Hatshepsut Arete Piece

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Hatshepsut Arete Piece

January 31, 2012

Final Draft


Hatshepsut was a woman not born into royalty but due to age and ranking she was declared pharaoh. “As a favorite daughter of a popular pharaoh, and as a charismatic and beautiful lady in her own right, she was able to command enough of a following to actually take control as pharaoh” (Bediz 1). Hatshepsut’s nephew Thuthmosis lll was too young to take control as pharaoh. Normally the thrown would be handed over to the mother but, she was at such an unacceptable ranking, she was unable to rule Egypt. So by law, the thrown was handed over to Tuthmosis lll’s stepmother Hatshepsut (Tyldesle, 2). Hatshepsut is excellent because she expanded Egypt not through war but by trade and never gave up even when times got tough.

Hatshepsut had not only lived the life of a pharaoh but there’s a whole story on how her life changed dramatically. No one knows of the exact dates Hatshepsut lived but, she lived from about 1538-1458 BC. Hatshepsut was born and raised in Egypt as a normal Egyptian girl would. Her childhood is a big blur, no one really knows much about her life before becoming a pharaoh of Egypt (Bediz 1). Hatshepsut ruled for about 20 years until the thrown was given up to Thuthmosis lll (Gale, 1). The reason we know about Hatshepsut today is because there have been records found about her ruling Egypt and other personal items. Some personal items that were found of Hatshepsut’s were her tomb and temple. Archaeologists restored her damaged tomb and Hatshepsut’s temple is in good condition (Mcnally 103).

Hatshepsut’s family was very large because in Egypt you were allowed to have more than one wife and it was legal to marry your half brother or sister. Hatshepsut’s father Thuthmose l married two women named Ahmose and Moutnofrit. Hatshepsut married her half-brother Thuthmosis ll and Sunmut. Sunmut and Hatshepsut had one child whose name is Nofrure. Thuthmosis ll also married a woman named Ese (Bediz, 1). When reigning over Egypt people gave Hatshepsut a hard time so she pretended that the god Amon was her father. This made people respect her a little bit more. Also, on one of the walls of her tomb is a story about Amon approaching Aahmes in the form of Thuthmose l (Bediz, 2). “Because Egyptians believed their kings were divine, she justified her new role by claiming to be the god Amon’s daughter” (Weeks, 1).

“With no explanation, she was crowned king…” (Tyldesle, 1). Hatshepsut’s stepson Tuthmosis lll was too young to rule Egypt so Hatshepsut stepped up to reign (Bediz, 1). She was not afraid to step up and take the throw, Hatshepsut was excited. Hatshepsut thought that since her father once ruled Egypt that she would have the ability to rule. “She was a most forceful woman and very soon assumed the full powers of a pharaoh” (Asimov, 78). Hatshepsut was nice to Tuthmosis lll and wasn’t trying to rub in the fact that she was pharaoh and he wasn’t. In fact, she even got him working in the military and he soon became the leader of Egypt’s military. Still, she kept Thuthmosis lll in the background while she was reigning (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 1).

There are always challenges in one’s life but there are also many accomplishments that come along with it. Hatshepsut had started the creation of one of the most advanced civilizations in the world, successfully for twenty years. A small list of her achievements include; increasing Egypt’s trade, building the temple of Amun, making history and sponsoring a building program(Weeks,1 ). Hatshepsut had built an obelisk that stood ninety six feet high, the tallest one built was one hundred and five feet high. She also inspired many ritual ceremonies; these were later painted on the walls of her temple (Asmov, 78-79). “Hatshepsut accomplished what no woman had before her” (Bediz, 4). One of the most amazing things about Hatshepsut is that she didn’t want to fight other cities to receive glory she did things in a much calmer way. Hatshepsut kept the army busy by sending them on a trading expedition to other cities (Donegan, 2). “Her reign represents a peaceful interval in the warlike history of the dynasty, and she took to enriching the country by industry rather than loot” (Asmov, 78). The military was sent to Punt to look for ivory, animals, spices, gold and aromatic trees. Rare herbs, spices, scented woods live monkeys and potted plants were brought back by the military (Tydesle, 3). This expedition was a large success and people then started to realize that Hatshepsut ruling wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Egypt’s empire grew in size because of their money and all of the people who wanted to become part of such a rich empire. Not only did the empire grow, but the resources grew tremendously and Egypt reached a high level of success (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 1). This expedition was documented on walls of her temple and records (Bediz, 2).

Hatshepsut was a woman who had many challenges and mistakes some of them were major and some just minor. Hatshepsut had many challenges as most famous people in history did, but she was also discriminated and given a hard time because she was a woman. Many people believed that as a woman, she wasn’t going to be able to handle such a high position. Maybe they thought that just because she wasn’t as strong or scary, no “knowledge” or even just because she wasn’t the rightful pharaoh of Egypt (Bediz, 1-2). Egypt’s army gave Hatshepsut a hard time because they really wanted to fight and receive glory. Also, since Thuthmosis lll was the leader of the military, Hatshepsut didn’t know if he would listen to her (Tyldesle, 1). A few more challenges that she faced didn’t have to do with people but with building and expanding Egypt. Hatshepsut is known for a famous temple, The Temple of Amun. She faced many troubles because of all the details a specific structure that went into it. Also, as Egypt expanded the fact of having to protect all the land as it grew and grew was a new challenge (Mcnally, 103).

Hatshepsut had many mistakes just like everyone else. One of her mistakes is that she didn’t do anything even though she knows that Thuthmosis lll really wanted to become pharaoh. Thuthmosis lll didn’t like that Hatshepsut didn’t turn the thrown over to him when he was eligible. After she died Thuthmosis lll tried to erase her from history (Tyldesle, 3).

Know one knows how Hatshepsut died but after her death bad things had happened to everything that she accomplished. Hatshepsut could’ve been killed by Thuthmosis lll or died peacefully but there’s no evidence found (Mcnally, 104). Thuthmosis lll ruled after Hatshepsut died and he literally tried to erase her from history. Thuthmosis lll ordered all images, statues and everything of hers to be destroyed and for no one to even say her name (Tydesle, 1). He wanted all Egyptians to forget that she even existed. “…He (Thuthmosis lll) was indeed cursing her with a permanent death… Thuthmosis lll set his masons to rewrite history” (Tyldesle, 4).

Many people had different feelings and opinions about Hatshepsut and others didn’t even know she existed. “She should have been feted as one of the most successful of the eighteenth Dynasty Kings” (Tyldesle, 1). Hatshepust was well known for her achievements and those were the ones who thought she was great person. Some other people didn’t think it was right for her to rule so they ended up not liking her. Some people didn’t like her because of the things she did such as not fighting but being kind. Thuthmosis lll didn’t like her because she was ruling and he wasn’t but overall in general he liked her (Tydlese, 2-3). Hatshepsut didn’t like herself because people weren’t appreciating her so she dressed up as a man and thought she would going more from that (Bediz, 1). In my opinion I think Hatshepsut was an amazing woman who changed Egypt forever and that really sticks out to me. She wasn’t afraid of anything even when people rebelled. She acted brave even when she was scared, and she has inspired many people. Hatshepsut amplifies arête so much and I really have learned a lot from her. Overall, she definitely amplifies arête.

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