Grove City Time Travelers’ Menu

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Grove City Time Travelers’ Menu

Third Grade

Extra! Extra!
Create the front page of a newspaper from a certain time period that you visited in Grove City. Be sure to include articles appropriate to the time period, as well as any notices or ads.

Freeze Frame!
Capture your travels through time in pictures. Create a photo album of “pictures” that you “took” while traveling through time. Be sure to include when and where each “picture” was taken. You should have at least 6 pictures in your album.

Listen Up!
Imagine that you have recorded something from the airwaves during your time travels. Make a recording of what information was shared in that time period. Make sure that it sounds authentic.

GC Artifacts
Did you find something interesting in your time travels? Recreate that object using materials found today like clay, construction paper, pipe cleaners, boxes, etc. Try to make the object look as much as possible like the original that you found.

Time Traveler’s Log-
Keep a detailed travel log of your adventures through time in Grove City. Be sure to include the time period you are in, as well as the important information that you have learned. Feel free to include photos and/or sketches in your entries.

Don’t Miss This!
Create a poster to hang in a store front window that shares the news of an up-coming event during a particular time period in GC history. Be sure to include all important details. Make the poster eye-catching.

Dress for Success
Prepare an outfit that represents a time period in GC history. Explain why a person would need to wear such articles of clothing. What benefits did this style of clothing have for the time period? As a bonus, wear the outfit while presenting the explanation.

GC Rocks!
Write a song or poem about the history of Grove City. Be sure to include information that you learned about GC through your time travels. As an added bonus, you could sing or recite your creation. Be prepared to turn in the lyrics/ poem to me.

GC - Then/Now
Choose your favorite time period from Grove City’s past. Create a poster that shows what GC was like during that time period and what GC is like today. Be sure to include the dates on your poster and make sure that your poster is eye-catching, as well as accurate for both time periods.

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