Group Project-The Archetype of the Epic Hero Name of group members

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Group Project—The Archetype of the Epic Hero

Name of group members (no more than 4)

Assigned Epic Hero:___________________________________

Task: Your assignment is to research and read about the epic hero listed on this sheet. You will need to explain the literary and historical significance of the poem. Each member of your group needs to complete one of the following parts. Individual grades will be given for the presentation of the information.

Task 1: Culture-- Provide a brief overview of the culture the epic represents. Discuss cultural aspects such as religion, writing, art, architecture, government, clothing, food, etc.

Task 2: History of the epic--You need to include information about when the epic was created and by whom, as well as the importance the epic held for the culture.

Task 3: Synopsis of the epic--Provide a brief overview of the plot, setting, and various conflicts presented in the epic. Point out the parts of the epic cycle.

Task 4: Epic Hero--Describe the epic hero and provide a character analysis. Research any historical information about the epic hero.

Each group should present the information orally and visually. A prezi or power point presentation would work well for this assignment. Add pictures to your presentation as well.

Your presentation should be about 10 minutes long, no more. Each group member will turn in his/her notes after the presentation, as well as a bibliography of sources used.

List of epic heroes:

Aeneas from the Aeneid (Roman)

Beowulf from Beowulf (Old English—Danish)

Achilles from the Iliad (Greek)

Gilgamesh from Gilgamesh (Babylonian)

Rama from the Ramayana (Indian)

El Cid from The Chronicles of the Cid (Spanish)

Roland from The Chanson de Roland (French)

King Arthur from The Idylls of the King or Morte d’Arthur (English)

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