Gcse history (ocr schools History Project) Topics covered in each exam

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GCSE History (OCR Schools History Project)

Topics covered in each exam:

Paper 1

Crime and Punishment and Elizabethan England

Paper 2:

Source investigation

Crime and Punishment through time (500BC-2015AD)

You need to understand the concept of change and continuity for:

  • Crimes

  • Punishments

  • Policing & prevention

  • Courts & trials

For each of the following eras:

  • Roman Empire (500BC – 410AD)

  • Anglo-Saxon (Early Middle Ages: 410-1066)

  • Norman Conquest (1066-1100)

  • Later Middle Ages (1100-1500)

  • Early Modern (1500-1750)

  • Industrial era (1750-1900)

  • Modern era (1900-2015)

Protest and Reaction in Britain: 1800-1914
You need to understand why this era was one of protest and reaction.
Then you need to revise the:

  • Dates

  • Causes

  • Methods of protest

  • Reaction of authorities

  • Consequences (outcomes)

of the following protests:

This is a source investigation so make sure you are familiar with the types of source questions you will need to answer and understand:

Elizabethan England
The key enquiry question is “How successful was Elizabeth I as a ruler?” and you must revise the following topics:

  • Was Elizabeth likely to be a successful ruler (what problems did she face when she became queen?)

  • Did Elizabeth keep complete control of her government?

  • Did Elizabeth protect her people from poverty and crime?

  • Was Elizabethan England a cultural “Golden Age”? (theatre and Shakespeare)

  • Did Elizabethan England become a great power? (voyages of discovery, Francis Drake, Spanish Armada)

  • Were Elizabeth’s final years a ‘golden sunset’? (Were they a success or not?)

Revision Ideas

  • Revision guides are available from your teacher.

  • Exam Questions are available from your teacher.

  • Create a timeline for each topic.

  • Create flash cards of key words and definitions.

  • Create mind maps/ revision cards.

  • Practice exam technique using past papers. Make sure you know how to answer different types of exam question. You can ask your teacher for extra questions.

BBC Bitesize: Crime and Punishment through time


BBC Bitesize: Elizabeth I


Some relevant videos can be found at: http://www.timelines.tv/

National Archives


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