Gun control sociology 2014

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GUN CONTROL Sociology 2014
-Firearms are common with violent forms of crime
-High profile assassinations led national legislators to consider stricter gun control measures (JFK, MLK, John Lennon, RReagan)

**Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1994)-
-named after White House press secretary, Jim Brady

-Brady was wounded in the assassination attempt on Reagan

-he had given false information about himself at the pawnshop where he bought the gun he used to shoot Reagan

  1. Act mandates that firearms dealers run criminal history background checks on people who wish to purchase handguns.

-around 320 purchases of guns per day/ about 2% of all purchases denied (felonies and restraining orders are your main reasons for denial)

**Now, about 45% of Americans support gun owner’s rights
***2nd Amendment guarantees the “right of the people to keep and bear arms”
-about 42% of American households have some type of firearm on the premesis

-owning a gun in the US is not considered a deviant act

NRA – National Rifle Association
-founded in 1871, it has 4-5 million members

-use of symbols – Constitution and the tradition of gun ownership (Minutemen)

Recently, acts of violence on college campuses and spree shootings have hurt the support for inaction on gun control

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