GC245 History of Graphic Design Syllabus

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GC245 History of Graphic Design

This is the proposed syllabus. It is expected that changes will occur. If you miss a lecture, it is your responsibility to secure lecture notes from another student. My lecture notes will be posted on the web each week; after the lecture, you may download my notes if you wish.
Week 1. Introduction and Definition

Defining graphic design as a visual practice. The practices of printing, commercial art, advertising design, and the development of graphic design.

The emergence of graphic design as a profession. Responsibility, culture, ethics, and the creation of the history of graphic design.

Historic precusors and their importance to the history of graphic design. Low art and high art: the contribution of the low. History of printing. History of typography. History of the book. History of illustration. History of art.

Week 2. From Graphic Art to Graphic Design. 1800 to 1914.

The Industrial Revolution.

Typography for an Industrial Age. Victorian typefaces and design.

The Invention of Photography.

The Contribution of the Everyday Printer

vs. The Hero and Graphic Design History.

Popular Graphics. Lithography.

The Arts and Crafts Movement. William Morris. The Private Press.

Art Nouveau throughout the World.
Week 3. The Emergence of Modernism

The Glasgow School. MacDonald Sisters.

Vienna Secession.

Peter Behrens.

Modern Art and Its Impact upon Design.

Pictorial Modernism. Plakatstil. Lucian Bernhard.

Week 4. The Impact of World War

The Poster Goes to War.

Italy and Futurism.

Dada in Paris, Berlin, Zurich, and New York.

Merz and the Negation of Image.

Surrealism in Design.

Weeks 5 and 6. Designing A Century

A New Language of Form.

Russian Suprematism and Constructivism. El Lissitzky.

De Stijl. Theo van Doesburg. Vilmos Huszar. Piet Zwart.

The Bauhaus. Weimar vs Dessau.

Walter Gropius. Moholy-Nagy. Herbert Bayer.

Jan Tschichold. The New Typography.
Week 7. The Emergence of Modernism in America

The Emigre Designers.

A New Paradigm: Magazine Design.

The New Bauhaus.

The Impact of the Depression.

WPA. Vera Bock.

The War Years. The Poster Re-Emerges.
Weeks 8 and 9. The International Typographic Style

Design as a philosophy for a global village.

The New Classics: Sans Serifs and Hermann Zapf.

Basel. Emil Ruder. Armin Hofmann.

Ulm. The conscience of graphic design.

The New Objectivism.

Week 10. Objectivism in the Corporation.

Corporate Identity. Massimo Vignelli. Unimark.

Signage systems.

The Olympics.

The Potential: International Communication.

Design Utopia.

Week 11. The New York School.

Design As Corporate Image. Paul Rand.

Alvin Lustig. Brad Thompson. Saul Bass.

George Lois and CBS.

Design as Advertising.

Forget global communication! Have a hot dog.

Herb Lubalin. Design and humor.
Week 12. The Prematurely Announced Death of Objectivism.

Psychedelia. Victor Moscoso. Wes Wilson.

Conceptual Design. Milton Glaser. Seymour Chwast.

Visual Poetry. Typographic expressionism.

The New Wave. April Greiman.

American Post-Modern. Humor and Punk. Techno. Color-Field Design.

European Post-Modern.

British Punk. Graphic Design as Anarchy. Degredation.

Graphic Design as Violence.
Week 13. Response to A Proposed Failure

The New Nationalism. Japanese Design. Korean Design.

Design in the UK. Design in the Netherlands. Milan. Australia.

Polish conceptualism. Grapus. The World Poster.

Corporate Objectivism: Pentagram, Vignelli, Unimark

Week 14. The Digital Revolution.

A New Practice.

Desktop Publishing.

Resolution and Revolution. Emigre. David Carson.

The New Classicism.

Response. Minimalism. Sumner Stone. Clement Mok. Neo-modernism.
Week 15. Contributions from the Margin.

Design As a Cultural Phenomenon.

Design Beyond the Male.

Design Below the Equator.

The Purpose of Graphic Design.

Demonstrating A Need for Graphic Design.

Feminist Design. Politics and Design. Design Ethics.

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