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11th Grade Research Paper Topics

  1. The Salem Witch Trials- Were they really about witches or something else?

  2. Why was slave trading not stopped earlier?

  3. Was George Washington a great General?

  4. How revolutionary was the American Revolution?

  5. Why did the Articles of Confederation not work?

  6. US Constitution

    1. Compare the US Constitution to the PA Constitution

      1. Which provides for greater protection of civil rights?

      2. Why is that good or bad?

    2. Which US Constitutional right is the most important and why?

    3. Should the US Constitution have been ratified? Why or why not?

      1. Include Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist arguments

  7. Washington, Lincoln, or Roosevelt-who was the greatest president?

  8. Was Thomas Jefferson more idealist than realist?

  9. Was the land stolen from the Native Americans?

  10. Did democracy originate on the Frontier?

  11. Was the Homestead Act Boom or Bust?

  12. Does the Frontier Thesis alone explain US History?

  13. Was Andrew Jackson a “great” president?

  14. Was the US warranted in annexing Texas?

  15. Was Cotton really King?

  16. Was Uncle Tom’s Cabin a cause of the Civil War?

  17. Were free blacks really free?

  18. Was abolitionism confined to the North?

  19. How successful was the Underground Railroad?

  20. Did most Southerners favor succession?

  21. Did “slavery” cause the Civil War?

  22. Was the Civil War inevitable?

  23. How effective was the KKK?

  24. Who really won the Civil War?

  25. Was Abraham Lincoln a “great” president?

  26. Some historians say that April 1865 in the most important month is US history. Prove or disprove this hypothesis.

  27. The Industrial Revolution-how it transformed US culturally and socially

  28. Immigration (1900-1920) and Urban population growth -

    1. The role it played in the Industrial Revolution

    2. Party Politics-the change of demographics in the parties from 1910-1930

  29. Was Teddy Roosevelt a radical or conservative?

  30. Was Teddy Roosevelt the 1st Conservationist?

  31. Did politics kill the Treaty of Versailles in America?

  32. Could World War II have been prevented if the U.S. supported the League of Nations?

  33. Since the adoption of the 19th Amendment, does the idea of the “glass ceiling” still exist for women in the United States?

  34. Red Scare-was it a legitimate cause

  35. Sacco Vanzetti Trial-How did it portray the tensions of the time period, Xenophobia and paranoia

  36. Scopes-Money Trial-What was the cultural impact on American Education and Educational Freedom? (Intelligent Design)

  37. Harlem Renaissance-

    1. Compare to the Beatniks

    2. Cultural Impact

    3. Compare to the Hip-Hop Movement (Self-Determination)

  38. Garvey Movement-

    1. Reflect on Black Nationalism/Separationism

    2. How the movement represented to frustration with the Federal and State Governments?

  39. KKK (1900 to Present)

    1. Compare the Rise of the Klan with Poor Economic Conditions

    2. Connect to the Anti-Lynching Movement

    3. How the Klan has influence in State Governments?

    4. Failure of creating legislation to stop the Klan

    5. Explain how the Klan declined after the Scottsboro Trial

  40. Hoover-Was he a failure?

  41. Stock Market Crash of 1929/Dust Bowl- Which had a greater impact on the Depression

  42. Was FDR to blame for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

  43. Relocation of Japanese- Americans-Necessary?

  44. The US and the Holocaust

    1. Did the US know about the Holocaust?

    2. Did the US try to stop the Holocaust? Why or Why not?

  45. Cold War- the atomic bomb drop and the nuclear arms race (Us v. USSR)

    1. What was the real reason for dropping the bomb?

  46. McCarthyism and the House on Un-American Activities Committee-Was it a legitimate cause? Did he eliminate communism from the government?

  47. Did General MacArthur deserve a summary removal during the Korean War?

  48. 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement

    1. Why was the movement not more radical?

    2. How did it influence the Baby Boomers? (Political and Social)

    3. Connect to music of the time

    4. How did it increase flight to the suburbs?

    5. Compare and Contrast the peaceful and violent demonstration methods? Which worked better?

    6. What were the five most important events in the Civil Rights Movements? Why?

    7. Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, who did more to advance the condition of African Americans?

  49. Brown v. the Board of Education Topeka Kansas

    1. Did it guarantee the quality of education

    2. Did it eliminate Separate but Equal?

  50. The Brown Decision or the March on Washington-Which one had a greater impact on the plight of African Americans?

  51. Vietnam War

    1. Was it a Nationalist or Communist Movement?

    2. Why were we not more successful?

    3. Compare and Contrast to the War in Iraq today

    4. Was it a poor man’s war?

    5. Did it lead to the downfall of LBJ?

    6. Why was it so unpopular?

  52. Bay of Pigs Invasion-Was it Kennedy’s failure or the CIA/Military?

  53. Was JFK a “great” or “near-great” President?

  54. The Cuban Missile Crisis

    1. How close were we to Armageddon?

    2. Explain how Kennedy’s strength lead to Khrushchev’s downfall?

    3. Was Kennedy a Hawk or a Dove?

  55. The Kennedy Assassination

    1. Explain the impact on the nation

    2. Explain the impact on politics

  56. Watergate-Compare and Contrast the impeachment hearing with Clinton’s impeachment hearing?

  57. Roe v Wade

    1. How has it been changed by the State Courts

    2. Would advances in science change the law?

    3. Does the government have the right to make law on morality issues?

  58. Modern Olympic games and Conflict (1980-Present)

    1. Should the US and the USSR have boycotted the Olympics?

    2. Politicizing the Olympics (Hitler, Cold War, Today)

    3. How was the Cold War played out on the Olympic Field?

  59. Iran-Contra Scandal

    1. Did it undermine the authority of the U.S. government?

    2. Who was really to blame?

  60. The Reagan Revolution-Explain the shift in voting habits

  61. Was the United States (and/or Ronald Reagan) responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union?

  62. The Gulf War

    1. Compare with Operation Iraqi Freedom (Support on the Home front)

    2. Did it secure economic interests for the U.S.?

  63. NASA

    1. Consider the successes and failures, should it be turned over to the private sector?

    2. Has NASA been a successful government program?

  64. 9/11-How has it impacted the United States socially, politically (militarily) and economically?

  65. The Sit-ins, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Freedom Riders, and the SCLC had a more dramatic impact on the Civil Rights Movement than any other single event or person.

  66. How does fashion reflect the changing role and growing independence of women throughout US history?

  67. Which has had a greater impact on American culture-Rock-n-Roll or Hip-Hop?

  68. What has had a greater impact on the image of women in America-the Seneca Falls Convention, the Women’s Liberation Movement of the late 60’s, or the Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs tennis match of 1973?

  69. How important was John Smith, John Rolfe, or Pocahontas to the success of the Jamestown colony?

  70. How important were women to the success of the Jamestown colony?

  71. Why did white indentured servants disappear from colonial Virginia?

  72. To what extent did free African-Americans exist in the colonies or states prior to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation?

  73. How did American slavery change over time and/or place?

  74. Why did a unique slave culture develop in the South during the plantation generation?

  75. Was William Penn a success or failure as the proprietor of Pennsylvania?

  76. To what extent did slavery play a role in the Northern colonial economies prior to the Revolution?

  77. Why was Benjamin Franklin a late arrival to the revolutionary movement?

  78. To what extent did African-Americans impact the Revolutionary War?

  79. To what extent did women play a role in the Revolutionary War?

  80. Should Valley Forge be remembered in United States history?

  81. Who was the most important Revolutionary War era figure: Sam Adams, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, John Adams or George Washington? Why?

  82. How important was the French alliance to the American victory in its revolution?

  83. To what extent did women play a role in politics in the early American republic?

  84. To what extent was George Washington’s support of the 1787 Constitution important to its adoption and implementation?

  85. Did John Adams deserve to be defeated in his reelection bid for the presidency?

  86. To what extent were Thomas Jefferson’s political beliefs consistent with his political actions as President of the United States?

  87. To what extent can the War of 1812 be considered a second American War for Independence?

  88. Who was the most important early First Lady: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams or Dolly Madison?

  89. Who was the superior Civil War general: U. S. Grant or Robert E. Lee?

  90. To what extent was the Boston Massacre a massacre?

  91. How does terrorism play a role in America’s government today? (domestic or foreign policies; how does it play a role in elections)

  92. What foreign nation is the biggest foreign policy challenge to America today?

  93. How successful was President Bush’s Global War on Terror? Is it a winnable war?

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