Great Depression and New Deal Learning Guide Objectives

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Great Depression and New Deal Learning Guide


What were the causes and effects of the Great Depression?

Compare and contrast the responses of Herbert Hoover and FDR to the Great Depression. Name specific political and economic programs and their effects. How successful were they in restoring prosperity?

Evaluate the impact of the Depression and New Deal programs on African Americans and Women.

Why did Roosevelt attempt to “pack the court”? What were the results?

Compare and contrast the various critics of the New Deal – both left and right.

Compare and contrast the New Deal to other reform movements – Populism and Progressivism.

What were the factors that led to the end of the New Deal?


Herbert Hoover

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Huey Long

Father Coughlin

Francis Townsend

Francis Perkins

Harry Hopkins

John M Keynes
Relief, Recovery, and Reform

Complete chart – know terms for quizzes and tests

Gold Reserve Act

21st Amendment

Stock market crash

Hawley Smoot Tariff

Bonus March


Smoot Hawley Tariff, 1930

New Deal

American Liberty League

Brain Trust

Court packing plan

Fireside chats

Hundred days

Rugged individualism


Sick chicken case (Schechter V. US)

New Deal Programs


Relief, Recovery, or Reform?


Significance of program

Emergency Banking Act (1933)

Civilian Conservation Corps (1933)

Federal Emergency Relief Act (1933)

Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933)

Tennessee Valley Authority (1933)

National Recovery Administration (1933)

Public Works Administration (1933)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation/Glass-Steagall Act (1933)

Civil Works Administration (1933)

Securities Exchange Commission (1934)

Federal Housing Administration (1934)

Works Progress Administration (1935)

National Labor Relations Act/Wagner Act (1935)

Social Security Administration (1935)

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