORY 232 (US HISTORY SINCE 1877) Final Exam Study Guide

Date of Exam: Monday, April 14 (1 pm – 4 pm), Tyee 202; CWG 228

Procedure for the Final: Fifteen of the terms listed below will appear on the final exam. You will be expected to write mini-essays on ten of the terms. To be fully prepared, then, you need to come into the exam ready to write about any fifteen of the terms below. Approximate length for the mini-essays should be one to two double-spaced exam book pages apiece. I have allotted you only approximately 15 minutes per term so I am thinking in terms of one very long paragraph or a couple of paragraphs rather than an extensively developed essay. You will, however, have the opportunity to write several sentences about each term.

The mini-essays should combine important details (What? When? Who? Where? Why? How?) with a discussion of historical significance. Include descriptive detail but also provide analysis and try to use the term to highlight themes and issues. Can you imaginatively use the term to say something interesting about American History?

Anyone who needs extra time beyond the slotted three hours will be provided with this.


  1. Fourteenth Amendment

  2. Battle of Wounded Knee

  3. Chicago World’s Fair of 1893

  4. Plessy v. Ferguson

  5. Spanish-American War

  6. United States and World War I

  7. Nineteenth Amendment

  8. Henry Ford

  9. New Deal

  10. Japanese-American Relocation

  11. Truman Doctrine

  12. Montgomery Bus Boycott

  13. Cuban Missile Crisis

  14. Autobiography of Malcolm X

  15. Tet Offensive

  16. Roe v. Wade

  17. Watergate

  18. The “Reagan Revolution”

  19. Bill Clinton

  20. September 11, 2001 and American History

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