George Washington’s life, some of his leadership traits, and his involvement in the Revolutionary War altered the United States for many years to come. George Washington was very important

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Chapter II

George Washington’s life, some of his leadership traits, and his involvement in the Revolutionary War altered the United States for many years to come. George Washington was very important. Almost everybody knows about him children, even people who don’t keep up with politics know about him, and even people in other countries know about him.

George Washington’s life describes many interesting things that serve to tell about him. George Washington grew up in Westmoreland County Virginia but knowledge of his childhood was scarce. George Washington was home schooled as a kid until his mid teens, from about seven to the age of fifteen. He studied with a local church sexton. Later he studied with a schoolmaster in practical math, geography, and Latin and English classics. By his early teens he had gotten really good with growing tobacco, stock raising and surveying. One thing most people think is true is the story of when George Washington cut down his father’s beloved cherry tree. When really that was a story a writer made up to make George’s life seem more interesting. Sadly, his father died when he was only eleven. Even though not much was known about George Washington’s childhood it still seems pretty interesting.

His adulthood is known to all, for he was the first president of the United States, and he also served as a leader in the Revolutionary War. During his adulthood he worked on studying English, grammar and spelling. He needed to get better with these subjects. When he was about twenty years old his brother died and his brother’s sister died not long after. That meant George became the owner of one of Virginia’s most prominent estates. It was Mount Vernon. During his life he did farming and treated it as an honorable profession. Out of all the farming land he thought Mount Vernon was the best. At Mount Vernon that land eventually increased by about eight thousand acres. He also was our first president and was a leader in the Revolutionary War. I guess he rally like Mount Vernon because he died December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. George Washington’s adulthood is definitely really interesting.

George Washington had an interesting family, even though he never really had children of his own. George Washington’s wife, Martha had two children, one boy and one girl from her previous marriage. They both loved George Washington though. Unfortunately the daughter died in George’s when she was just a young girl. They thought she died from an epileptic seizer. Martha tried to protect her son from the war but he eventually he went to serve for he father. Unfortunately he died in Yorktown. George Washington loved Mount Vernon and even though Martha had a larger family and a bigger estate she chose to live at Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon was close to a river and people thought that the British would sneak up the river and attack Mount Vernon. In fact one night Martha heard reports that the British were near the area and so she went to a small cabin on their property. George Washington also loved to dance. His hospitality with people strengthened people’s friendships. Some of the people who were good friends would soon become very important politicians.

George Washington’s political life gave us many examples of his good leadership. George Washington was the first officially elected president of the United States of America. George Washington became the first president on April 30th, 1789. He was elected because during the Revolutionary War he won many battles against the Red Coats. He became famous for the wins and that got him many votes. George Washington was born a good president. During his election he got a vote from every member of the Electoral College. He was the only president to be elected by unanimous approval. The Congress offered him a $25,000 salary but he declined. He was already wealthy. He chose some of the most capable people for the other office spots. Like for Secretary of Treasurer he chose Alexander Hamilton and for Secretary of State he chose Thomas Jefferson. George Washington’s presidency was definitely a time that changed the United States for many years to come.

George Washington’s political legacy left us all with memories of his great feats. He did many great accomplishments throughout his life. He served in the Revolutionary War as a leader and was a big part in our victory. Politically, he was mainly known for being the first officially elected president of the United States. He also was the first to sign the Constitution. Even to this day he is still one of our most liked presidents and did so many great things.

George Washington’s policies made things better for everybody. George Washington had two main types of policies; there were Domestic policies which were policies for the United States. There were also Foreign policies which were for other countries. The major Domestic policy was when he increased the power of the United States using the Federal Government and made a court system using the Judicial Act of 1789. When Hamilton put tax on whiskey many riots broke out and a rebellion was formed but George Washington sent out an army of fifteen thousand soldiers and stopped the rebellion. The major Foreign policy was that even though the peace Treaty of Paris was signed it still was unstable. So George worked on giving the United States stability. George Washington sent Thomas Pinckney to talk with Spain so that the United States could send ships up the Mississippi river. They then made a treaty to allow the U.S. to go through the Mississippi river to deliver supplies to New Orleans. Around that time John Jay was sent to reason with the British. He made a treaty called the Jay Treaty that stated the British would leave the United States post, but the U.S. couldn’t trade with the West Indies for sugar or molasses. When the French asked for help in the French Revolution he denied their request because he already was friends with Britain and didn’t want to have any war no matter what for a while. By avoiding all war, he was able to make the United States stronger and more stable. During George Washington’s time in office he made a big difference in the United States and in other countries too.

George Washington’s leadership and traits make him a good person. As a normal person he had many admirable traits. When George Washington aged his opinion changed on slavery. He then freed all his slaves when he died.

As a leader he held the traits of being brave and heroic. He was very brave because he fought in the Revolutionary War even though he knew the risks. His leadership, bravery, and heroism were mainly noticed in the war. For he drove out the British forces and won many battles but stayed strong during loses. He acted as a caring leader too.

George Washington was very honest and would try to be very honest. He did lie like every other person though. Even though the cherry tree was a myth the writer made that story to show he was honest. During the revolutionary War his troops trusted him and even though he sometimes did risky plans. They trusted him because he for took good care of them. That won them over to his side completely.

George Washington was very wise with battle techniques. Washington saw that discipline was a good thing to have so he disciplined his army to fight the British who were great in numbers. One technique was not to win every battle but to win the war. Doing this it tired out the British and his army could land good attacks on them.

George Washington’s involvement in the in the Revolutionary War altered how it the turned out. The actions of some people started the war. The Revolutionary War started from about 1775 and ended in about 1783. It started when the British started taking taxes. One thing the British Government put tax on was tea. The Americans did not like that because they held the Boston Tea Party.

This may sound nice but a group of people boarded a ship with tea and they took it over. They then took all the tea and through it overboard. To make matters worse the British made several harsh laws preventing trade and movement between the colonies.

George Washington’s involvement in some battles changed the outcome. During the battle in Trenton he crossed the icy Delaware River. He went at nighttime to land a surprise attack. If he was not there they might have went when the Hessians were ready. He affected many battles that could have been very bad to lose.

The end of the war brought joy to everyone. The Americans must have been really happy because the war was over and they had won their independence. The British maybe not so happy but later on they become our friends again. The end of the war was a great time for everybody.


George Washington was a good person. He had a great life. He did so many things. He was the first officially elected president. He won because he was famous in the Revolutionary War. He had many good traits. He was brave and heroic. He was also a good leader. He went into the war and knew the risks but fought with everything. He also was very honest. His troupes trusted him because he was honest and cared for them so they were loyal. He also had many good battle strategies. He disciplined his soldiers so they could fight the large British army. He also lost many battles purposely so the British would be tired and he could land good attacks. He also served in the Revolutionary War as a commander in chief. He affected many battles that he was in. Like the battle of Trenton he went at night to send a surprise attack. George Washington was a high achieving person.


George Washington was a great person. He had a good family, he was the first president, and he also had many good traits. There is also so much more about him. He is defiantly an interesting person. He has done so many great achievements. He did many things during his presidency. He also surrounded himself with great people. His family was very nice. He also loved the land he lived on. He was also an honest person. George Washington was a commander in chief in the Revolution War. He made a big difference in it too. George defiantly was a cool guy.

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