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Autumn Adventures October 19, 2015

Dear School’s Out Camper Families,

Welcome to a fun-filled day at Gorman Heritage Farm's School’s Out Camp! We have planned enriching activities for your child including: animal/farm chores, seasonal crafts, healthy cooking activities, fun group games, an educational nature hike, and more! We hope to share with your child an appreciation and respect for the impact that the natural world has on his/her life and farm life as well as the impact that we have on the natural world.

Just a few reminders:

  • Drop off is at 9:00am and pick up is at 4:00pm for all camps. Please be prompt.

  • Please prepare your child for the weather. We will hike. Hats, gloves, multiple layers (including rain coats or ponchos) are highly recommended. Your child may leave these items in our Sunflower Room if they are not needed.

  • Appropriate footwear such as boots or sturdy tennis shoes are a must (no sandals, Keens, or crocs).

  • Please send a lunch, an afternoon snack, and water bottle with your child. Label all items with your child’s name.

  • We encourage you to pack a completely compostable and/or reusable lunch with your child.

  • If your child will be late or absent from camp or you need to reach your child or the camp staff during the day (in an emergency), please call the farm at (513) 563-6663.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the Gorman Heritage Farm staff. We want everyone to have a safe and memorable experience at the Farm!

We look forward to inspiring your child with curiosity and an appreciation for farming and nature through community building, farm education, and exploration of the outdoors.


Program/IT Manager

Gorman Heritage Farm School’s Out Camps 2015
Camper Registration & Information Form

Camper Name: ___________________________ DOB: _________________ Age: _________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Home Phone:_______________________________Cell:_____________________________

Home Address:______________________________________________________________

Desired Camp (Circle choices) (9:00 – 4:00 each day):

Autumn Adventures

Are you a member? Yes No If not, would you like to become a member today? Yes No

Camp Fees: $45/camp day for members & $55/camp day for non-members
Emergency Contact Information

1. Name: _________________________________ relationship: _______________________

Phone (home) _________________ (work) ____________________ (cell) ______________

2. Name: _________________________________ relationship: _______________________

Phone (home) _________________ (work) ____________________ (cell) ______________

3. Name: _________________________________ relationship: _______________________

Phone (home) _________________ (work) ____________________ (cell) ______________
Medical Information

Doctor name: ______________________________ phone: _______________________

Dentist name: ______________________________ phone: _______________________

Health Insurance Carrier: ________________________ _______________

Date of last Tetanus shot: _____________________________ ________________________

Are your immunizations up to date?________ If not, will they be by the start of camp?______

Current Medications/Allergies/Dietary Restrictions: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Are there any current or past physical, mental, or psychological conditions requiring treatment or medication or special restrictions or considerations that we need to be aware of? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any health considerations we should be aware of that may inhibit your child from any activities? Are there any specific activities you think your child should be exempt from?


Medical Treatment Authorization:

I give permission to Gorman Heritage Farm to provide routine health care or first aid to my child. In the event of emergency, I hereby give permission to Gorman Heritage Farm to transport my child to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

_______________________________________ ___________

Parent or legal guardian date


You may begin signing your child in at 8:50am. Please walk your child into the building, sign them in, and write in who will pick them up in the afternoon. Pickup will be at 4:00 pm. Please be prompt.

Media Release

I hereby grant permission to Gorman Heritage Farm staff to photograph my child engaged in Gorman Heritage Farm programming. It is my understanding that the resulting photographs may be used in Gorman Heritage Farm publicity materials. I understand that I will not receive any form of compensation for such use of photographic images.

__________________________________________ ___________

Legal parent or guardian signature date

Working with Animals

Programs at Gorman Heritage Farm are led by experienced and nationally recruited staff. Gorman Heritage Farm provides extensive staff training including first aid, CPR, holistic group management, child safety, and child abuse awareness and prevention. However, due to the active nature of our programs and by working closely with animals, unavoidable accidents potentially occur. Safe and appropriate behavior will be taught and emphasized during camp.

Please also reinforce the following farm etiquette at home with your camper:

  • Keep hands to yourself until invited by GHF staff or volunteer to greet an animal.

  • Never enter an animal pen unless accompanied by GHF staff or appropriate volunteer.

  • Never feed animals unless a GHF staff member says it is OK.

  • Respect animals by keeping voices low and acting calmly.

A parent or guardian of each child participating in Gorman Heritage Farm School’s Out Camp must agree to and sign the following statement:

The undersigned is aware that there are inherent risks involved when working with animals and participating in hands-on activities. In order to help promote the safest, most enjoyable experience for my child, I agree to discuss, enforce, and model the farm etiquette rules listed above with my camper.

________________________________ ____________

Legal parent or guardian date

Please complete this form and return at least ten days before camp to:

Camp Director

Gorman Heritage Farm

10052 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH

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