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Gonzaga Debate Institute 2010

Scholars Terror Talk K

Terror Talk

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Terrorist rhetoric reinforces a binary that pits the good in an endless war against the other

Kellner 7 (Douglas, Chair of Philosophy @ UCLA, Presidential Studies Quarterly. Vol. 37 (4), 2007, pg. 622+) JPG

On the day of the strikes on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the U.S. corporate television networks brought out an array of national security state intellectuals, usually ranging from the right to the far right, to explain the horrific events of September 11. Fox News presented former UN Ambassador and Reagan administration apologist Jeane Kirkpatrick, who rolled out a simplified version of Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations (1996), arguing that we were at war with Islam and should defend the West. (4) Kirkpatrick was the most discredited intellectual of her generation, legitimating Reagan administration alliances with unsavory fascists and terrorists as necessary to beat Soviet totalitarianism. Her propaganda line was premised on a distinction between fascism and Communist totalitarianism which argued that alliances with authoritarian or right-wing terrorist organizations or states were defensible because these regimes were open to reform efforts or historically undermined themselves and disappeared. (5) Soviet totalitarianism, by contrast, should be resolutely opposed, as a Communist regime had never collapsed or been overthrown and communism was an intractable and dangerous foe, which must be fought to the death with any means necessary. Of course, the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, along with its empire, and although Kirkpatrick was totally discredited she was awarded a professorship at Georgetown and continued to circulate her extremist views through Fox TV and other right-wing venues. On the afternoon of September 11, Ariel Sharon, leader of Israel, himself implicated in war crimes in Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon in 1982, came on global television to convey his regret, condolences, and assurance of Israel's support in the war on terrorism. Sharon called for a coalition against terrorist networks, which would mobilize the civilized world against terrorism, posing the Good versus Evil, "humanity" versus "the blood-thirsty," "the free world" against "the forces of darkness," which are trying to destroy "freedom" and our "way of life." (6) The Bush-Cheney administration would take up precisely the same tropes, with President Bush constantly evoking the "evil" of the terrorists, using the word five times in his first statement on the September 11 terror assaults. Bush also declared that the attacks were an "act of war" against the United States, presaging the era of war that was to come. (7) The Fox News network had its anchor Brit Hume ask former Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz whether military action by the United States was justified, and Schultz answered: "Absolutely.... We need to put people on notice that if they harbor terrorists, they are going to get it from us. No place to hide." He then recounted a story from boot camp when a sergeant handed him his rifle and said: "Here. This is your best friend.... And remember, never point this rifle at anybody unless you're willing to pull the trigger." (8) Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House, noted that President Bush just described the attack as an act of war and urged Congress to move immediately toward declaring war against militant Islam. (9) Commenting later in the day, pundit Bill O'Reilly exclaimed, "I think we have to let the chains fall down and let the dogs of war," and his guest Colonel David Hunt enthused: "Bill, you've got to unleash the dogs of war." (10) Such all-out war hysteria, militarism, and extremist rhetoric was the order of the day, and throughout September 11 and its aftermath, ideological warhorses such as William Bennett came out and urged that the United States declare war on "militant Islam," asserting: "We have a moment of moral clarity right now in America.... There is good and evil in the world.... We issued a statement today at Empower America, Jack Kemp and Jeane Kirkpatrick and I, saying that Congress should declare war against militant Islam and that the United States should proceed as if in war, because it is war." (11) While Bennett and his group urged war on Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and other alleged sites of militant Islam, on the Canadian Broadcasting Network, former Reagan administration Deputy Secretary of Defense and military commentator Frank Gaffney suggested that the United States needed to go after the sponsors of these states as well, such as China and Russia, to the astonishment and derision of Canadian commentators. (12) And right-wing talk radio and the Internet buzzed with talk of dropping nuclear bombs on Afghanistan, exterminating all Moslems, and whatever other fantasy popped into their overheated rhetoric. Hence, corporate television and radio in the United States allowed right-wing militarist zealots to vent and circulate the most aggressive, fanatic, and extremist views, creating a consensus around the need for immediate military action and all-out war. The television networks themselves featured logos such as "War on America," "Attack on America," "America under Attack," and circulated discourses that assumed that the United States was at war and that only a military response was appropriate. Few cooler heads appeared on any of the major television networks that repeatedly beat the war drums day after day, without even the relief of commercials for three days straight, driving the country into hysteria and making it certain that there would be a military response and war.
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