Gandhi, Thoreau, and Martin Luther King walk into a restaurant…

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Gandhi, Thoreau, and Martin Luther King walk into a….restaurant…
Create a skit describe the conversation that would take place between Martin Luther King, Thoreau, and Gandhi if they were to meet. The discussion could cover any number of topics including the current war, our current political leaders, advances and challenges in education, politics, the media, technology, the Occupy Movements, or sports lockouts.
You need a script that includes at least 8 comments from Gandhi, 8 comments from Thoreau, 8 comments from Martin Luther King Jr. The comments should reflect their beliefs in peaceful resistance, noncooperation, and less government. You must also include 1 paradox.

Gandhi: Hey Martin, I am sorry you got arrested again.

MLK Jr.: Thanks Gandhi, but it’s no big deal. They keep trying to make me follow these laws that I do not support. I will just keep breaking them.

Gandhi I hear ya, you would think they would realize that laws are only useful if they help people, not hurt them. The people who make the laws should listen to the people the laws influence.

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