Hernando DeSoto Ferdinand Magellan

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  1. Hernando DeSoto

  2. Ferdinand Magellan

  3. Marco Polo

  4. Amerigo Vespucci

  5. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa

  6. Bartolemu Dias

  7. Francisco Pizarro

  8. Francis Drake

  9. Walter Raleigh

  10. Vasco de Gama

  11. Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca

  12. Giovanni da Verrazano

Name of My Explorer: _______________________________


Explorer Project Options

Below are several options for projects. Choose only 1 assessment project for your explorer. Please decide on a project idea by Monday, January 23rd.

  1. PowerPoint Presentation (minimum of 8 slides)

  2. Newspaper Article (must include all parts of a typical article: headline, quote, picture, caption)

  3. Obituary for your explorer

  4. Video an “Interview” with your explorer

  5. ABC Book (2 sentences per letter + picture)

  6. Explorer Postcards (minimum of 8 – double sided with picture on 1 side and writing on the other)

  7. Triorama (background scene + writing + 3D figures)

  8. Other Ideas???

Chosen Project: _____________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________

Name ____________________________________________

You will be responsible for researching and writing a report on your explorer. Your written report must include ALL of the topics below.

  1. Explorer Biography

  1. Location and date of birth

  2. Childhood and Education

  3. Early Adulthood, Jobs

  4. Later Years and Death (LOCATION AND DATE)


  2. Purpose/Motive(s) of Journey

  1. Sponsor of Journey (country and person/people)

  2. Route of his Journey (map)

  3. Method of Exploration (ships, on foot, caravan, etc.)

  4. Importance/Impacts of the Exploration

  1. People He Made Contact With

  2. Differences

  1. Reaction to explorer (cooperation or conflict)

  2. Findings/discovery

  3. Long term effect of contact on the people

  4. Trade

  5. Preservation of culture of the people he encountered

  6. Languages/Religion/Foods/Animals/Diseases

  1. Other Interesting Facts

  1. Was he a hero upon the completion of the journey?

  2. Problems caused by the exploration

  3. Additional Facts

**Make sure you have your USB Flash Drive with you when working both at school and at home.**

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