Headteacher: Mr Matthew Newman Telephone: (01634) 843843 Facsimile: (01634) 310067

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Headteacher: Mr Matthew Newman Telephone: (01634) 843843

Facsimile: (01634) 310067



King Street, Rochester, Kent ME1 1YF

email: office@smatt.medway.sch.uk

website: http://www.stmargaretsattroytown.co.uk

Tel: (01634) 843843 Fax: (01634) 310067

Email address: office@st-margaretsattroytown.medway.sch.uk

Website: http://www.st-margaretsattroytown.medway.sch.uk

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‘At St Margaret’s at Troy Town we know that every child has the right to be happy, healthy and feel protected. We know that every child has the right to be able to develop socially, morally, academically and spiritually. We know that no child should have any barriers to learning. Teachers have a significant role in both the development of the children and identifying learning needs. Our teachers guide, motivate and encourage our children to develop as curious and confident learners. Our children are aspirational, fired with imagination and undeniably excited to learn.


We know that our school building, as it stands, is unsympathetic to the needs of both children and adults alike. The learning environment is key to a child’s development and we are committed, relentless and determined to make our school a place where everyone who works, learns or visits here, finds it stimulating, functional and inspiring. St Margaret’s At Troy Town is unwavering in its determination to achieve that ‘Wow’ factor. Raising the standards of the learning environment is a non-negotiable as we raise the standards of education. 

Over the last several months the children have been participating in redesigning projects around the school. 

Have you heard tales of the Dulux visitors? You may even have heard about Spud Jr (the Dulux dog’s little brother) who has taken up residence in our school. SMATT has an exciting year ahead with regards to the schools environment. We are looking at bringing the environment in line with the children's learning and aspirations.

The children and teachers have been having their say. Now is your turn!

Do you have a penchant for colour or design? Have you walked though the school entrance and thought, "wouldn't it be great if ....."  Well we would love to hear all those ideas. 

We are planning a focus group to brainstorm ideas for redecorating the schools entrance areas, classrooms and toilets. If this is your area of interest and you would like to get involved then please contact Angeline Dispinseri on angelinedispinseri@me.com 
Please note that we are hoping to arrange focus group/s to accommodate so please do not think as a working parent or busy household you are excluded from this project. 

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