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America Dreaming Reading Guide Topic: Name:

What were the issues to protest?

How did people express their voice?

How did people respond to the protest?

List Issues that lead to peaceful protests:

List issues that lead to violent protests:

List the Non violent voices:

List the violent voices:

List how people respond to the peace?

List how people respond to the violence?

What is the chapters main idea?

  • Why was it important?

  • What was the goal?

Non violence:


How did the topic of the chapter affect the Civil Rights Movement?

Non Violence:



Connection to Today: Use the Venn diagram to compare 1950-1960s Civil Rights to the Civil Rights demonstrations in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. What has stayed the same? What has changed?

Presentation: Once you are done reading the two chapters of the book, it is time to start putting together your presentation. You will be teaching your classmates about a part of the Civil Rights movement you read about. Your presentation will be in the form of a googledoc. Your presentation must include:

  • The 5 W’s:

    • Who was involved?–

    • What happened?–

    • When did it happen?–

    • Where did the action take place? –

    • Why did it happen? What was the big deal? -

    • How did people express their voice? AKA what did they do to protest?

    • How did people respond to the protest movement? What changed?

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