Grade 7 New France Project Outline

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Grade 7 New France Project Outline

Now that you have a bit of background information about life in the 1600 – 1700’s in Canada (New France), you will have an opportunity to complete an independent project. You will have plenty of class time, access to the school computers / library for research purposes as well as all of the classroom resources. Outlined below are the required tasks as well as some choices for the remaining task.

Required Tasks – Both Due on or Before Thursday October 31st

  1. Writing Activity – “ Dear Mama / Papa Letter”

It is 1690; you are the son or daughter of Monsieur and Madame Allard. Write a letter to your parents in Normandy, France. In your letter, describe your life working for the seigneur of a segneurie along the St. Lawrence River. Include information about the land, the weather and your chores / responsibilities. Also mention how you would like to improve your life in New France. Your letter should be a least one page long. You will want to think about your penmanship and overall look of the letter.

Success Criteria

  1. Poster – “Come to New France”

Before the arrival of Jean Talon, settlers to New France were almost unheard of. Mainly as a result of an add campaign set up by Talon, young men and women were encouraged to set up new life in New France. Make a poster to encourage more healthy young men and women to settle in New France. Your poster should include; a description of the land, life conditions, benefits and rewards provided by the King.

Success Criteria

Final Task – Choose 1 – Due Monday November 4th

Below are three (3) creative activities. You need to choose one of the tasks below. They are all fairly open ended and you’ll need to conference with Mrs. Wilson to discuss your specific ideas and get a more individualized success criteria.

  1. How Did They Look”

Design a fashion booklet of clothing worn in New France between the years of 1620 and 1770. Be sure to show clothing worn by: Nobility, Peasants, Clergy, Religious figures. Your booklet should be colourful with details about the fabric / materials used, colours and their importance / representation. Shoes, accessories and jewelry should also be addressed.

  1. Diorama

Using a shoe box (approximate size) recreate a scene from the time period we studied. Some ideas for scenes might be: a Seigneury, a trading posts outlet, battle zone. You can use whatever materials you want; plastercine, paper, figurines, etc. Be sure to include labels highlighting any interesting features of your diorama. On the back of your diorama, you should have a short paragraph describing the scene.

  1. Board Game

Create a trivia board game for 2-4 players. You should create a rule page explaining how to play the game along with game pieces appropriate for the time period as well as a set of at least 20 trivia cards. This is a very open ended project. Please run your specific ideas by Mrs. Wilson for further details.

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