Gender/Class/Intercultural/ Racial Differences & Conflict

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Jay Barrett, Intercultural communication

Gender/Class/Intercultural/ Racial Differences & Conflict

FILM ANALYSIS: (100 possible points) - Cultural differences and conflicts form the basis of many movies. View one of the following movies and write a 3-5 page paper explaining how cultural differences and/or conflicts formed the basis for the plot. Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. The logic and organization as well as quality of writing (grammar and spelling) will be evaluated.

  1. Anne Frank: The Whole Story ( Story of Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied Holland; based on the Dairy of Anne Frank, and MORE)***

  2. Amazing Grace (British politician, William Wilberforce wages a life long struggle against the African slave trade) ***

  3. Any Mother’s Son (A TV movie based on a true story of gay American Service man and his murder in Japan)

  4. A Chef in Love (Cross cultural issues between French man and Russian woman – set during the Russian Revolution)

  5. Annie Hall (Ethnic, religious, class and relationship issues)

  6. Beyond the Gates (Hutu/Tutsi “ethnic cleansing” - based on a true story) ***

  7. Billy Elliot (Class, gender identity and labor issues in a British working class town)

  8. Born into Brothels (Academy Award Winning Documentary): A portrait of several children who live in Calcutta’s red light district, where their mother’s work as prostitutes; issues of class prejudice, gender, social standing, generational issues, etc. ***

  9. Baby Boom (High powered executive “Inherits a baby and has trouble integrating a child into her life)

  10. Bitter Sugar (Class/culture/Cuba)

  11. Boys of Baraka (The): Documentary of a group of boys from Baltimore’s ghetto that are sent to an experimental boarding school 10,000 miles away in rural Kenya, Africa ***

  12. Broke Back Mountain (Gender/Gay Issues)

  13. Crash (A series of “brief encounters” that deals with many of the negative stereotypes encountered in race and cross cultural conflict; a little crude in spots, but effective)*** (VHS tape)

  14. The Color of Fear (Documentary on race)

  15. Clarence Darrow for the Defense (Scopes Trial on Evolution: values/religion/science)

  16. Crying Game (Gender identity issues)

  17. Disclosure (Sexual harassment in reverse)

  18. Do the Right Thing (Racial and ethnic issues in the urban U.S.)

  19. Driving Miss Daisy (Race/Gender/Generational Issues)

  20. East is East (Pakistani/British Generational Issues)

  21. El Norte (Latin American immigrants in the U.S)

  22. El Super (Cuba/U.S.)

  23. Eyes on the Prize (U.S. Interracial conflict)

  24. Facing the Giants (Christian Faith, family, football) ***

  25. Flags of Our Fathers (Depicts the battle of Iwo Jima and the flag raising photo that became an iconic symbol for America, even to this day; has much to say about war and the nature of heroism in American culture; companion film to Letters from Iwo Jima – see below)

  26. Foreign Student (Culture and social norms between a French student and his African American University Professor – set in the 1950’s)

  27. Freedom Writers (Culture and values conflicts) ***

  28. Gandhi (Bio. and History of non-violent movement; Intercultural conflict-British/Indian ***

  29. Girlhood: Documentary follows the lives of two inner-city girls and their struggles (generational issues, crime/consequences, coming of age, etc.) ***

  30. Glory Road (White coach Don Haskins recruits Black basketball players at tinyTexas Western University that go on to face the #1 ranked University of Kentucky for the National Championship in the early 1960’s -based on a true story) ***

  31. Green Card (Immigration and cross cultural love)

  32. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Interracial marriage issues)

  33. The Great Wall (Chinese-American returns to his ancestral home in China)

  34. The Great Debaters (2007): Inspired by real events, The Great Debaters reveals one of the seeds of the Civil Rights Movement in its story of Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington) and his champion 1935 debate club from the all-African-American Wiley College in Texas. Tolson, a Wiley professor, labor organizer, modernist poet, and much else, runs a rigorous debate program at the school, selecting four students as his team in ’35, among them the future founder of the Congress of Racial Equality, James Farmer Jr.

  35. Jim Thorp All-American (Native American: racial/class prejudices in sports)

  36. The Wedding Banquet (Gay Twanese American goes to some lengths to convince his family that he’s straight)

  37. Heaven and Earth

  38. How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (French/Portuguese in Brazil during the 1500’s)

  39. Indochine (French/Vietnamese Triangle)

  40. II Postino (Class/culture)

  41. Hotel Rwanda (Hutu and Tutsi Conflict – mass genocide – Based on a true story; powerful movie dealing with cultural hatred)***

  42. Journey to Hope (Kurdish family/Switzerland)

  43. Kite Runner (The): Afghanistan - class and racial prejudices; cultural clashes, etc. (Based on a Best-selling novel; powerful movie) ***

  44. Kolya (Czechoslovakian Revolution setting; generational issues/class/culture)

  45. La Cage Aux Folles (Gay issues)

  46. La Vita e Belia (Jewish-Italian family in a Nazi concentration camp)

  47. Lawn Dogs (Social class)

  48. Letters from Iwo Jima (Film covers the battle of Iwo Jima from the tunnel-and cave-dwelling perspective of the Japanese; unforgettable indictment of war; film is in Japanese with English subtitles; companion film to Flags of Our Fathers – see above)

  49. Life is Beautiful (An Italian Jew and his family are taken to a concentration camp from Nazi occupied Italy; In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank. Funny in spots, but bitter sweet).

  50. Leningrad Cowboys (Cross culture; Finnish polka band dealing with American life – comedy)

  51. Martin Luther King: A documentary covering the civil rights struggles in the United States in the early 1960’s; film includes excerpts from several of Dr. King’s speeches including the complete “I Have a Dream Speech” regarded by most Communication instructors (including me!) as the greatest speech of the 20th Century ***

  52. Millargo Bean Field War (Intercultural Issues between Hispanics and Anglos; water dispute)

  53. Moscow on the Hudson (Cross Cultural Issues - comedy)

  54. Motherland Afghanistan: a documentary portrait of dedication and fortitude in some of the most harsh and unforgiving physical, political and cultural terrain on Earth. ***

  55. Mr. and Mrs. Loving(Interracial marriage – based on a true story that impacted all interracial marriages after 1967)***

  56. Namesake (Indian Inter-generational/Intercultural Issues) ***

  57. Mississippi Masala (Indian/African and Indian/Afro-American issues)

  58. Mr. Johnson (Culture clash between Africans and British colonial powers)

  59. Mr. Baseball (American League baseball player goes to Japan; comedy)

  60. My Beautiful Laundrette (Pakistani/British issues)

  61. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Cross cultural/generational issues in a Greek family’s life, good comedy with real intercultural issues)

  62. My Cousin Vinny

  63. Mr. Holland’s Opus (General issues/special needs issues - deaf son of a music teacher)*** (VHS tape)

  64. My Son the Fanatic (Pakistani/British/religious and generational issues)

  65. Not Without My Daughter (American wife and Iranian husband – true story); explores cultural differences and expectations

  66. Outsourced: An American’s job has been “outsourced” and he must travel to India to train his replacement; romantic comedy with a lot of intercultural cultural insight ***

  67. Philadelphia (Gay rights/AIDS issues)

  68. Red in the Face (Documentary about white supremacy groups)

  69. Salt of the Earth (Strike in Mexico)

  70. Sammie and Rosie Get Laid (Pakistani/British issues)

  71. Save the Last Dance for Me (Inter-racial couples issues)

  72. Schindler's List (Holocaust issues)

  73. Shogun (Cultural differences between Japan and the West) ***

  74. Sophie’s Choice (Jewish holocaust survivor in the U.S.)

  75. Smoke Signals (Native American cultural issues)

  76. Joy Luck Club (Cultural/Gender and Generational issues)***

  77. The Hiding Place (Story of Corrie ten Boom: Underground resistance and imprisonment in concentration camp- Based on true story)

  78. The Jackie Robinson story (First African-American in the Major League)

  79. The House on Chelouche Street (Teenaged immigrant to Israel during the British occupation in 1948)

  80. The Searchers (Native American/Intercultural/Interracial)

  81. The Killing Fields (Cambodian conflict – a true story)

  82. The Light in the Forest (Native American/Intercultural Issues) *** (VHS Tape)

  83. The Last Samurai (Race/class conflict/cultural conflict) ***

  84. The Mambo Kings (Cuban brothers immigrate to the U.S.)

  85. Twelve Angry Men (Race/class/generational issues) ***

  86. Tootsie (Gender issues)

  87. Wedding in Galilee (Palestinian society in context of the Middle East Conflict)

  88. Wedding Party (Gay issues)

  89. Wild Reeds (Intercultural conflict – Algeria/France)

  90. Witness (Amish/wider community issues and murder mystery)

  91. Stand and Deliver (Inspirational math teacher in Hispanic school)

  92. Dead Poets Society (Inspirational English teacher)

  93. Music from the Heart (Inspirational music teacher in Harlem)

  94. To Kill a Mockingbird (Courtroom drama - rape/racism)

  95. Gandhi (Biography and history of non-violent movement in South Africa and India)***

  96. Heart of the Dragon (Chinese mediation documentary)

  97. King (Biography of Martin Luther King and the U.S. civil rights movement) ***

  98. Eyes on the Prize: From Montgomery to Memphis (Documentary on the U.S. civil rights movement)

  99. West Side Story (Romeo and Juliet – New York; Class identification issues)

  100. Zoot Suit (Filmed “Stage play” with James Edward Olmos: deals with the “Zoot Suite Riots” in Los Angeles between Latinos and service men in the 1940’s)

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