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Friday, March 6
2:00–8:00 PM


Book Exhibits
2:30–3:00 PM

Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion (SECSOR) Executive Board

Randall Bailey, Interdenominational Theological Center, presiding
3:00–3:30 PM

SBL/SE Executive Board

David G. Garber, Mercer University, presiding
3:30–4:00 PM

AAR/SE Executive Board

Darla Y. Schumm, Hollins University, presiding
4:00–5:00 PM

Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion (SECSOR) Board

Randall Bailey, Interdenominational Theological Center, presiding
5:00–5:30 PM

AAR/SBL/ASOR (SECSOR) Joint Business Meeting

All members of the societies are invited

Randall Bailey, Interdenominational Theological Center, presiding

Friday Evening, March 6
6:00–8:00 PM SESSION I
AAR: History of Christianity I

Theme: Bourdieu and Boundaries

XX, presiding
Jacob Lollar, Florida State University

Eyes That Do Not See and Ears that Do Not Hear: The Syriac History of Philip, Pierre

Bourdieu’s “Field,” and the Struggle over Biblical Interpretation
David G. Hunter, University of Kentucky

Pierre Bourdieu and the Origins of Priestly Celibacy
Douglas H. Brown Clark, Vanderbilt University

Boundaries of the Human: Disability, Race, Evangelicalism, and the Death Penalty in the Post–Civil Rights South
AAR: Women, Gender, & Religion I

Theme: Reading against the Grain: Sexual Scripts in Sacred Texts

XX, presiding
Sarah Porter, Independent Scholar

Bound in Affection: The Confusions of Piety and Eroticism in Mary of Bethany and Thecla of Iconium

Mark A. Wirtz, McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University

Strength, Virility, and Neglect in the Jacob-Rachel-Leah Narrative in Genesis 29-30: A Study of Masculinity in the Presence of Women

Joseph Perdue, Union Presbyterian Seminary

A Mother’s Love: An Examination of Irony, Compassion, and YHWH’s Maternal Nature in the Book of Jonah

Debra Carter Williams, Wesleyan College

La Muchacha: Reading the Book of Ruth as an Account of Commodification and Objectification within the Guatemalan Context

AAR: Ethics, Religion & Society I, Philosophy of Religion I, and Islam I (Joint Session)

Theme: Islam and the Theory and Practice of Interreligious Dialogue

Nathan Eric Dickman, Young Harris College, presiding
Ross Moret, Florida State University

Contextualizing Interreligious Dialogue
Joseph Lenow, University of Virginia

The Greco-Arabic Translation Movement and the Material Conditions of Comparative Philosophy of Religion
Ben Hardman, University of Southern Mississippi

Wujûd and the Closed Official Corpus: Apophasis as Starting Point for Dialogue in the thought of Ibn Arabi and Mohammed Arkoun
Anthony Mansueto, University of the District of Columbia

Theology as Intercultural Engagement: Theory and Practice in Interreligious Dialogue
AAR: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion I

Theme: Method and Theory in the Study of Religion

Laura Ammon, Appalachian State University, Presiding
Jennifer Singletary, Independent Scholar

Defining the Problem: Ancient Religions, Ancient Gods, and Modern Scholars
Thomas J. Carrico, Jr., Florida State University

Theorizing Comparative Religious Ethics: A Proposal

Joshua Lupo, Florida State University

Revising the Materialist Approach: A Phenomenological Account of Human Agency

Adam T. Miller, University of Chicago Divinity School

On Whose Terms? Bruce Lincoln’s theory of ancient and post-ancient religions and the case of Mahāyāna Buddhism

AAR: Religions of Asia I

Theme: Modes of Transformation in Buddhism and Hinduism

Warner Belanger, Georgia College & State University, presiding

Michelle J. Sorensen, Western Carolina University On Vigorous Effort and Generosity at Svayambhunath, Nepal
Rachel Pang, Davidson College

Shabkar’s Songs and the Non-Sectarianism “Movement”
Jodi Shaw, University of Florida

Bharatanatyam: Devotion and Culture Become Muscle Memory
Kendall Marchman, Young Harris College

Huaigan and the Growth of Pure Land Buddhism during the Tang Era (618-907 CE)
ASOR: Archaeology and the Ancient World I

Theme: Excavation Reports

Tom McCollough, Centre College, presiding

Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville

Recent Discoveries at Jezreel: Results of the 2013–14 Excavation Seasons
Ralph Hawkins, Averett University

Field B at Khirbat ‘Ataruz: Questions and Goals for the 2015 Season
Kirby Trovillo, University of Tennessee, and Erin Darby, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Daily Lifeways along the Roman Frontier: Evidence for Domestic Activities in the Late Roman Fort at ‘Ayn Gharandal, Jordan
Byron R. McCane, Wofford College

Excavations at Horvat Kur, Galilee: 2010–2013
SBL: New Testament I

Theme: The Kingdom of God

Annie Tinsley, Shaw University, presiding
Jennifer Alexander, Vanderbilt University

Matthew’s Eunuchs in utero: Engendered by Design
Jesse Coyne, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Paul and the Root of Jesse: Romans 15 and Isaiah’s Messianic Kingdom
Felipe E Oliveira, University of Tennessee

Latinos, the New ξένοι: Immigration Theology in Ephesians 2:12
Kathy Barrett Dawson, Independent Scholar

Demon Possession, a Canaanite Woman, and the Kingdom of God
Mark Proctor, Lee University

Who is My Neighbor” – Recontextualizing Luke’s Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

SBL: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament I

Theme: Open Session

Phillip Sherman, Maryville College, presiding
Edmon Gallagher, Heritage Christian University

The Nature of the Major Expansions in the Samaritan Pentateuch
Tyler Kelley, University of Georgia

Were the Shilonite Priests Mushite? A Critique of Cross’s Priestly Houses of Israel
Jason Bembry, Emmanuel Christian Seminary

The Rashomon Lens and the Levite’s Concubine in Judges 19: The Viewpoints of LXX A, B, Josephus and MT
P. Scott Henson, Asbury Theological Seminary

Moving Beyond Deuteronomy 18 and 34: The Prophetic Characterization of Moses throughout Deuteronomy
AAR: Undergraduate Student Research I

Theme: Religion and Cultural Contexts

Lynn Huber, Elon University, presiding
Sarah Seton-Todd, Agnes Scott College

Seeds of Goodwill and Barren Plants: The White Savior Complex in The Poisonwood Bible
Elizabeth Bargamian, Elon University

Call and Response, Ambiguous Language, and Sampling: Usage and Function in Spirituals and Rap Music
Daniela Sostaita, Elon University

Transcending the Hyphen: The Growth of Latino Protestantism in the U.S.
Vittoria Lion, University of Toronto

Between “Redemptive Hegemony” and “Business as Usual”: The Ritual of Protest at a Slaughterhouse

AAR/SBL: Bible and Modern Culture I


Theme: The Language of Literature and the Language of God

Brian Mooney, Johnson & Wales University, presiding
Gary A. Herion, Hartwick College

Bible Literacy, Public Discourse, and the Challenge to the Liberal Arts
Aubrey Buster, Emory University

Resolving Violence in the Psalms through Music: Bernstein and the Chichester Psalms
Daniel Shin, Interdenominational Theological Center

If I Had a Hammer”: The Imperative of Poetic Imagination in Hans Frei’s Theological Hermeneutics

Todd M. Brenneman, Faulkner University

Making the Bible Real in Our Lives: Max Lucado and Personality-Driven Hermeneutics
Business Meeting
8:15–9:30 PM

AAR/SBL Plenary Session

Sandra Hack Polaski, SECSOR Executive Director, presiding
Announcement of Student Awards

Presidential Addresses


David A. Garber, McAfee School of Theology

The Sins of Your Sister Sodom: Social Justice and the Book of Ezekiel

Darla Y. Schumm, Hollins University

Why Does Disability Studies Belong in Religious Studies?

9:30–11:00 PM

Conference Reception


7:30–8:45 AM

Women’s Caucus Religious Studies Breakfast

8:00 AM–6:00 PM


Book Exhibits
9:00–10:45 AM SESSION II
AAR: Ethics, Religion and Society II

Theme: Spiritual Practices, Health Care, and Disability

Sally Holt, Belmont University, presiding
Leif C. Tornquist, UNC-Chapel Hill

Narrating Religion and Health in North America: A Bio-political Approach
Melissa Reginelli, Vanderbilt University

Memory, Narrative, and Solidarity: Integrating the Works of Johann Baptist Metz and Healthcare Rituals
Ashlyn W. Stozier, Claremont Graduate University

Moral Dilemmas of Female Clergy: Artificial Insemination or IVF
Mike Stoltzfus, Valdosta State University

Spiritual Practices and Coping with the Lived Reality of Chronic Illness Experience

Business Meeting

AAR: Philosophy of Religion II

Theme: Bridging Analytic and Continental Philosophy of Religion for Religious Studies

Nathan Eric Dickman, Young Harris College, presiding
Bradley Onishi, Rhodes College

Only the Beginning of Philosophy of Religion: Philosophy, Religion, and the Sacrality of the Secular
Alyssa Lowery, Vanderbilt University

Re-Spired by a Common Critique: Philosophy of Religion and the Recognition of Religious Diversity
Caley Howland and J. Aaron Simmons, Furman University

Thinking with Humility, Living with Confidence:

Engaging Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

Paul Gleason, University of Virginia

Two Confessional Philosophers: Stanley Cavell and Jacques Derrida
AAR: Judaism I

Theme: Judaism in the Second Temple Period

Samuel J. Kessler, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, presiding
Luke Drake, Bradley C. Erickson, and Daniel Schindler, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jewish and Non-Jewish Synagogues: The Meaning of sunagoge in Context
David A. Skelton, Florida State University

Ben Sira’s Reappraisal of Enoch in the Praise of the Ancestors
Caryn Tamber-Rosenau, Vanderbilt University

If We Do Not Entice Her, She Will Laugh at Us”: Reading the Book of Judith’s Holofernes Queerly

Michel Fuller, Lee University

Heavenly Ascensions in Early Jewish Apocalypses
AAR: Black Cultures in the Study of Religion I

Theme: Womanism, Religion, and the Political

Joseph Winters, University of North Carolina Charlotte, presiding
Ashlyn Strozier, Claremont Graduate University

Womanist Thought as an Approach to African- American Women: An Emerging New Category
Kendra Hotz, Rhodes College

Provocative Suffering and Self Care: Womanist Insights into Medical Fatalism among African-American Women in Memphis
Terrinae Watson, Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Who You Callin’ a Bitch?” An Analysis of Nihilism and Womanism in Set It Off

AAR: Religion and Ecology I

Theme: Place-Making: Traps of Privilege and Power

Jefferson Calico, Eastern Kentucky University, presiding
Andrew Spencer, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Fission and Flourishing: Nuclear Power as an Ethical Option for Electricity Generation

Paul York, University of Toronto

An ethical hermeneutics of religion as applied to climate change and nuclear energy

Kyle Stokes, Georgia State University

The Social/Ecological Trap of Privilege 

Paolo Gauzinni, Barry University

PATCH Market Garden: Urban Gardening Through the Lens of Theological  Aesthetics
AAR: Religion and Law I and Islam II (Joint Session)

Theme: Religion, Law, and Islam

Eleanor Finnegan, University of Alabama, presiding
James Riggan, Florida State University

Using Tax Law in the Construction of the Early Ibadi Community
Jeffery Murico, San Diego State University

The Politics of Defining Religion: Questioning the Social and Legal Status of Islam in America
Jacob Hicks, Florida State University

Franklin Graham’s Evangelist Crusades into the Muslim World Considered in the Context of Recent American Religious History
Dianna Bell, Vanderbilt University, responding
AAR: Religions in America I and Teaching and Learning Religion I (Joint Session)


Theme: Learning Curves: The Challenges of Teaching about Religions in America

Joshua Fleer, Florida State University, and Monica C. Reed, Louisiana State University, presiding
Margarita Suarez, Meredith College

Illuminating Cultural, Historical, Economic and Political Moments in the Religious History of the Americas
William Yoo, Columbia Theological Seminary

Pedagogical Intersections and Divergences in a Presbyterian Seminary Classroom: Adventures in Teaching the Histories of Religious Pluralism and Protestant Formation in the United States
Jenna Gray Hildenbrand, Middle Tennessee State University, panelist
Luke Harlow, University of Tennessee Knoxville, panelist
Religions in America Business Meeting
SBL: New Testament II/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament II

Theme: Disability in the Bible

Doug Hume, Pfeiffer University, presiding
Jeremy Schipper, Temple University

The Overrepresentation of Disability in Biblical Studies
Bryan Bibb, Furman University, responding
Annie Tinsley, Shaw University, responding
AAR: Religion, Culture, and the Arts I

Theme: Creating Religious Identity in Art, Music, and Culture

Andrew McKee, Florida State University, presiding
Isabelle Kinnard Richman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Song and Social Movements: Sojourner Truth, a Case Study

Bernadette McNary-Zak, Rhodes College The Ambiguous Catholicity of Edmonia Lewis

Brice Bongiovanni, XX

Eleda: A Case Study in Print Media and the Creation of Lucumi Religious Identity in the United States

Claudia Allen, Georgetown Divinity

The Holy Oven: Authoritarian Hermeneutics in Toni Morrison’s Paradise
11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Plenary Session

Anne Blue Wills, Davidson College, presiding
Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University

Beauty, Danger, and Disablement in Rabbinic Destruction Narratives: Disability Studies and the Devastation of Jerusalem

12:00–1:00 PM

Underrepresented Minorities Luncheon

12:15–1:15 PM

ASOR: Archaeology and the Ancient World II

Theme: ASOR-SE Presidential Address

James Riley Strange, Samford University, presiding
John Wineland, Kentucky Christian University

The Karak Resource Project: Recent Work on the Karak Plateau
Business Meeting
1:15–1:45 PM

AAR/SE Business Meeting

All members of the society are invited
1:45–2:15 PM

SBL/SE Business Meeting

All members of the society are invited
2:30–4:15 PM SESSION III
AAR/SBL: Bible and Modern Culture II


Theme: Reading and Interpreting the Texts

N. Samuel Murrell, University of North Carolina—Wilmington, presiding
Lawrence Macklem, Independent Scholar

Yahweh Surprised! or, How a Deity Learned to Live with His Pesky Creatures
David Priddy, Wake Forest University

Crafty Serpent, Crafty Storyteller: Genesis 3 as a Performative Story
Robby Waddell, Southeastern University

The War for the World: A Comparison of Ursula Le Guin’s The Word for World is Forest, James Cameron’s Avatar, and John the Seer’s Book of Revelation
Tommi Karin Waters, Western Kentucky University

Rhetorical Violence and the Interpretive Tradition of Revelation
Erin Palmer, Vanderbilt Divinity School

All that is mine is yours”: A Recuperative Reading of the Elder Son as Cain

AAR: Religions of Asia II

Theme: Divine Creation in Tibetan Tantric Traditions

Lisa J. Battaglia, XX, presiding

Naomi Worth, University of Virginia

Divine Creation in Dream Yoga: How Seeing Oneself as a Deity Provokes Access to the Subtle Energetic Body
John R. B. Campbell, University of Virginia

Mandala Triumphant: The Mahāyoga-Tantra Hermeneutics of the Pradipoddyotana
Katarina Turpeinen, University of Virginia

Play of Wisdom – Spontaneous Creation in Rindzin Gödem’s Dzokchen Anthology
Respondent: Rachel Pang, Davidson College
Business Meeting
AAR: History of Christianity II

Theme: Disabilities and the History of Christianity

XX, presiding
Thomas D. Tatterfield, Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Transformed into Monsters: Image-Bearing and the Unity of Natures in Gregory of Nyssa’s

Defense of the Poor
Sychellus Wabomba Njibwakale, Emmanuel Christian Seminary

The Challenges People with Disability Face in Rural Kenya: Focus on Bungoma County,

Western Kenya (1946-2013)
Zane McGee, Emory University

Suffering with the Saints: Disability and Suffering in the Writings of St. Paul and St. Augustine
AAR: Method and Theory in the Study of Religion II and Teaching and Learning Religion II (Joint Session)

Theme: Millennials and Pedagogy

Derrick Lemons, University of Georgia, presiding
Shannon Grimes, Meredith College

Including the Nones: A Challenge to Interfaith Pedagogy
Randall Reed, Appalachian State University

Love in the Time of Cholera: Teaching Biblical Studies to the Millennial “Nones
Witold Wolny, The University of Virginia at Wise

Millennial and Religious Worldview: Barbour's Models of Interaction between Science and Religion among UVA-Wise Students
Casina Washington and Sarah F. Farmer, Interdenominational Theological Center

Building Bridges of Hope: The Church’s Role in Reaching Disconnected Black Youth
SBL: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament III

Theme: Doug Knight and Jack Sasson

Jim West, Quartz Hill School of Theology, presiding
Jonathan Redding, Vanderbilt University

An Economic Ideological Reading of Adapa
Jennifer Williams, Vanderbilt University

The Woman Wielder of Flames, the Lightning Man, and The Divine Judge: Engaging and Expanding Dr. Jack Sasson’s Analysis of Judges 4-5

Ellen Lerner, Vanderbilt University

(Re)considering the Israelite Tribe – Manasseh as a Case Study

Nicholaus Pumphrey, Baker University

Creating a ‘Lack’: A Reexamination of Jack M. Sasson’s Proppian Model of Ruth
SBL: New Testament III

Theme: Readings of Gospel Pericopae

XX, presiding
Zechriah Eberhart, Georgia University

A Memorable Meal Narrative: The Paraenetic Function of Luke’s Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Lk. 16: 19-31)
Bridgett A. Green, Vanderbilt University

No One is Free until Everyone’s Free: Exploring Gender and Class Injustice in a Story about Children (Luke 18:15-17)
Sung Uk Lim, Vanderbilt University

The Politics of Exclusion in John 9:1-41
Arthur M. Wright, Jr., Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

The Emperor’s New Loaves: Scarcity and Abundance in John 6 and 21
Jennifer S. Wyant, Emory University

When Jesus Judges: The Pericopae Adulterae in its Johannine Context
AAR: Religion and Ecology II

Theme: Theology and Ecological Place-making

Jefferson Calico, Eastern Kentucky University, presiding
Beth Ritter-Conn, Belmont University & The School of Theology of the University of the South (Sewanee)

Making Room for the Taking Place: Ecotheology, Hospitality, and the Welcoming of Strangers
David Rensburger, Independent Scholar

The Human Place in Creation: Three Views from the Psalms 
Kevin Rose, Duke University Divinity School

Eating One’s Fill and Throwing It Up: Food as Outpouring of Worldview in 14th and 18th Century Europe
Robby Waddell, Southeastern University

The Market God and the Beast: The Economics of Ecological Place-making in John’s Apocalypse
Business Meeting?
AAR: Religions in America II

Theme: Religion in Contemporary American Communities

Joshua Fleer, Florida State University, and Monica C. Reed, Louisiana State University, presiding

*AV Needed*
Lucas Wilson, Vanderbilt University

Collective Effervescence in Social Dancing and Worship Services at Liberty University: A Sociological Case Study
Matthew Coston, Florida State University

Finding Religion in the Production of Conspiracy Theories
Rebekka King, Middle Tennessee State University

Cultivating Rabbinical Christianity: Evangelicals, Messianics, and Redistributed Ethnic Imaginaries
Tamara J. Van Dyken, Western Kentucky University, Respondent
AAR: Undergraduate Student Research II

Theme: Gender and Apocalyptic

Roger Sneed, Furman University, presiding
Laura Krueger, Furman University

It’s More Than “Playing the Harlot”: Ezekiel 23 in its Historical Context
Emilee Snyder, Lee University

Lucan Women: Symbols of Role Reversal in the Kingdom of God
Paul S. Ulishney, Johnson University

Martyrdom and Millennial Expectation in the Apocalypse of Elijah
Erik M. Keane, West Virginia University

The Ascension of Isaiah: Constructing a Space for Resistance in Apocalyptic Discourse
4:30–6:00 PM SESSION IV
AAR: Religions of Asia III and ASOR Archeology in the Ancient World III (Joint Session)

Theme: Place and Pilgrimage

Warner A. Belanger III, Georgia College & State University, presiding

David Bains, Samford University

Stones and Replicas: Using the Holy Land to Christianize the American Capital
Tom McCollough, Centre College

The Architecture of Resistance and Autonomy: The Synagogue at Khibet Qana (Cana of Galilee) and Byzantine Christian Pilgrims
Lee M. Jefferson, Centre College

The Impact of Pilgrimage on Cross Iconography:
A Re-Examination of the “Maltese” Cross at Pilgrimage Sites in Palestine

Jay Valentine, Rutgers University

The Multiple Modes of Sanctification of Sacred Space: An Analysis of the Holiness of Buddhist Pilgrimage Destinations
AAR: Philosophy of Religion III

Theme: (Dis)Ability in Believing, Experiencing, and Being

J. Aaron Simmons, Furman University, presiding
Benjamin W. McCraw, University of South Carolina Upstate

Cognitive Disability and the Epistemology of Faith
Peter Capretto, Vanderbilt University

James and Heidegger on the Boundaries of Lived Experience in the Study of Religion
Tracey Mark Stout, Bluefield College

From Onto-theology to the Good beyond Being:

God without Being and the Divine Names Tradition

Business Meeting
AAR: Constructive Theologies I

Theme: Theological Anthropologies

Jessica Wong, Duke University, presiding
Daniel Ray, Duke University Divinity School

What has Biblical Interpretation to Do with Theological Anthropology? An Examination of the Relationship between Theological Interpretation of Scripture and Theological Anthropology
Joelle A. Hathaway, Duke University Divinity School

Maximus the Confessor on Humanity’s Role in the Unification of Creation and its Contemporary Relevance for Placemaking
Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo, Furman University Human Vulnerability and the Negatively Known Humanum: A Challenge to the Theological Anthropology of Edward Schillebeeckx
Travis Ryan Pickell, University of Virginia

The Flourishing of the Elderly
AAR: Black Cultures in the Study of Religion II

Theme: Post-blackness, the Post-human, and the Prophetic

Jamil Drake, Emory University, presiding
Sam (Kip) Elolia, Emmanuel Christian Seminary

Bearing Witness: The Prophetic Pragmatism of Cornel West and President Obama’s Policies
Julius Crump, University of Chicago

The Public and Christian Political Realism: Towards Establishing Grounds for Holding Obama Accountable
Joseph Winters, University of North Carolina Charlotte, responding
AAR: Islam III

Theme: Sufism, Islamic Theology, and the Study of Religion

Julianne Hammer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, presiding
Patrick D'Silva, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

His injustice guides all kinds of Justice”: Discerning Rumi’s Theory of Justice in the Masnavi

Aydogan Kars, Vanderbilt University

Sufism and Islamic Theology in the Study of Religion: A Genealogy of God’s Transcendence
Sarra Tlili, University of Florida

An Inadequate Model: Stewardship and Islamic Environmentalism
Business Meeting
AAR: Ethics, Religion, and Society III

Theme: Ethics, Conflict, and Inter-religious Response

Mike Stoltzfus, Valdosta State University, presiding

Heidi M. Tauscher, Emory University

Religious Methods to Facilitate Inter-Faith Dialogue Between Israelis and Palestinians
Maurisa Zinira, Florida International University

Laity for Religious Dialogue: Sunni-Shi’a Dialogue in Indonesia
Matthew Charlton, Vanderbilt University

Sharing Space: Philosophical and Theological Resources for Sharing Sacred Space among the Religions
Nicolas Krause, Duke University Divinity School

Agony and the Augustinian Tradition: Pluralism, Difference, and Friendship in the Earthly City
SBL: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament IV

Theme: Open Call

Jim West, Quartz Hill School of Theology, presiding
David Schreiner, Asbury University

Torn Garments and History: Rethinking a Hezekian History
Carson Bay, Florida State University

Old Greek Daniel’s Chronology: Papyrus 967 and Nebuchadnezzar’s Second (?) or Twelfth (?) Year
Ralph Hawkins, Averett University

The Translation of the Phrase זָקֵן וְעַד מִנַּעַר in Josh 6:20-21
AAR: Method and Theory in the Study of Religion III

Theme: Undergraduate Research

Laura Ammon, Appalachian State University, presiding
Duke Dyer, Appalachian State University

Paul: Mark's Source for the Form and Function of Jesus' Miracles

Erin Graybeal, King University

Teaching a Judeo-Christian Worldview to a Diverse Student Population

Savannah Simpson, Appalachian State University

Exalting the Angelic Jesus

Jacob Smithee, Appalachian State University

How Mark Made Jesus in Paul’s Image

AAR: Religion, Culture, and the Arts II

Theme: Contests and Constructions of Cultural Identities in America

Cara Burnidge, University of Northern Iowa, presiding

Monica Reed, Louisiana University

They Lived, Saith Leo, Like Beasts”: African Travel Narratives and Identity Formation in Colonial America

Finbarr Curtis, Georgia State University

Louisa May Alcott and theSpiritual Life of Flowers

Charles McCrary, Florida State University

Light and Shadows: Circuit Riders, Con Men, and the Politics of Authenticity
AAR: Women, Gender, and Religion II

Theme: Religious Legitimacy and the Gendered Subject: Text, Norm, and Practice

XX, presiding
Suzannah Kimbrel, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Queering Identities in Jewish Law

Alexandra N. Carroll, The George Washington University

Finding, Losing, Surviving: Memoirs of Escaping Church and Confronting Women’s Religious Experience
Courtney VanLacy, Southern Methodist University

Sisters in Spirit: How Spiritual Healing Empowered Holiness and Spiritualist Women in the Nineteenth Century
Katye Stone, Vanderbilt University

Labels and their Discontents: Psychiatric Labeling in the Era of the DSM, Identity, and the Ethics of Agency


6:00–7:00 PM

Graduate Student Roundtable and Reception


Bhakti Mamtora, University of Florida, moderating
7:00 PM

Special Event

Location TBA

Panel and Group Discussion of Reading the Bible Ethically: Recovering the Voice of the Text (Brill, 2014) by Eric Douglass, presented by the Bible & Modern Culture section
Brian Mooney, Johnson & Wales University, presiding

Introduction: Who Speaks for the Author?


N. Samuel Murrell, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Who Interprets Whom?
Douglas A. Hume, Pfeiffer University

(De)facing the Author’s “Voice”: Ethical Responsibility in Reading Narratives
Finbar Benjamin, Oakwood University

When Texts Speak
Eric Douglass, Randolph-Macon College, respondent

Should I Defend Myself or the Author?
7:15–8:45 AM

Section Chairs Breakfast

XX, presiding

8:00–11:00 AM


Book Exhibits
AAR: Judaism II

Theme: Rabbinic and Contemporary Judaism

Michael Fuller, Lee University, presiding
John Mandsager, University of South Carolina

The Rabbinic Estate and the Roman Villa: Jewish Agricultural Space in the Judaean Hills
Nicholas Schaser, Vanderbilt University

Adam, Israel, and Intertextuality in Genesis Rabbah: Toward a Contextual Approach to Rabbinic Midrash
Joshua R. Patterson, University of Georgia

Myth and Fiction: Literary Analysis of a Modern Passover Commemoration
Samuel J. Kessler, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

At the Temple in Leopoldstadt: Adolf Jellinek and Politics of Jewish Immigration in 1850s Vienna
AAR: Method and Theory in the Study of Religion IV

Theme: Millennials and Religion

Randall Reed, Appalachian State University, Presiding
Laine Walters Young, Vanderbilt University

Commitment and Cohabitation in the Millennial Generation: Initial Indications of Relational Reframing and Implications for the Future of Trust

Lucas Wilson, Vanderbilt University

Collective Effervescence in Social Dancing and Worship Services at Liberty University: A Sociological Case Study

Shenandoah Nieuwsma, UNC-Chapel Hill

Fearing Youth: Thoughts about the Millennial Generation and America's Religious Landscape
Business Meeting
AAR: Philosophy of Religion IV and Religions of Asia IV (Joint Session)

Theme: Philosophy of Religion and Religious Diversity

Alyssa Lowery, Vanderbilt University, presiding
Stephen Dawson, Lynchburg College

Many Religions, Many Modes of Inquiry: Why the Global Philosophy of Religion Needs a Theory of Comparison
Sean MacCracken, University of Virginia

Taste the Rainbow: Buddhist and Shaiva Esotericism Approached through Emic Epistemologies as Spectrum, not Binary
Anil Mundra, University of Chicago Divinity School

Argument, Agreement, and Authority in Classical Jain Epistemology

Elizabeth Pope, University of Georgia

The Necessity of Subjectivity in Interreligious Dialogue
AAR: Religions in America III

Theme: Book Review: Candy Gunther Brown, The Healing Gods: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Christian America

Joshua Fleer, Florida State University, and Monica C. Reed, Louisiana State University, presiding

Dennis C. Dickerson, Vanderbilt University

Leif C. Tornquist, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Rebekka King, Middle Tennessee State University

Lawrence Snyder, Jr., Western Kentucky University
Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University, responding
AAR: Islam IV

Theme: Conversations in Islamic Studies: American Islam

Ben Hardman, University of Southern Mississippi, presiding
Julianne Hammer, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Opening Remarks
Sher Afgan Tareen, Florida State University

Black Islam and the Subversion of American Civil Religion: 1960-1979
Ken Chitwood

Dreams of al-Andalus: Narratives of Conversion and Identity Reconstruction among Latina/o Muslims in the U.S.
Eleanor Finnegan, University of Alabama

Contradictory Capitalism: American Sufi Farms, Spirituality, and New Kinds of Community
Julianne Hammer, responding
AAR: Religion, Culture, and the Arts III


Michael Graziano, Florida State University, presiding
Elizabeth Scott, Florida State University

William Blake’s “Enoch Drawings,” Illustrations for an Absent Book?

Adam Sweatman, Florida State University

The Poem as Icon: Reading Theopoetics in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land
Troy Wellington Smith, Florida State University "The old hunchback!”: Ely Houston, The Outsider's Kierkegaardian Prosecutor
AAR: Religion and Law II

Theme: Religion and American Law

Michael Graziano, Florida State University, presiding
Andy McKee, Florida State University

Administrating the Cherokee to Civilization: Savage Laws and the Making of Domestic, Depending Nations
Jeff Gottlieb, Florida State University

Avoiding the Slippery Slope: A Suggested Principle for RFRA Exemptions
Gaylen Leverett, Liberty University

The Bible and the Constitution: Reading Methods, Relevance, and Authority
Joan Wooten, Union Presbyterian Seminary 

John Calvin's View of Civil Law in Relation to the Church
Finbarr Curtis, Georgia Southern University, Responding
AAR: Teaching and Learning Religion III


Reginaldo Braga, Interdenominational Theological Center, presiding

Ryan Korstange,

The Pedagogical Value of Carefully Defining the Term “Religion” in Textual Survey Courses
Erin Graybeal,

Teaching a Judeo-Christian Worldview to a Diverse Student Population
Business Meeting
AAR: Undergraduate Student Research III

Theme: Religion and Cultural Identity

Lynn Huber, Elon University, presiding
Robert Cremins, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Gender and Sex Construction in Late Antiquity
Tyler J. Jones, Maryville College

Walling the Waters of Chaos: King Adulyadej Bhumibol as a Centripetal Source of Thai Identity
Pamela Gutermuth, Elon University

Mapping Buddhism in Rural America
Justin Brown, Elon University

Sadhus, Sacrality, and Scams: Reflections on Gender and Hindu Renunciation at the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Cary, N.C.

ASOR: Archaeology and the Ancient World IV

Theme: Archaeology, Texts, and Contexts

Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville, presiding

Nancy Mason, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Bethsaida in the Gospels: A Dynamic Portrait
Jacob Dunn, University of Georgia

Exploring the Possible Mycenaean-Aegean Origin of the “Midianites” and Their Painted Wares
Rachel Nabulsi, University of Georgia

Comparative Notes on Some Funerary Inscriptions from Israel, Aram, and Phoenicia
Frederick L. Downing, Valdosta State University

ISIS and ASOR: The Intersection of War and Cultural Heritage
SBL: New Testament IV

Theme: Open Call

Kathy Barrett Dawson, Independent Scholar, presiding
James Barker, Rhodes College

Eyewitness Testimony and Canonical Prejudice: Oral versus Scribal Approaches to the Gospels.
Jason Robert Combs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Reading Reversal in the Markan Passion: Psalm 22 as ‘Inverted Quotation’ in Mark 15
Blake A. Jurgens, Florida State University

Is it Pesher? Revisiting the Relationship between the Epistle of Jude and the Qumran Pesharim
Gary A. Staszak, St. Mary’s Seminary and University

Tobit and John: Exploring the Concept of Divine Retribution and Disability
Sheldon Steen, Florida State University

Myth and Resistance: Revelation 12 as Catachresis

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