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Hemingway Program Coordinator

Ernest Hemingway Collection

Job Description:

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is seeking a full time staff member who will serve as The Ernest Hemingway Program Coordinator. The Hemingway Coordinator manages a multi-faceted array of Hemingway-related activities based on the unique holdings of the Nobel Laureate’s materials held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The Kennedy Library undertakes many tasks and unique projects which serve to strengthen the Hemingway program, heighten recognition for the Hemingway Collection, and inform the public’s understanding of one of the world’s most renowned authors of the 20th century. Those activities touch upon the Library’s core purposes and divisions including archives, education, public programs, exhibits, family/community relations, fundraising, and communications. The Hemingway Coordinator will represent the Ernest Hemingway Collection internally within the Library / Library Foundation and externally in Greater Boston, to the scholarly community, and at Hemingway-related conferences and symposia.


The manuscripts, letters, photographs, and ephemera of Ernest Hemingway were donated by the Hemingway family to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in 1964. Under NARA, the Library’s responsibility is to care for and provide access to these materials.


The Hemingway Coordinator reports to the Deputy Director of the Kennedy Library and works with members of the Kennedy Library and Kennedy Library Foundation’s senior leaders and staff. On the Library side, the Hemingway Coordinator will work with the Director of Archives, Director of Education and Public Programs, and the Kennedy Library Curator as well as staff who report to these individuals. This position is funded by the Kennedy Library Foundation and the Hemingway Coordinator will work closely with the Foundation’s Vice President for Development, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Development, Membership Coordinator, VP of Communications and Digital Media, Director of Marketing, and Social Media Coordinator on various Hemingway-related initiatives.

Job responsibilities:

The Hemingway Coordinator represents the Ernest Hemingway Collection externally with the public, to the scholarly community, and at Hemingway-related conferences and symposia and internally within the Library / Library Foundation.

As the spokesperson for the Hemingway Collection, the Hemingway Coordinator will:

  • Serve as a liaison with the Hemingway family and the Hemingway literary executor related to various special projects.

  • Act as a liaison and primary point of contact with the Ernest Hemingway Foundation, the Finca Vigia Foundation, and other institutions to promote the history and legacy of Ernest Hemingway.

  • Furnish articles and news updates for the Hemingway Review and other journals to promote the Hemingway holdings.

  • Speak at conferences about the Ernest Hemingway Collection.

  • Create the annual Friends of the Ernest Hemingway Collection Newsletter.

  • Furnish support and development of Hemingway marketing and outreach materials, and the Hemingway Collection brochure.

  • Furnish support and development of Hemingway portion of the Kennedy Library website and various social media outreach efforts.

  • Cultivate and interact with Hemingway donors and the Hemingway Council.

  • Oversee and coordinate the annual PEN/Hemingway Award ceremony.

  • Oversee and coordinate the Hemingway Council luncheon.

  • Provide tours of the Hemingway room and new Hemingway exhibit to researchers, students, visitors, and donors.

Internally, the Hemingway Coordinator will support archival, educational and museum exhibit and collection functions related to the Hemingway Collection by:

  • Develop education, public programs and outreach offerings for high school students, college students, and general audiences. 

  • Develop and coordinate Hemingway exhibits sponsored by the Library.

  • Support the loan program of Hemingway materials to others institutions.

  • Provide support information and data to create annual budgets; and managing budget allocations.

  • Coordinate conservation of the Hemingway Collection and oversee the conservation budget (with funds managed by the Library Foundation).

  • Support processing, research, and digitization functions of the Hemingway Collection.

  • Assist archivists in their work with the Hemingway family, Hemingway literary executors, and high-profile researchers.

  • Coordinate the Ernest Hemingway Research Grants program with the Director of Archives and the Foundation’s Director of Awards.

  • Develop projects for Hemingway interns with the Archives division.

In addition the Hemingway Coordinator will manage other duties as assigned.


Successful candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) and substantive experience working in an archival, museum, literary, history, or academic setting. Knowledge of and passion for the writing and history of Ernest Hemingway and/or 20th century American literature is ideal. The Hemingway Coordinator will work well independently and as part of a team.


The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. Salary is commensurate with experience and includes a benefits package.

Interested and qualified candidates are asked to send by February 1, 2016, a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to:
James Roth

Deputy Director

care of: John F. Kennedy Library Foundation

e-mail: HR@jfklfoundation.org

No phone calls please.

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