Hist Project 1 9/11 Rubric Part A: Causes and Comparison

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Hist Project 1 9/11 Rubric

Part A: Causes and Comparison

1. reading and analysis
2. photos
- map
3. Questions & chart

No expansion of theories, comparison/contrast analysis under-developed


Part B: Actual Events

1. videos of 9/11 web sites
2. Choice A or B


Part C: Repercussions

1. Notes on changes & question
2. Choice 1 or 2


Bibliography 5/5 completed throughout rather than on separate page

Time Log 0/5 none submitted

Total: 74/100
Project 1
Part A: Causes and Comparisons:
Source 1 Summary- Both attacks resulted in a spirit of American unity”, and a common enemy being identified. After Pearl Harbor discrimination towards Asian Americans intensified to the point where many were forced into interment/work camps. After 9/11 Muslims in America were not put in camps, and efforts were made to avoid racial profiling or targeting of Muslims. (Really? I disagree) After Pearl Harbor, there was a sense of outrage among Americans and eventually atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After 9/11, the attitude of Americans was more somber and mournful, and the initial shock of the event wore off more rapidly than the attack on Pearl Harbor did. Neither Pearl Harbor or 9/11 evoke much enthusiasm among young Americans, in part due to the fast passed (paced) nature technology has. http://modern-us-history.suite101.com/article.cfm/pearl_harbor_and_911_attacks_compared
Source 2 Summary- The Roosevelt administration ignored signs that a surprise attack from the pacific was looming, and the Bush administration did the same thing. It can be said the Bush administration was guilty of “gross negligence” at worst, where the Roosevelt administration was guilty of “conscious disregard” and “knowledge aforethought”. http://www.fff.org/comment/com0205l.asp
Source 3 Summary- 9/11 had “ill-defined enemies”, where Pearl Harbor had a very clear enemy and a country/army to attack. Pearl Harbor brought strong-minded victory, 9/11 brought caution and uncertainty. http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept11/pearl_harbor.htm
Similarities: Both happened on American soil, both were unplanned (surprise attacks)- even though there is speculation that Roosevelt and Bush ignored legitimate signs an attack could be pending, both resulted in war, had similar death tolls (over 2000 people), “spirit of American unity”
Differences: Pearl Harbor resulted in discrimination against Asians (internment camps), after 9/11 actions were taken to avoid discrimination, Pearl Harbor created a feeling of outrage among Americans and extreme actions were takes (atomic bombs), 9/11 had a much more somber mood and though it resulted in war measures as extreme as atomic bombs were not taken, 9/11 had ill defined enemies, Pearl Harbor has a clear enemy, Pearl Harbor was an attack on a navel base, 9/11 was an attack on world trade buildings(which represent free trade/capitalism)

  • I think they can be considered similar events because of what they represent to Americans (freedom, fighting for liberty/democracy) and that they have parallels, and even though there some differences, the comparison in legitimate.



  1. What are some of main theories about the causes of 9/11?

  1. Which theory seems MOST unrealistic, in your mind, and why?

Saudi Financers, since money is not a factor in weather (whether) someone is willing to give their life in a terrorist act. Money is not necessarily a part of terrorist acts, because terrorism is a cheap form of warfare. Also, there is no evidence supporting the claim that Saudi financers sponsored al Qaeda.

  1. What group does Osama Bin Laden claim was solely responsible for 9/11?

al Qaeda (an Islamic terrorist organization started in 1988 by Osama bin Laden to resist Soviet forces in Afghanistan and which seeks to purge Muslim countries of Western influence and establish fundamentalist Islamic rule). After the largest criminal investigation in history, the US government concluded al Qaeda was indeed responsible for the attacks. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/al+Qaeda

4) Some of the theories surrounding the causes of 9/11 are plausible but flawed, according to Peter Bergen in the first web site. Fill in the chart below with the main points of each theory:


Main Points



 Those who attacked on 9/11 were sons of upper middle class middle eastern, so poverty was not a factor in prompting the attacks.



 Some believe that Madrass that teach a simplistic view of Jihad are propagating terrorists, except Madrass graduates rarely if ever carry out anti-western attacks. None of the 9/11 hijackers attended Madrass.


 The CIA helped create Bin Laden in the 80’s, but had o idea of his consequence until 1996 when it set up a special unit to track Saudi exile.

Weak and failing states


 Weak states are an attractive place for terrorists, however most of the 9/11 plan took place in Hamburg. Afghanistan was significant to the rise of al Qaeda, but experience gained in the west was what made them better outfitted to carry out their plan.

The Saudis


 9/11 report determined that not money to find the attacks came from Saudi Arabia. Terrorism is a cheap form of warfare and money cannot buy people willing to commit suicide-that comes from their strong beliefs.

The Clash of Civilizations


 Samuel Huntington predicted that “clashes between civilisations would replace cold war rivalries” and 9/11 seemed to support that. But most Muslims condemned 9/11. It was America’s choice to go to war in Iraq that caused anti American feelings among Muslims.


The death rattle of political Islam

 Theory that 9/11 attacks were done by radical Islamists was disproved by French academic Gilles Kepel. He argued the attack was a sign of the decline of the Islamist movement, not a sign of strength.

5) Bergen goes on to give what he believes are the most credible explanations. Read through them, answering the True/False questions below:

1. Each explanation, in itself, could fully explain the cause of 9/11. False

2. Al Queda definitely played a huge role in causing the tragedy. True

3. Bin Laden blamed the "humiliation" felt by Muslims, and the negative effect of US policies in the middle east. True

4. Bin Laden has never actually called for a Holy War against the U.S. False

5. The American government's traditional support of Israel has fueled great resentment in the Arab world. True

Part B: Actual Events

Power Point

Part C: Repercussions

Make note of the most radical changes, and then answer the question: Do you believe these changes will prevent another attack? Why or why not?

  • Some Major changes that were made were the introduction of the TSA (Transportation Administration Security), which now handle airport screening at all U.S. airports, instead of private companies hired by airports. There is now a longer list of restricted items that were allowed on flights prior to the attacks, such as: box cutter knives, liquids, gels and aerosols in amounts larger than 3 ounces, and all bottles must be carried in a clear plastic bag and sent through security separately. Security screenings are also much more scrupulous- passengers are patted down and checked with a hand held metal detector. Passengers are now required to have valid ID in order to board a flight. The cockpit is now secured and bulletproof and some pilots may even carry a gun. I think taking these security measures can be helpful in preventing another attack but since the attacks, people are much more aware of the threat of terrorism, and that by itself can help prevent another attack. I think it is reasonable to ask for passenger ID and secure the cockpit, to ensure the pilots safety, but anyone who wants to harm another person doesn’t need a knife of a weapon because since they could just use their hands. I think theses security measures can be helpful in preventing another attack, even though passengers may sometimes feel their privacy is being violated in order to fulfill gratuitous security measures.

I think this cartoon is making a statement about gun laws and the items restricted on airplanes. It seems to be implying that the attacks would never have been followed through if American passengers were able to carry guns aboard. I think it is making a statement about airport security as well, because it is implying that if everyone was able to carry guns aboard planes not attacks would happen because everyone would be able to defend against them.

I think the cartoon is saying that Americans are so divides on political issues, that when September 11th comes around, they are forced to stand united with a “spirit of American unity” that they may not even feel. The people look confused in the middle box when it is September 11th, which I think means they have lost sight of what they are memorializing, and to many Americans that day does not mean much anymore.

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