From versailles to pearl harbor fascism in Italy

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Fascism in Italy

  • Like most nations in the world      , Italians were      

  • This led to the formation of a national       Party…But       was on the rise.

  • Benito Mussolini

    • Turmoil in Italy after WWI

    • People denounce      , Mussolini was Italian Nationalist who wanted to unite Italy like ancient      

    • Rule by the       is invoked, individual rights taken away, & the free market was destroyed.

    • Creates the “     ” and march on Rome

  • Mussolini is “     ” as a high ranking official by      

Mussolini in Power

  • Vows to create an       that will rule the world again!!

  • Promised revenge for 1896 military defeat by      

    • increased the       plans of world dominance

    • Plans to invade      

  • Creates      

    • This modernized and improved the Italian economy

    • Created jobs in the military sector (Violation of      )

  • Sets the example of “     ” that Hitler and Stalin will follow later on.

Spanish Civil War

  • Nationalists and       fight against the Republicans (or individuals)

  • Failure of the League of Nations

    • Does not bring       between two sides

    •       Axis formed; US stayed      

    • Italy / Germany side with       and the      

    • Win decisively...Was also a chance for the Italians and Germans to use new       and       in an actual battles

Militarism in Japan

  • Japan had always been looked at as a “     ”, weak, and considered 2nd rate power

  • Leaders want to change this…

    •       &       become core to Japanese Government

    • Crowded and out of resources, Japan invades neighboring       (North China) and eventually works down the       of the country

    •       was determined to show the       that they were to be a power to be reckoned with.

  • US denounces the invasion, keeps supporting China, but does nothing militarily to stop it; ISO!

  • The US was afraid to use too much of an       or       as they felt this might cause anti-American sentiment among the Japanese.

Treaty of Versailles

  • At the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles was signed. It…

    • Assigned       of WW I to      

    • Made Germany pay $      in war reparations

      • Why would this cause an economic crisis?

The German People Suffer Miserably……

  • $1 = 1       marks

  • Stories of wheel barrows full of marks to buy a single      

  • People would       to keep warm…

  •       runs high throughout land…

  • Who do we blame?

Weimar Government!!!

  • Weimar government was blamed for “     ” Germany by signing T.O.V.

  • Weimar…

    •      ,      , and      

  • After WW I

    • US goes back to policy of      

    • US insisted on       repayment

  • Payback?!


    • US loans Germany $, who pays allies, who pays US

Rise of Adolf Hitler

    • Decides that his denial of       was due to the fact that some of the board members were      

    • Enters       during World War I

    • is temporarily blinded by gas attack

Rise of Adolf Hitler

  • During his hospital stay…

    • Germany signs the      

    • He is devastated and feels sold out by       and       leaders of the new      

  • This only flames his       and       views

    • He moves to      …

    • He joins a nationalist movement known as the      

      • A small group whom Hitler identified with, he rises quickly in the party because of his       ability

  • Tries to topple the Weimar Republic

First Attempt at Power

After being turned in…

    • He is sent to      

    • While there, he writes “     ”

    • This book outlines his ideals and dreams for his future Germany

    •       supremacy, Anti-      and Lebensraum in the Soviet Union

    • He promises       help to the German people

    • After leaving prison, his book becomes best seller

    • The people love      …He is the       they are looking for

Hitler Becomes Chancellor

Paul Harvey trivia moment…

  • And does so      !!!

  • At the behest of Paul von Hindenburg, the      , Hitler is appointed as       of Germany

    • Immediately he       basic constitutional rights of all       and      

    • Begins to increase political power of      

    • Calls himself “     ” or “     ”

      • people must take an       to their leader and to the      

Anti-Semitic Policies of NAZIs

Nuremberg Laws

    • Deprived       of citizenship


    •       them from government jobs, teaching jobs, and any public services

    • Couldn’t practice       or      

    • Creates a group called the       (also called the       or [StormTroopers]) to enforce these laws)


  •       and       groups armed with weapons, guns, and torches begin burning synagogues, and destroying Jewish owned businesses and houses

  • Of course, this was “ok’d” , encouraged, and planned by the      

Treaty of…….Appeasement?

  • Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini, and Stalin       the Treaty of Versailles…

    • begin building      , occupying territory and creating colonies

    • Hitler occupies       and parts of      

    • He wants       (Czech)

    • Munich Pact

    •       states that we can have “     ” by allowing Hitler to have what he wants

    • You can have      , but THAT IS IT!!”

    • P.S. the leaders and people of       are not invited

US Reaction to Munich Pact?


    • US has       in Europe

    • Europe’s affairs were       of our concern

  • Was this good or bad? Explain.

  • What about today?

    • The US has troops on 6 of 7 continents…

    • 80% of our military is OUTSIDE America…

    • At any one time, over ½ of Naval vessels are patrolling FOREIGN waters…

    • Good or bad? Explain.


  • Through all the world had seen, FDR said that our business is America…

  • We are to be concerned about our neighbors to the south…


    • We aide      

    • We intervene when our      

    • We do as we see fit to ensure domestic tranquility

Invasion of Czechoslovakia

  • After Munich, Hitler believed that       were too weak to stop him

  • Fearing that Hitler will not stop after Czech, France and Britain “     ” a line in the sand

    • They promise to help if he goes beyond Czech

    • If       is next they will      

    •       (or Non-Aggression Pact)

      • Between       and      

      • Peace is sworn ……both agree to divide up parts of Poland       a Nazi invasion

  • US?      

WWII Begins

  •       NAZI Germany invades Poland

    • France and Britain declare war on Germany

    • Allies:      

    • Axis:       (USSR)

  • US response:

    •       (America 1st)=none of our business

    •      : US made arms to FR and BR, they transported

  • American Public?

    • Divided,

    • Isolationism / War? Arguments for both sides.

US Supports Britain

  • After      , Britain is alone as France has been invaded and taken over by the Germans

  •       and      

    • Agree to the      

    • US Response:      

      • equipment to sides vital to the      

  • Germany sinks       &      

  • US       is tested…

  • Now that US lives have been taken, do we get involved in the war?

  •       which forbade       to militarily aggressive nations and no financial loans to these nations

  •      : Roosevelt asked us not to provide help to aggressor nations Italy Germany Japan...

Pearl Harbor

    • Japanese Imperialism is raging throughout      

    • Japanese and Americans meet to make peace, but plans for       already made by Japanese

Why Pearl Harbor?

  • It was home to      

  • The Japanese needed a “     ” blow to get US out of war quickly

    • Japanese knew they could not win a       with US because of our       and unlimited      

Why Pearl Harbor?

Japanese Expansion in the Pacific

A.       Efforts Fail

1. As Japan was preparing to attack the US, a “     ” Mission was underway in Washington, DC to try to get the US to lift the freeze;      

2. As these efforts were futile, the Japanese Empire pursued their      

3. By      , the US had broken the      ; they knew about the attack

a. Problem: the US knew the attack was coming, but      

b. Naval Authorities predicted the Aleutian Is / Philippine Is


1. The Japanese leave toward Hawaii at 6:00AM (Nov 25, 10:30AM Hawaii Time)

a.      , Auxiliary Craft, and      

b. The US has “     ”up naval bases at the Phil & Aleutian Is, but

thought that       was too far


1. (1:30 AM / 6:00 AM Hawaii time) A fleet of airplanes launched from Japanese


a.       Torpedo Bombers /       High Level Bombers /       Dive


b. The planes targeted the       at Pearl Harbor (Ford Island)

c. The US had no idea that in 1hr their fleet would be      

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy….

A. Sunday,      

1. (Dec 8, Tokyo Time) The Naval station at Ford Island is bombed.

2. The sailors were caught so off guard, they thought it was the      practicing

3. Not until the first carrier exploded, did the “     ” know something was wrong

4. Since it was a      , most men were off / asleep in their barracks


1. Mightiest battleship in US Navy ; It carried      

2. On Dec 7, every man on the ship was       the only survivors were off the ship

3. A       was dropped, slammed through the deck, and caused the powder room to explode. The ship immediately      

C. The Aftermath

1.       servicemen killed;       civilians

2. Over       ships,       un-sailable /       badly damaged

3. The Pacific fleet was almost completely destroyed…all but the fleet of Aircraft

Carriers on patrol in the Northern Pacific


a. President Roosevelt asks Congress for a      

b. Within the hour,      


a.       declare war on the US

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