General Instructions for Completing the Annual Performance Report

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5. What years will be used to calculate prior experience points?

The Department will calculate PE points using data submitted in the 2013–14, 2014–15, and 2015–16 APRs.

6. What information must be submitted?

The report consists of two sections, both of which grantees are required to complete:

  • Section I requests project-identifying data and information on the way in which the project has addressed the Competitive Preference Priorities announced for the 2012 grant competition.

  • Section II contains detailed instructions for preparing a data file of information on individual participants.

7. When must the report be filed?

The annual report is normally submitted electronically within 90 days after the end of each 12-month grant (budget) period. The due date for the 2014–15 APR is February 26, 2016.

8. How may the report be submitted?

All VUB grantees must complete the APR online using our contractor’s Web application. The entire report should be submitted via the World Wide Web. After the APR has been successfully submitted, the signatures of the project director and the certifying official for the grantee institution/agency must be obtained on Section I of the printed APR, indicating that the information submitted electronically is accurate, complete, and readily verifiable. Once the form has been signed, it should be scanned so that it can be uploaded using the functionality on the APR site. Only Section I, not the entire report, should be uploaded.
Because the APR requests personal and confidential information on project participants, the secured Web site meets the Department of Education’s data security standards for sensitive data, including improved password and site access procedures. Further, to ensure that the data is accessible only to authorized individuals and protected from unauthorized use, a grantee must submit the participant-level data via the Web application; under no circumstances should a grantee transmit the data to the Department or the APR Help Desk via e-mail.

The Web application that VUB grantees must use to submit the annual performance report will be available at and has the following features:

  • A Web form for completing Sections I and II online.

  • Functionality to upload a file with the individual participant records (Section II) to the Web application using a CSV or XLS file format.

  • Functionality to view, delete, and add participant data online.

  • Online data field validations and error checks. In order for a grantee to be able to submit the APR, all sections of the APR must pass the first level of data field validations. Following the initial submission of the participant data, additional data quality checks will be run. If any errors or data inconsistencies are found, the grantee will be informed of corrections that must be made prior to submitting the APR.

  • A print button to make a hard copy of the information entered online for Section I.

  • Functionality to download an electronic file with the individual participant records (Section II).

  • A submit button to send the entire report to the Department.

  • An e-mail confirmation that the report has been submitted (a valid e-mail address must be provided in Section I).

  • A button to upload a signed copy of Section I only. Do not upload a copy of the entire report.

In a feature new to this grant cycle, the online application will provide on an annual basis a report of PE points awarded once a grantee has successfully submitted an APR for one of the three PE assessments years (2013–14, 2014–15, and 2015–16).

A project will receive confirmation when the report has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, contact the APR Help Desk. If for any reason, and prior to the deadline date, you need to revise your performance report data after it has been submitted, please contact the APR Help Desk.

9. Who may be contacted for additional information concerning the submission of the performance report?

Please contact your program specialist directly if you have questions regarding the performance report requirements. A state listing of program specialists and contact information is available at the Web address provided above.

If you have technical problems accessing the Web site or using the Web application, please contact the APR Help Desk at (703) 846-8248 or via e-mail at


Step 1—Access the Web site. To begin completing this report online, from the Department’s Web page you will need to click on, a Web site hosted by our contractor to support submittal of annual performance reports.
Step 2--Registration. Once at the contractor's Web site (entitled "UB/UBMS/VUB Online, Program Year 2014–15"), you will need to register to receive a user ID and temporary password; you may do so well in advance of actual submittal of reports. So as to allow time to resolve any problems that might occur with registration, we ask you to register as early as possible.
To register, click on "Register Here Each Year"; you will then enter the project director's first and last names and e-mail address and the project's PR award number (found on the Grant Award Notification). You will also be required to select and answer two security questions (to be used in the event that you need to use the “Forgot Password” function). If the project director’s information matches the data that the Department currently has on file, a user ID and temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address on file. If discrepancies exist, you will be directed to a "Registration Failed" page; if necessary, your program specialist and the Help Desk will be sent an e-mail message requesting verification of data on the project. Verification will occur within 24 hours if the program specialist can readily confirm a change in project director or e-mail address; if the program specialist has no prior knowledge of the change, it may take longer. Once the Help Desk has received verification from the program specialist, you will be notified to continue with registration.
Step 3—Set Password. Once you have your user ID and temporary password, you may enter them on the site in the top box of the left side of the page; click "Log in." You will be guided to select a new password, then to log in again.
After three failed attempts to access the Web site, you will be required to reset your password and will need to contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

Step 4—Complete and Submit. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting the report via the World Wide Web.

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