Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine

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Hana's Suitcase

by Karen Levine

What were the continents does this story involve?

Japan, North America- Canada, Europe-Czechoslovakia

How many Jewish people were killed and how many were children?

six million, and 1 1/2 million were children

The term given to the time of horrors that went on during WWII was called?

The Holocaust

What is an example of genocide?

The murder of people because of race, religion, or ethnicity

In Japan, a country allied with Germany during WWII, there was a place that

was made to give understanding to what happened during the Holocaust in

Germany what is it called?

Tokyo Holocaust Education Resource Center

Director of the Tokyo Holocaust Center?

Fumiko Ishioka

What is the small group of kids from 8-18 organization that publish a newsletter to

make kids aware of the Holocaust?

Small Wings
There were two things written on Hana's suitcase what were they?

date of birth: May 16, 1931 and Waisenkind

What does the word Waisenkind mean?

Where did the suitcase come from?

the german concentration camp of Auschwitz
Where was Hana Bradey from?

a province called Moravia, town Nove Mesto, Czechoslovakia

What did the people in Czechoslovakia do in Nove Mesto in the winter?

cross country skiing and ice skating

What did they do in Nove Mesto in the summer?

swimming, sailing, fishing, and camping

Where did the Brady family live?

The top floor of the general store

What were the names of the Brady family?

father -Karel, mother-Marketa, Hana, and older brother-George

The father Karel worked at the store 6 days a week selling what items?

buttons, jam, oil lamps, rakes, sleigh bells, dishes, paper, pens and candy

Karel's other sporting activites were?

soccer, skiing, and gymnastics

What instrument did George play?

What instrument did Hana play?

the piano
What was hana's favorite song?

I have Nine Canaries

Hana and George helped work at the store making?

yeast, chisel small lumps of the sugar loaf, weigh spices and seasonings,

and twist paper into a cone shape to hold candy.
the kids had two angora kittens what were there names?

Micki and Mourek

What items did the Tokyo Holocaust Center recieve from Auschwitz?

child's sock and shoe, child's sweater, a can of Zyklon b poisonous gas, and

hana's suitcase
What color hair and eyes did Hana have?

blonde hair blue eyes

In an old wooden washtub the George and Hana sailed in the creek what did they

do to it for fun?

they pulled the plug and sank laughing and splashing
There were how many swings in the back yard?

3 a small child's, a two seater, and one that went over the creek

what color was Hana's and George's scooter

Hana's was red and George's was blue

What was Hana's greatest love?

ice skating

QUOTE by Mr. Rott "We'll keep our voices down" "so as not to wake the children"

"We can all feel that a war is coming"

"It's not safe for Jews to be here. We should all leave Nove Mesto"
on New Years Eve they made a feast of what?

turkey, sausage, salami, and pudding

they played a traditional game of what on New Years Eve?

predicting the future

what did they use as a small boat to put a candle in and floated in a large basin?

a walnut shell, Hana's went out and George's stayed lit

What is the Museum called where the Tokyo Holocaust Center recieved

the items?

Museum of Auschwitz
When the Germans took over Czechlovakia what rights did they take away

from the Brady's people?

could leave house only under certain hours, only shop at certain stores,

not allowed to travel, had to tell Nazi's everything they owned, and had

surrender the radio
Where did the Brady's hide there Father's stamp collection and precious papers?

under the shingles in the attic

What did the sign say when George and Hana went to see the movie

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

no Jews Allowed
There were many restrictions to Jewish children what were some of them?

no Jews in playground, no Jews in sportsfield, no Jews in park, no Jews skating

Hana and George didnt seem able to do nothing with all the regulations on

the Jewish people from the Nazi's so they picked up a pen and paper and

wrote down things and put them in bottle what did they write about ?

one list of things they were angry about and another list of things they were

going to do when thing got better.
Father asked the clock keeper in the town to do what to the clock?

turn it back 15 minutes

What was the name of the consintration camp Hana and George stayed in


Theresienstadt 140,00 Jews during wwii and 15000 of them children
How many drawings from children were saved from Theresienstadt?

How many drawings of Hana did they find?

5 drawings
What did Hana draw in the 5 drawings they recieved from the Terezin Ghetto Museum?

garden and a park bench, having a picnic, a tree, farm hands drying hay,

stick people carrying suitcases and getting off a train
Where did they find their mother was sent to?

Ravensbruck a camp in Germany

What items did the Brady's mother send the children from Ravensbruck?

a letter, charms made of bread hearts and a horshoe with hana's initials on it

What were the Brady's forced to wear on their clothing at all times?

a yellow star of David with the word Jude in the middle which translates to Jew

What did a man do to make the Nazi officer mad and declare Nove Mesto to be

judenfrei- free of Jews?

Instead of cutting out the star he wore the complete square of cloth that the star came on
Who was their mother and father arrested by?

the Gestapo the secret state police

Who took in the children after there parents were taken by the Gestapo?

Uncle Ludvik & Aunt Hedda

What came across town the day after their dad was taken by the Gestapo?

Sylvia their wolfhound

The housekeeper Boshika did something for the children everyday what was it?

she fed them lunch

What prison was there father deported to?

Iglau Gestapo prison

The children recieved a letter to go to a deportation center in?

Hana packed something in here suitcase to hopefully give her the smell of home what was


a sleeping bag

How many girls slept in a room at Theresienstadt?

What did the girls sleep on?

a burlap mattress filled with straw
What did the girls sneak to eat in the fruit and vegatable garden for the Nazi's?

a green bean or a strawberry

in music class one girl was always picked to sing a song at the end of class when

it was Hana's turn what song did she sing?

Stonozka - the centipede song
Hana's favorite class at Theresienstadt was?

art class

Sometimes they drew pictures of serious subjects and drew pictures of what?

ghetto walls, people waiting in line for food, inmates being beaten by Nazi's

Quotes "Think of Space" Think of freedom"
Where did the kids go to draw things of the outdoors in the Theresienstadt camp?

the roof
The kids played a board game named Smelina based on Monopoly what

were some of the properties?

delousing station, guards barracks, kumbal an attic hideway, ghetto paper bills for money

What was George's job at Theresienstadt?

Hana gave George one every week so he could stay strong and sweet what was it?

buchts a small doughnut
there was a list of names from Theresienstadt and everyone had a check mark by their

name except who?

What did the checkmark in the list mean?

the person did not survive

A relation showed up at Theresienstadt who was it?

Their Grandma but she died from illness in 3 months

George was sent away with 2000 other boys and 4 months later Hana's name showed up on

the list to be deported what did she say?

"I'll see George again" "He's waiting for me"
Hana packed her suitcase from Theresienstadt what did she pack?

a favorite drawing, worn-out clothing, a book of stories

Mr. Koutouc George's bunk mate came to the Prague Jewish Museum to tell Fumiko about

George where did he tell here he lives?

Fumiko sent a letter to George in Toronto what was in it?

drawings and poems from the small wings and copies of Hana's drawings

George recieved one thing from his family from Uncle Ludvik and Aunt Hedda what was it?

a box of family photos

George realized Hana became something from her death she always wanted to be what was it?

a teacher

What are the three most important values in the world according to George?

tolerance, respect and compassion

What was written on the signs held up by the Small Wings?

Let's learn, think and act

Where was Hana sent from Theresienstadt?

a deathcamp called Auschwitz

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