Fpm evaluation 2005-2006 unit: Office of Instruction and the Teaching and Learning Project

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UNIT:  Office of Instruction and the Teaching and Learning Project


PROJECT TITLE: Teaching and Learning Project (Assessment Projects) Phase II

AMOUNT ALLOCATED: $ 40,872 (2005-2006, ongoing)

  1. Did you complete the activities listed in the proposal? If not, what changes were made?

This FPM proposal provides a budget for the Teaching and Learning Project to plan, fund, and coordinate assessment projects college-wide. The TLP has made minor revisions in its timeline of activities for assessment projects originally planned for 2005-2006. Assessment projects in Developmental Education are funded by a separate FPM. This is the last year that assessment projects in Occupational Education will be funded through other FPM proposals, so a separate progress report will be submitted for this area one last time. The status of the 2005-2006 assessment efforts for General Education, Student Services and Library and Learning Support Services is briefly outlined below.

General Education: All of the GE assessment pilots are focused on the GE Program outcome on critical and creative thinking.
Ethnic/Multicultural Studies:
The TLP has concluded the 3-semester Ethnic/Multicultural Studies Teaching Community focused on critical thinking; however, in this GE “box” we continue to assess student ability to see cause and effect relationships. Currently, our assessment results span three semesters and include student work from Drama 15 and 30, English 29 and 33, History 46 and 52, and Social Science 45. For the academic year 2005-2006, we are coordinating the action plans generated by participating faculty in response to these assessment results. Specifically, we are sponsoring the development of a handbook on critical thinking written for Ethnic and Multicultural Studies faculty. We also continue to coordinate flex activities in which faculty assess student work and discuss the teaching of critical thinking in their courses.
Creative Arts and Humanities:
The TLP completed the 4th semester of the Creative Arts and Humanities Teaching Community, which also focused on critical thinking. In this GE “box” we are assessing student ability to analyze, infer, synthesize, and evaluate. Currently, we have assessment results from Philosophy 2 and 41, Journalism 35, and English 30. Faculty in this Teaching Community are producing web-pages that document their critical thinking assignments, rubrics, student work, as well as class activities that build student abilities in critical thinking. These web-pages will be a staff development resource for all faculty teaching courses in Creative Arts and Humanities.

Social Sciences:

The TLP completed the 3rd semester of sponsoring the Social Sciences Teaching Community. In this GE “box” we assessed student ability to explain, analyze, and critique an argument. We have preliminary assessment results in Political Science, History, and Economics.  This Teaching Community focused primarily on how to assess critical thinking in their discipline and has just begun to address issues of teaching these skills.
Biological Sciences:
A pilot in BIO 5 has been planned for FA 06. We had one preliminary meeting with instructors (and too many meetings with the department chair to set this up!) in SP 06.
Student Services:
The TLP is coordinating and funding an assessment pilot in Student Services to ascertain whether students can effectively use WebAdvisor. This pilot will be completed in FA 06.
Library and Learning Support Services:
The TLP is funding preliminary work on the development of broad Student Learning Outcomes for Library and Learning Support Services. Toward this end, the TLP has dedicated funds to pay faculty and staff working in the library, the math lab, the Reading and Writing Center, etc. to attend two retreats in spring 2006. The new L&LLS Committee wrote and approved 3 institution-level SLOs for its area.

2. Your project was allocated the following amount: $ 40,872 (2005-2006, ongoing)

How much of the allocation did you spend?
As of the end of January 2006, the TLP had spent approximately $3,100 of the allocated $36,000. We anticipated spending another $20,000 in the spring, but returned a significant portion of our allotment to the college. In future years, as assessment efforts expand on campus and the TLP becomes responsible for funding assessment projects that are currently paid for by other FPM proposals (e.g. the nursing proposal in Occupational Education), we anticipate that we will easily spend the total amount allocated.

  1. Did you achieve the expected outcomes of the proposal? If not, what outcomes were achieved?

Yes. The expected outcomes for producing an institutional portfolio of assessment results for accreditation are being achieved.

  1. Did the project support the unit goal (s)?       NA

  1. Did the project address the strategic goal identified in the proposal? Describe the extent to which this proposal achieved the strategic goal.

This project directly addressed the number one goal in the previous Educational Master Plan: Design and implement an assessment plan that addresses student learning in Developmental Education, General Education, Occupational Education and Student Services. This project also addresses current college goals to plan, implement, assess, and improve teaching and learning.

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