General Instructions for Completing the Annual Performance Report

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Section I

New to the 2012–17 grant cycle, Section I is now divided into Parts 1 and 2. The first part covers, as in past years, the project’s identification and characteristics, along with certification and a warning statement. In Part 2, grantees provide information on how they have implemented the competitive preference priorities established for the 2012 grant competition.

Section I, Part 1

Your PR award number will be automatically inserted into line 1 of Part 1. The system will also pre-populate most of the other data fields in Part 1. Please review the pre-populated fields, including the project director’s e-mail address, and update these fields as needed. You may change the data in all fields except for the project’s PR award number, the grantee name, and the report period. Please provide information for any fields that are not pre-populated.

Part 1.B, the Certification, allows the grantee institution to certify that the information submitted electronically is accurate, complete, and readily verifiable to the best of your knowledge. Section I, Part 1 must be signed by both the project director and the certifying representative at the grantee institution and scanned so that it can be uploaded using the functionality on the APR site.
Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or misrepresentation on this report is subject to penalties, which may include fines, imprisonment, or both, under the United States Criminal Code and 20 U.S.C. 1097.
Further, federal funds or other benefits may be withheld under these programs unless this report is completed and filed as required by existing law (20 U.S.C. 1231a) and regulations (34 CFR 75.590 and 75.720).

► Section I, Part 2: Competitive Preference Priorities

The 2012 VUB grant competition established two competitive preference priorities including data-based decision-making and improving productivity. Section I, Part 2, asks projects to indicate whether they addressed the competitive preference priorities and to provide concise information about implementation. Grantees provided the requested information when submitting the 2012–13 APR. This system will pre-populate this information for the 2014–15 APR in a format that cannot be edited. If you wish to provide any updates, please contact your program specialist.

Section II: Record Structure for Participant List:

Rationale for Fields

The Department will use the data that grantees provide in Section II to assess the project’s progress in meeting its objectives and to evaluate the grantee’s prior experience. The data also allows the Department to respond to reporting requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and to assess the VUB program’s performance in light of the performance measures found in the instructions for the 2012 grant competition.

The following fields are new to the APR since the 2007–12 grant cycle and are not connected to PE calculations. These fields were added to respond to specific changes in the HEOA:


High Risk Designations


Academic Need


Served by Another Federal Program Similar to VUB, During Reporting Year


Participant’s Name Change

Additionally, the APR includes a new field to allow the Department to determine progress towards one of the VUB performance measures:


Postsecondary Remediation

Also new to the APR are four fields (#33–36) asking projects to indicate whether participants received services listed in §645.15 of the program regulations that projects may provide to participants. And finally, to respond to the performance measures that involve attainment of postsecondary credentials by varying periods of time, fields #43–48 provide a breakdown of certificates and degrees and their associated dates of accomplishment.



(1) Who should be included on the annual data file?

Please see pages 1–3 of these instructions for information on participants for whom the grantee should provide data. For the Veterans Upward Bound program, a participant is defined as an individual who enrolled in and participated in the educational programs offered by the project during the project year being reported. Be sure to include each participant—whether new, continuing, reentry, or prior-year—only once in the file the project submits for the reporting period.

(2) What are the data fields?

The VUB APR contains 50 data fields of which three are project identifiers. The remaining 47 fields are student data fields and may or may not require updates as noted below.

Project Identifiers (pre-populated)

Field #

Field Name


PR/Award Number


Batch Year


Program Type

IMPORTANT: To avoid mismatches between 2014–15 APR data and the VUB system of records, identifying data for each participant in your APR file (except for new students) must match the data in your 2013–14 APR, even if you have discovered errors or misspellings in last year’s APR. Identifying data includes SSN (Field #4), Last Name (Field #5), First Name (Field #6), and Date of Birth (Field #8). These and other fields that must not change from reporting year to reporting year are shown in the following table.

Field #

Field Name


Social Security Number


Student’s Last Name


Student’s First Name


Student’s Middle Initial


Student’s Date of Birth




At Risk Fields


Date of First Project Service


Educational Status at Date of First Project Service


Employment Status at Date of First Project Service

For certain date fields and for the Postsecondary Education Enrollment Cohort field (#38), a grantee might initially enter “Not applicable,” but in a later reporting period enter a specific date (or cohort code in the case of field #38). The specific data for these fields that has been submitted in one year’s APR must not change in subsequent years’ APRs. These fields are:

Field #

Field Name


Date of Last Project Service (Exceptions Allowed For Reentry Participants)


VUB Educational Program Completion Year


Date of First Postsecondary Enrollment (after leaving VUB)


Postsecondary Education Enrollment Cohort


Date of First Certificate/Diploma


Date of First Associate Degree


Date of First Bachelor’s Degree

Fields that need to be reviewed and updated annually, as needed:

Field #

Field Name


Deceased or Incapacitated


Participant Status


Served By Another Federal Program Similar to VUB, During Reporting Year


Called To Active Duty


Academic Improvement on Standardized Test Objective (Numerator)


Reason for Leaving VUB Program


Source of Postsecondary Education Information


College Status At Beginning of Academic Year


Postsecondary Remediation


Certificate/Diploma Completed


Associate Degree Attained


Bachelor’s Degree Attained


Length of Active Duty


Participant’s Name Change

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