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General and Military Aviation History Library

  1. The Aviation Book Fia O. Caoimh

  2. The Blond Knight of Germany Raymond F. Toliver

  3. Bush Pilots of Alaska Fred Hirschmann

  4. Fire in the Sky Eric M. Bergerud

  5. Warriors Barrett Tillman

  6. Test Flying at Old Wright Field Ken Chilstrom and Penn Leary

  7. Gunther Rall a memoir Jill Amadio

  8. Roscoe Turner: Aviation’s Master Showman Carroll V. Glines

  9. Forgotten Eagle: Wiley Post Bryan and Frances Sterling

  10. Blue Streak: Inside Jet Blue Barbara S. Peterson

  11. Flying Tigers Daniel Ford

  12. 2 X Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach

  13. Stranger to the Ground “

  14. Nothing By Chance “

  15. A Gift of Wings “

  16. A Bridge Across Forever: A Lovestory “

  17. One “

  18. Illusions “

  19. At Dawn We Slept: Story of Pearl Harbor Gordon W. Prange

  20. Darker Shades of Blue: Rogue Pilot Tony Kern

  21. Legends of Flight Bill Yenne

  22. Carrier Air War in Original WWII Color Robert Lawson and Barrett Tillman

  23. Nuts: Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

  24. The Ravens: The men who flew in Laos Christopher Robbins

  25. Glacier Pilot: Story of Bob Reeve Beth Day

  26. Forked Tail Devil: The P-38 Martin Caidin

  27. The Ragged, Rugged Warriors “

  28. Baa Baa Black Sheep Gregory “Pappy” Boyington

  29. JG-26 Top Guns of the Luftwaffe Donald L Caldwell

  30. The Destruction of Dresden David Irving

  31. The Jolly Rogers Tom Blackburn

  32. Kill Devil Hill Harry Combs

  33. To Conquer The Air James Tobin

  34. Waldo: Pioneer Aviator Waldo Dean Waterman

  35. Dauntless Barrett Tillman

  36. Brassey’s Air Combat Reader Walter Boyne and Phillip Handleman

  37. Rolling Thunder Ivan Rendall

  38. Spyplane: U2 History Declassified Norman Polmar

  39. The Year of the Flying Machine 1903 Genevieve Foster

  40. Boyd Robert Coram

  41. Combat Aircraft of WWII Multiple Authors

  42. Cowboys of the Sky Gilles Lhote and Jeff Clyman

  43. Trafficking: Air America Cocaine Ring Berkeley Rice

  44. No Parachute: A Fighter Pilot in WWI Arthur Gould Lee

  45. The First Air War Terry Treadwell and Alan C. Wood

  46. HAP Thomas M. Coffey

  47. Mig Master Barrett Tillman

  48. Spirit of St. Louis Charles A. Lindbergh

  49. Airman’s Odyssey Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  50. Military Aircraft of the World: Concise Guide Chris Chant

  51. Fly Low Fly Fast: Reno Air Races Robert Gandt

  52. First to Fly: North Carolina and Aviation Thomas Parramore

  53. Big Week Glenn Infield

  54. Aces and Aerial Victories: USAF in SE Asia Multiple Authors

  55. The Greatest Flying Stories Ever Told Lamar Underwood

  56. Officers in Flight Suits John Darrell Sherwood

  57. Air Commando One: Heinie Anderholt Warren A. Trest

  58. Press On! Chuck Yeager

  59. Stealth Aircraft Bill Sweetman

  60. Stealth Technology: The Art of Black Magic J. Jones

  61. On the Wings of the Dawn Max Meyers

  62. Bush Pilot Bowman David Bickish

  63. Fate is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann

  64. In The Company of Eagles “

  65. The Air Up There: Quotes of Flight Dave English

  66. Horizons Unlimited Civil Air Patrol Publication

  67. Flight of the Enola Gay SIGNED by Paul W. Tibbets

  68. U.S. Bombers: 1928 to 1980s Lloyd S. Jones

  69. Flying Aces of WWI Gene Gurney

  70. Development and Employment of Fixed-Wing Gunships 1962-1972 Jack S. Ballard

  71. USAF in SE Asia: An Illustrated Account Various Authors

  72. Classic WWII Aircraft Cutaways Bill Gunston

  73. Aircraft of WWII: 600 Full-Color Drawings “

  74. The World’s Military Aircraft: 550 Full-color “

  75. Fox Two Randy Cunningham and Jeff Ethell

  76. The Flying Boats of Bermuda Colin A. Pomeroy

  77. Forever Flying R.A. Bob Hoover

  78. Fighter Combat Robert L. Shaw

  79. Born to Fly Pete Vandersluis

  80. The Ace Factor: Air Combat and SA Mike Spick

  81. The Day I Owned the Sky Signed by Robert L. Scott, Jr.

  82. Cobra in the Sky: SST Edward A. Herron

  83. Free Flight James Fallows

  84. Top Gun George Hall

  85. Israel’s Air Force Samuel M. Katz

  86. US Air Force Museum Air Force Museum Foundation

  87. B-17 in Action Squadron Signal Publications

  88. Airborne: Photographs of Orville and Wilbur Mary Collins

  89. Spyplane David Donald

  90. Into the Teeth of the Tiger Donald S. Lopez

  91. Jane’s World Aircraft Recognition Handbook Derek Wood

  92. Jane’s Aircraft Recognition Guide David Rendall

  93. The Cannibal Queen Stephen Coonts

  94. The Sky Beyond Sir Gordon Taylor

  95. Winning on the Wind George Moffat

  96. Under His Wing: Missionary Aviation Bernie May

  97. Soviet Fighters Doug Richardson

  98. Aircraft: WWI and WWII Jeff Daniels

  99. Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Flight C.R. Roseberry

  100. Aerial Espionage Dick van der Aart

  101. Soaring Eagles: F-15 Jerry Scutts

  102. World’s Great Stealth and Recon Aircraft

  103. Pan Am Clipper Roy Allen

  104. Aircraft of the National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian

  105. Seaplanes of the World Bill Yenne

  106. Vintage Aircraft Nose Art Gary Valant

  107. Thunder in the Heavens : WWII AC Martin Bowman

  108. Pictorial History of Aircraft David Mondey

  109. Aviators Michael J.H. Taylor / Smithsonian

  110. Aircraft David Mondey


  1. Milestones of Aviation Smithsonian

  2. WWII Combat Aircraft Enzo Angelucci and Paolo Matricardi

  3. The Great Book of Modern Warplanes Multiple Authors

  4. Aviation: An Illustrated History Chris Chant and John Batchelor

  5. Ghosts: Vintage Aircraft of WWII Philip Makanna

  6. Wings Intro by Chuck Yeager Photo by Mark Meyer

  7. The Air Force The Air Force Historical Foundation

  8. The Marines Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

  9. U.S. Naval Aviation Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

  10. Encyclopedia of the World’s Aircraft David Mondey

  11. Great Book of Fighter Planes Various

  12. Illustrated History of Fighters Bill Gunston

  13. Gentlemen, You Have a Race John Tegler

  14. Boeing: Planemaker to the World Robert Redding and Bill Yenne

  15. Warplanes of the Luftwaffe David Donald

  16. NASA: Anniversary Edition Robin Kerrod

  17. The World’s Strangest Aircraft Michael Taylor

  18. Brassey’s World Aircraft and Systems Directory Michael J. H. Taylor

Flight and Aviation Maintenance Training

1. Stick and Rudder: Art of Flying Wolfgang Langewiesche

2. The Savvy Flight Instructor Gregory N. Brown

3. Purchasing and Evaluating Airplanes Brian Jacobson

4. Airplane Ownership Ronald J. Wanttaja

5. Introduction to Aviation Insurance and Risk Management

6. Pilot Proficiency Richard Taylor

7. Aircraft Performance “

8. Human Factors “

9. Congested Airspace “

10. Aviation Weather “

11. Aircraft Systems “

12. Flight Instructor Manual Jeppesen Sanderson Training Products

12. TH-67 Operators Supp Army

13. T-37B Pilot’s Abbreviated Fight Crew Checklist

14. Simcom PC-12 Training Pubs

15. Aviation Weather AC00-6A

16. Soaring Flight Manual 2002 Soaring Society of America

17. Private Pilot Manual w Exercises Jeppesen Sanderson

18. Sup. Classnotes for Basic Aerodynamics Norbert Kluga

19. Air Force CRM Student Guide AETC

20. Flight Training Handbook FAA

21. Flight Training Handbook AC61-21A

22. Basic Helicopter Handbook FAA

23. Aviation/Aerospace Fundamentals Sanderson 1972

24. Gleim’s Fundamentals of Instruction FAA Written Exam Test Prep

25. Airplane Flying Handbook FAA H 8083-3

26. Weather For Aircrews AF Handbook 11-203

27. Seaplane, Skiplane and Float/Ski Helo Handbook FAA-H-8083-23

28. Instrument Procedures Handbook FAA-H-8261-1

29. Instrument Flying Handbook AC 61-27C

30. Misc. Training Aids, checklists and Syllabus Various

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