Guy Lucas "Around The World Math Game"

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Classroom Math Games

Series I


Guy Lucas

“Around The World Math Game”

  1. Get a set of math fact flash cards.

  2. One student will be the flash card presenter.

  3. Have another student stand up as the first contestant next to a seated student.

  4. The flash card presenter will then show both the standing and seated student the flash card fact.

  5. The first student to give the fact with the answer correct wins the attempt.

  6. The winning student then moves beside the next seated student in that row.

  7. The process is then repeated.

  8. If the standing student losses the attempt, then the standing student is to take the seated students chair and the seated student becomes challenger.

  9. The object is for the student to make it around the entire classroom.

  10. This student has then made it “Around the World” and is declared the winner of the game.

“The Math Quiz Fact Race”

  1. Have all student take out one clean sheet of notebook paper.

  2. Tell the students that they have exactly one minute to complete this exercise.

  3. The objective of the exercise is for students to complete a set of math facts in the given time.

  4. All students will begin the exercise at the same time when the teacher say go!

  5. For example, if you wanted to review the twelve (12) times table facts, you would have the students to list all of the twelve (12) times table facts correctly in one minute.

  6. The students that perform this task correctly in one minute’s time will receive credit (classwork, homework, quiz pass, etc…).

  7. This is an excellent game for review.

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