French and Indian War Notes Packet

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French and Indian War Notes Packet

Cornell Notes Style

Directions: Fill in the blanks to the sentences on the right side of the page. The left side of the page will be used for writing two Cornell questions. The bottom of the page will be used to write your Cornell summaries. This will be for a grade, so make sure you complete all parts of the packet.

Cornell Questions


  1. The French and Indian War lasted from

to .

  1. It WAS NOT a war between the

and the .

  1. It was a war between the

(which included British soldiers and the

) and the
(with the as allies).

  1. They were fighting about .

The country with the most land would have

the most , and we know
what money equals… !

  1. What North America looked like before the war

What four countries have land holdings?

  1. War erupted in over disputed claims

by Britain and France to the

. France built forts
there to protect its
and its claims. Most Indian tribes, except the
Iroquois, sided with the .

  1. Because of the war against the

proposed the
for the colonies.

  1. The Albany Plan of Union meant

that the colonists must
together, together,
together, or they would be

  1. Who was America’s first war hero?

. He fought the French and
Indians in the River Valley.

  1. Who lost the war?

  1. England and France signed a peace treaty

called the

  1. What did the treaty do?

  • France had to give the rest of to the British.

Mountains and the

River to British (called the Ohio River Valley)

  1. What North America looked like after the war

What are the changes from before the war?

  1. Effects of the war on Great Britain

  • size of their colonial empire in America

  • Enlarged England’s (because war is expensive)!

  1. What does the do to solve this

problem? England began to the

colonies to pay the debt!

  1. He banned the colonists from settling

of the

(in the new territory won from France). He
couldn’t the colonists from
raids (too expensive, and he just didn’t care!)

  1. THE

Was created – it said that
westward settlement beyond
was forbidden!

  1. The colonists were ! They didn’t like it one bit.

And the road to revolution begins…


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