Gladiator film analysis and review

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History Through Film Name ____________________
Ms. Lacroix


Provide a brief bio and filmography of filmmaker Ridley Scott. For what achievement did he earn the title “Sir”?

What role did Ben Beemer, Ken Weston, and Scott Millan have in the making of “Gladiator”?

What role did Hans Zimmer have in the making of “Gladiator”?

Although criticized for historical inaccuracies and anachronisms (particularly the life of Commodus), the film was nominated 119 times across a variety of award ceremonies, winning 48 of those nominations, including 5 Oscars. What is your opinion of the film? Be sure to include terms within your critique that indicate a beginning understanding of cinematic criteria such as mis-en-scene, diegetic sound, cinematography, etc.

Give the film your rating, based on a scale of 10 stars.

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