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History Fair now offers you topics – some of them are specific, some of them of broad – but in all cases,  we give you only a title and leave it to you to do the work to find out what it is about and what kind of argument you want to make regarding its rights and responsibilities. Often you will have to dig deep to find a good and important story.  Treat most topics as ideas to inspire your own interests.

First, some advice from the NHD office:

  • Question:  Do projects need to address BOTH rights and responsibilities within a single topic?  Based on the sample topics list for this year, it looks to me like some topics just address rights OR responsibilities, not both.

  • Answer:  There is no single interpretation of any of the NHD themes – the goal is to create a lens through which students can analyze their topics.  Realistically, many topics will touch on both rights and responsibilities, but that is NOT a requirement.

  • A student might choose to study the Pure Food and Drug Act, and how it created a government that became responsible for food safety.

  • Most students will find that while their topic may have a primary focus, the other half of the theme begins to creep in as they further their research.  For example, a student studying Alice Paul and the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment might find sources arguing as to whether the government has a legal responsibility to accord certain considerations to women under the law.

  • Here are some essential questions to consider:

    • -What is the struggle between those who have power and those who don’t?

    • -What are we required to give to the community?  What are we entitled to be given?

    • -How do we balance the rights of the individual with the rights of the group?

    • -What responsibilities do we have to protect those who cannot protect themselves?

    • -What are the limits to rights?  Where should the lines be drawn?

  • Question: How do I integrate the theme into my topic/thesis statement?

  • Answer:  It takes initial research to learn more about your topic!

    1. Remind yourself of the theme.

    2. Make a grid of potential topics/right/responsibilities.

    3. Evaluate what specific part(s) of your topic fit well into the theme.

      1. Once you do more research to narrow your topic, write the specific part(s), and make sure that you integrate the theme by:
        Using the theme words
        Explain how the part relates to the theme.

League of Women Voters (Suffrage: What Next?  African American, Running Candidates/Promoting Issues)

Women’s Suffrage in the Immigrant Community

Equal Rights Amendment: Why We Lost?

Cold War Backlash Americans to Protect the Foreign Born

Fair Employment Practices Commission and Irene McCoy Gaines

Air Rights and the Changing Landscape of Downtown Chicago

When Railroads Ruled Chicago

Harold Washington’s Equity Development Planning: Whose at the Table?

Lake County Freedom of Speech Fight: Tropic of Cancer (ACLU, Polikoff)

Alice Peurala – Steely Woman

IIT and the Mecca

Seeking Redress – Japanese Relocation

The Interracial struggle to Integrate the YWCA

George Leighton and the FALN

George Leighton and Restraint of Trade Argument for civil rights

Ida B Wells: solidarity overseas / DePriest /suffrage/lynching

Protective legislation and 8/10 Hour Day for Women

Labor rights and women’s rights – Women’s Trade Union League, Addie Wyatt, Alice Pereula, UAW

Women and Legal Aid Society

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Refugees of Torture, Genocide – look at Chicago communities (Bosnian, Cambodian, Central American)

Post-fire rights of citizens for relief, housing

EEOC – look for specific big cases, its connection to FEPC, Illinois Legislative Black Caucus efforts

Equal Rights Amendment

Vashti McCollum – Separation of State and Religion

Treaty Rights and Wrongs that Built Chicago

Abolitionist Sinkhole of Chicago

Rights of Prisoners

Ellen Gates Starr

Title IX (what’s a cool angle on this…an unusual sport, perhaps?)

Big Table and the free speech fight

Struggle for voting rights

After the 19th amendment

Teachers rights


Chicano student movements – at UIC, NEIU, etc.

Chicago Censorship Film Board

Miners (organizing, fights, cherry hill-safety, asbestos, early warning and worker rights)

World War One – New home, Old home Loyalties

Comstock Act

The Unsung Struggles of Women Mobilized for Change

Labor rights-political rights and the Labor Party

First Presbyterian Church and Abolition

Abortion rights

First State East of the Mississippi

Apartments to Condos Fight in late 70s

Tenant Rights

Lake Meadows/Prairie Shores – Negro Removal or Integration?

Pearl Hart – Fighter for Human Rights

Deportations in 50s –  Refugio Martinez but other cases too (Americans for Immigrant rights)

Afro-American Patrolman’s League

Spanish Coalition for Jobs and the Red Squad

Black Construction Workers (Paul King)

Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters – Milton Webster,

BSCP Ladies Auxiliary – Helene Wilson

Farmworker Solidarity in Chicago: UFW, FLOC

Steel City vs Steal City: Frank and Bea Lumpkin and the Struggle for Justice

Trail of Tears No More – Montrose Village and NAM, Carlos Montezuma

The Pill

Democratic National Convention of 1968

Trial of Chicago 8 or 7

Due Process in a State of Fear: Haymarket Trial, The Sentence, The Pardon

AIDs rights

Disability rights

Latin American Trade Unionists

Women Bartenders Lawsuit

Double V Campaign

Anti-apartheid solidarity campaign in Chicago

Foreigners/Immigrants and the Suffrage Movement

English-only legal battle of c1918

Bilingual education and the Latino Institute

Underground RR

Robert Sengstaacke fight for rights as editor/publisher of Defender

Henry Horner Residents and the United Center

Women Religious, Nuns and the civil rights or anti-Vietnam War movements

Slave or Free State?  Illinois’ Sullied Past

Environmental Justice and Altgeld Gardens

Mary McDowell and Environmental Rights in the Back of the Yards

Everett Dirksen: Civil Rights and Open Housing: “The Time has Come”

Organizing Health Care workers – UC and 1199/AFSCME

Public employee collective bargaining rights

Legislative Black Caucus of Illinois -

Agnes Nestor

Arbitration (clothing workers, stockyards during WW1…

In Times of War: Lincoln and Habeus Corpus, or Chicago Times suppression, or Camp Douglas POW camp

Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Before and After Federal Communications Act – When the Air Waves Stopped Being Free

Pullman-Right to live outside of “Workers Paradise”

Latino / Chicano power movement – Raza on campus

Mothers Pensions: A Communist Plot?

Right to a Childhood

Musicians’ Royalty Rights and Petrillo

Desegregating the Musicians Unions

Charlemae Rollins Takes on the Library Profession

Redlining Neighorhoods: Gale Cincotta vs the Bankers

Chicago 21 Plan and community organizations fight back

Illinois and the permanent voters registration act (30-40s)

Opposition to the Draft during WW1 IWW, Bill Haywood … Vietnam, too

Conscientious objectors during WW2 and Stateville prison

GI Bill

Right to public housing integration.  Woods, Robert Taylor

City council and public housing

Mother Jones Organizing for Her People in Illinois

Right to Eat (find the stories)

Chinese Equal Rights League

Juvenile Protection Association, Zeta Youman and the “Stage Children”

Teaching Democracy, No Matter the Cost – Jane Addams’ Ideas and Actions

Children’s Aid Society

Child Labor 24th amendment- what was learned

Birth control movement before second wave feminism, as it was developed during feminist movement

Immigrants Protective League

Girls in the first juvenile court system-Barthelme and Girls Court

Willis Wagons (over done)

Contract Buyers League: The Scam or the Dream?

Chicago Freedom Movement (over done)

Hyde Amendment, HERS, and the Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance: Equity for Poor Women

Division Street Riot: A Community Draws the Line

Sex Education

Animal Rights

Whose rights for “progress” urban renewal

Fugitive Slave Act in Illinois

Black Codes in Illinois

Food and Drug Safety, The Story Behind the Beveridge Act,

Consumer Rights

Black women and suffrage

Pullman Porters: The Embodiment of Civil and Economic Rights

Ida B Wells Barnett

Reversal of the River – The Clash of Rights

Annexation to Chicago

City vs States Rights – Municipal Charter Reform

Restrictive Covenants

Elijah Lovejoy

ACLU and Nazi March

John W.E. Thomas and the 1875 Civil Rights Act of Illinois


Freedom of Speech Fights in Chicago

My Domain vs the Public Domain: The Development of the Forest Preserve

Robert Abbott and the fight for African American rights

Saul Alinsky – Strategizing for Democracy

Corporate and Workers Rights after Pullman Strike

Fitzpatrick, Nockel and Labor Initiatives

When the AMA Fought Against National Health Care

Florence Kelley


FCC and rights on the air

Irish Chicago and the IRA  (or earlier independencefights)

FALN / Puerto Rican Independence Movement

Office of Price Administration, Civil Defense, Expediter – fed in times of national crisis

Right to public broadcasting (wttw)

Children’s Rights?

No More Ghettos! The Revolutionary Gautreaux Case

Cherry Hill Mine Disaster

Immigration in Chicago after 1965

Yerkes’ Nightmare: Public Transportation

Hoboes, Bum, Tramps:  Migrant Workers in Chicago

No More Closets: Claiming Space from the Trip Bar to Boystown

Gentrification of Lincoln Park

Riding South for Freedom: Chicago and the freedom buses

Haymarket – due process and freedom of speech, pardon

Red Squad and the Alliance Against Political Repression

Bughouse Square

Right of way: interstates and citizens

Shakman Decree

Women in the police department

National Negro labor council

Consumer boycotts

Japanese rights in the middle west

Women’s Trade Union League

Desegregating summer camps

Trumbull Park

War on Poverty Community Services Administration

Claiming Land Rights: Potawatomi, Pokagan in Federal Court

Fred Hampton – Life and Legacy

German American Rights during WW1 –the other alien

Leighton, Mitchell discrimination on the rr

Conservative Vice Lords

Young Lords

Mujeres Latinas en Accion – The Double Struggle

Coverture – What Rights a Woman?

Grace Wilbur Trout, Catherine McCullough and the new directions in winning rights in Illinois

Company Unions in Chicago (Pullman, Packinghouses, Western Electric, etc.)

People Power Revolution and Marcos Dissidents in Chicago

Wagner Act Effect on Organizing in Chicago

Taft Hartley Act – Taking Away Workers Rights: the Case of the Packinghouse Workers

Newsies Fight for their Rights

Women Adrift – Single Women in the City

Right to a Clean Government: Municipal Voters League, Business and Professionals in the Public Interest

Washing the Great Unwashed: RR in Bathing

Don’t Kill Your Baby, Cover when you cough – public health campaigns and rights

Making and Preserving Landmarks – right to maintain the past, whose responsibility (Nickel/Sullivan, others)

AMA and the fight against national healthcare in 1948

Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights: the Chicago Story

Memorial Day Massacre

Altgeld vs Cleveland – The Militia in the Pullman Strike

Black Abolitionists in Chicago

Chicago Review Censorship

Congress of Women at the World’s Fair

Virden Massacre

1877 Railroad Strike

William Dever and Prohibition

Sewell Avery of Montgomery Ward v the U.S.A.

Myra Bradwell

Mary Thompson, Sarah Hackett Stevenson and other Early Female docs, researchers

Nurses Training School at Provident Hospital

Clarence Darrow (Scopes Trail, Labor Activists, L&L-over done but other insanity defenses)

McCormick and the Freedom of the Press Committee

Elizabeth Dilling

Know-Nothings Party

Bishop Hill – Cult or Community

Illinois Women’s Alliance

The People vs Paul Crump: Death Row

John Hassock and the Escaped Slaves

Eugene Debs in Prison

War Manpower Board

Women’s Peace Party

Mildred Mead and Urban Renewal

The Untold Women’s Movement: Rights of Abused Women, Incarcerated Women

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