Heritage Project Guidelines

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Heritage Project Guidelines

Due _____________

In class we have been studying “Exploration” and how explorations often lead to changes. In class we have read stories how a person’s journey to a new country can lead to a change in their lives. For our culminating task, students will have the opportunity to explore their own heritage by using different sets of media, such as interviewing a family member, completing research on-line, etc. We will do a majority of this project in class, however there will be some elements that will be completed at home, which are identified in bold (we will send home the necessary supplies).
Presentation board should include:

  • An eye-catching title that includes your name (5 points)

  • Family tree (10 points)

  • World map showing your ancestor's/family's path of immigration and settlement leading to the United States. Mark where in the US they first lived with a star.(10 points)

  • Flag/Flags: Your display should include the American flag and smaller flags representing other areas of your heritage. (5 points)

  • Page from History: Graphic Organizer for Interview: (10 points)

  • Page from History: Your written account of family history taken from an oral story about how and why your ancestor decided to come to America. (15 points) ****If your family has been here a long time and you DO NOT know WHY your family immigrated to the USA, you may write a story or old memory from one of your oldest family members.

  • 3 Interesting Facts about your family’s country of Origin. (5 points)

  • Reflection: 1-2 paragraphs describing the most important thing that you learned about your heritage. (15 points)

  • Why I’m Proud to be an American: Write one paragraph describing why you are proud to be an American (15 points)

  • Maps: Include a map of your country. (5 points)

  • Passport (5 points)

  • You will also receive 5 points for turning your project in on time.

Remember appearance and neatness count!
Students will need to bring a blank poster board by ___________ to create their final presentation.
Optional Ideas: You will earn 100 points if your display has all the necessary requirements listed on the front. You can earn extra points, if you like, by including anything else you like related to your family or heritage. Some ideas include:

  • Copies of photographs of relatives/ancestors

  • Copies of immigration or other interesting documents such as birth or marriage certificates

  • Samples of traditional arts/crafts/clothing

  • Common phrases in your country's language with translations

  • A coat of arms

  • Anything else you can think of!

*Note: If you would prefer to use a tri-fold display board you may do so. These offer more room but are more costly.

Family Heritage Cookbook
Dear Parents/Guardians,
As we continue to explore our heritage in class, we understand that food plays a major role in every culture. To celebrate the diversity we find in our classroom and our community, we will be putting together a Family Heritage Cookbook.

We have discussed many family traditions and traditional foods we may eat at different times. Each class member has been asked to bring in 2 recipes.

  • One should be a favorite recipe derived from your child's heritage, perhaps something made for special occasions, holidays or just family dinners.

  • The second should be a recipe for a family favorite, a dish, or dessert that is always a family pleaser!

These recipes should be neatly printed or typed on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper (black and white only so I can photocopy them).

Remember to include a name on each recipe.

If you like, feel free to add a few lines about the food, such as its origin, when your family eats it, or why it is a favorite. You may also add graphics or a decorative border or have your child decorate/illustrate the recipes appropriately.

All recipes should be turned in no later than _______________________________ Thank you for your help,

Mrs. Apodaca and Mrs. Himenes

My Ancestor’s Journey from

_____________________ to __________________.

My Ancestor’s Journey from

_____________________ to __________________.

Page From History

Page From History

3 Interesting Facts About______________

3 Interesting Facts About______________

Most Important Thing I Learned

Most Important Thing I Learned

_____________ is a Proud American!

_____________ is a Proud American!

Fast Facts About______________

  • Official Name: ______________________

  • Capital: ___________________________

  • Population: _________________________

  • Official Language: ____________________

  • Money/Currency: _____________________

  • Major River: _________________________

  • Major Mountain Range: _________________

  • Traditional Dish: ______________________


Facts http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/greece/#greece-ruins-night.jpg

Use the box below to draw a replica of the flag of your heritage

Name:_______________________________ Date: ____________

Finding out about…..When Your Family Moved to the United States
As we move towards the end of our Exploration Unit, it is helpful to explore our families’ background with immigration. All of you have family members or ancestors who were immigrants at some point!
Your Task: Find out when your family moved to the United States. If possible, also find out why. This is the information to ask a parent or guardian about. If you are not able to find out exactly who came or when they came to the United States, try to find out what country or countries your ancestors are from.
****If your family has been here a long time and you DO NOT know WHY your family immigrated to the USA, you may write a story or old memory from one of your oldest family members.
Directions: Select one or two family members who are knowledgeable about your family’s origins. Interview these people using the questions below. Feel Free to add as many of your own questions as you would like. Attach another paper if necessary.

Name of person being interviewed: ______________________________________________________

Relationship to you: __________________________________________________________________

Their country of birth: ________________________________________________________________

Your family’s country of origin: _________________________________________________________

Why did our family leave their country of origin?


What country did our family go to after leaving our country of origin?

When did our family leave our ancestral country of origin?_


Why did our family come to America?


How did our family get to America? ___________________________________________________________________________


How did immigrating affect our family? ________________________________________________________________________________


Do we celebrate or carry on any traditions/holidays from our family’s country of origin?


Is there anything else you can tell me about our family’s heritage?


Add any of your own questions that you would like to ask here:


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