Georgia Native American Museum: Help Needed!

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Georgia Native American Museum: Help Needed!

Developed by Deanna Bishop


This Web Quest focuses on students learning about Native American tribes of Georgia. The students will learn about culture and lifestyle of the Georgia Creek and Cherokee.

This Web Quest is based on social studies standards and it integrates language arts standards for second grade students.

The Web Quest supports the following Georgia Performance Standards:

SS2H2. The student will describe the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past in terms of clothing, homes, ways of making a living, and accomplishments. ELA2R4. The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text.

ELA2W1. The student demonstrates competency in the writing process.

ELA2LSV1. The student uses oral and visual strategies to communicate.


Help! Georgia is creating a new Native American Museum for students to visit on field trips. The museum is going to display the lives and culture of the Georgia Creek Native Americans and the Cherokee Native Americans. The display will also feature ways that Georgians’ lives compare to these two tribes’ lives and culture. The museum coordinator is having trouble gathering information and wants students in your class to assist her.

Quest(ions) and the Task

Your task will be to research the lives and culture of either the Georgia Cherokee tribes or Creek tribes. Your group will be finding information to answer the following questions:

What types of tools did the tribe use?

What type of clothing did the Native Americans in your tribe wear?

Where were your tribes’ homes located?

What type of homes did the tribe live in?

How did your tribe make a living?

What were your tribes’ accomplishments?

What are some interesting facts about the tribe?

After your group gathers the information necessary to answer these questions on the internet, you will be comparing your chosen tribe’s culture to your culture. Your job is very important to students all over Georgia because they will be learning about Native Americans through the information you collect. The following chiefs will be needed in you group:

Chief 1 – Your job is to research the tools and clothing used by the tribe.

Chief 2 – Your job is to research the homes of the tribe and how the tribe made a living.

Chief 3 – Your job is to research the accomplishments of the tribe and interesting facts about the tribe.


Your group will have eight steps to complete.

  1. Choose the tribe you want to research. (Georgia Creek or Georgia Cherokee)

  2. Decide on Chief jobs.

  3. Research your tribe using the links below. Complete the research guide.

  4. Using the graphic organizer, compare the tribe’s culture and lifestyle with your culture and lifestyle.

  5. Write a short paragraph on each topic for your group to make a Georgia Native American Book that will be displayed in the museum. Each person will write two pages for the book. Your book can be hand written or typed on Microsoft Word.
    -Chief 1 will write one paragraph (page) about your tribe’s tools and one paragraph (page) about their clothing.
    -Chief 2 will write one paragraph (page) about your tribe’s homes and one paragraph (page) about how your tribe made a living.
    -Chief 3 will write one paragraph (page) about your tribe’s accomplishments and one paragraph (page) about interesting facts.

  6. Your group will add the Venn Diagram comparing your tribe’s culture to present-day Georgia culture in the book.

  7. Your group will need to add a book cover, table of contents, and pictures to each page. The pictures can be from the internet or illustrations.

  8. Be prepared to share your book with your class, the museum coordinator, and other students in Georgia.


Georgia Cherokee Sites (Cherokee writing symbols!)
Georgia Creek Sites (Muscogee) (Watch short videos!)

Georgia Creek and Cherokee Sites

Click here for your research guide.

Click here for your Venn Diagram (download and print from

Click here for your Table of Contents template.


You will be assessed on your paragraphs using a rubric. You will receive two individual grades based on your two paragraphs.
click here to review the criteria on which your individual grade will be based.

The Venn Diagram will be assessed using a separate checklist. All of the group members will receive the same grade for this section.
click here to review the criteria on which will determine your collaborative grade.

The group book will be assessed using a yes/no checklist. Your group will have the opportunity to correct things on the checklist that receive a “no.” All of the group members will receive the same grade for the completed book overall.

click here to review the criteria on which will determine your collaborative grade.


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Native Americans from Georgia. The museum coordinator is very eager to display your projects in the new Georgia Native American Museum. In the future, you may want to research more about Native Americans. Maybe your family is linked to the Georgia Creek or Cherokee! Native Americans are an important part of our Georgia history.

You Are Part Of Me

Lloyd Carl Owle (Cherokee)

You are part of me now
You touched me,
With your kindness and love
So enchanted.
Your soft lips are kind.
Your eyes glow with life.
I'm glad you touched me,
You're part of me now.

(Taken from

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