Grain the chips are made from – Whole Grain Corn Calories per serving

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  1. What grain were the chips made from? Wheat

  2. Calories per serving? 150

  3. Serving Size? 28 g

  4. What kind of Fat is used? Vegetable oil

  5. What is saturated fat from? 2.5 g

  6. How much salt is in the chips? 150 mg

  7. What dyes or food colorings are used? None

  8. How are the chips made? The company starts with a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and potato flakes and presses them into shape. The snack-dough is then rolled out like a sheet of ultra-thin cookie dough and cut into chip-cookies by a machine. The cut is complete enough that the chips are fully free of the extra dough, which is lifted away from the chips by a machine.

The chips move forward on a conveyor belt until they're pressed into molds, which give them the curve that makes them fit into one another. Those molds move through boiling oil and fry for a few seconds. Then they're blown dry, sprayed with powdered flavors and flipped onto a slower-moving conveyor belt in a way that allows them to stack. From then on, it's into the cans and off towards the consumers.

  1. Do the chips have phenylalanine and why would this chemical have to be listed?

Phenylalanine is not listed in the ingredients for the Original Pringles crisps. (same as above)

10. What ingredient is found in the greatest and least amount? Dried potatoes, Wheat Starch

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