Formative Asessment "us isolationism in the 1920s."

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15 May 2012

Formative Asessment

"US Isolationism in the 1920s." US Isolationism in the 1920s. Web. 13 May 2012. .

The United States wanted to become an isolated nation after world war one, because they saw too much pain and suffering. And also they spent way too much money that they couldn’t afford in the First World War. The President was thus advised to not join the League of Nations because; the United States could not handle another cost of a war and also couldn’t handle the destruction that came with war. After the United States with drawled from the League of Nations, the United States started to raise their tariff taxes, and also had to raise their own prices in their own economy from the result of the ban of cheap foreign products. They United States wanted nothing to do with the other foreign countries and that is why they did this. This turned out to be a good decision by the United States, because when World War 2 came around it put a heavy strain on the League of Nations which caused a lot of trouble.

"Avalon Project - A Decade of American Foreign Policy 1941-1949 - Master Lend-Lease

Agreement." Avalon Project - A Decade of American Foreign Policy 1941-1949 - Master

Lend-Lease Agreement. Web. 13 May 2012.


The lend lease agreement was a agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom which covered that the United States of America needs to help protect the British government. If they protect the British government then it would be in the best interest for the protection of the United States of America. “The government of the United States of America will continue to supply the government of the United Kingdom with such defense articles, defense services, and defense information as the President shall authorize to be transferred or provided (Lend lease- agreement).” “The government of the United Kingdom will not without of the consent of the President of the United States of American transfer title to, or possession of, any defense article or defense information transferred to it under the act or permit to the use thereof by anyone not an officer, employee, or agent of the gernement of the United Kingdom (lend lease-agreement).” This ultimately means that they will protect the government of the United Kingdom at all costs.

"The Tripartite Pact Is Signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan." A&E Television Networks. Web. 14 May 2012. .

The tripartite pact was signed into an agreement in the year 1940. The tripartite pact was an agreement between the axis powers who were the Japanese, Italians, and the Germans. With the signing of this agreement it was aimed at the United States of America so that they would think more than once before they enter any war against any of the following countries which were japan, Italy, and Germany. If the United States were to attack one of these axis powers than the other two axis powers can join in on the war and ultimately stop and probably destroy the United States of America. Because if the United States of America is fighting against all three of the axis powers at one time their supplies and forces will be overwhelmed with how many forces they are short compared to the axis powers. So to recap, under this new agreement between the axis powers attacking one of the following would prove to be fatal and really stupid.

"History." Web. 14 May 2012. .

The reason why the United States was a big super power was because, before the war there was a lot of investing going around. Most of the investing wound up in the United States, because the investors were pleased with the United States and they thought they would make money by investing their money with them at the time. Thus that is the story on how the United States started to gain control. The other reason why the United States was a world power, was because they had the less damage of infrastructure, economy, and has less casualties than the rest of everyone else that was in World War 2. All the people felt that the United States was a world dominator because of this reason and that was mostly all they had. But the United States also had dominance than what the others had and that was their army, navy, and marines that served the country. These people made it possible for us to called the top dog in the world right now.

"Great Depression." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Dec. 2012. Web. 14 May 2012. .

The great depression started around 1929 and which lasted until 1930s. The depression was the worst thing that had ever happened to the American people. The great depression started with the collapse of the New York stock market which took place on September 4, 1929. The great depression mostly hurt every country out there, because of their investment in the American stock market. That was a bad mistake and an unpredictable one also. Many countries thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. The Great depression hurt “tax revenue, profits and prices dropped, while international trade plunged by more than 50% (Great depression).” The ones who were hit hard were the ones that were invested in heavy industry, which is constructed and it was stopped and couldn’t start back up without a miracle to happen. The price of crops and farming droped and the demand stopped,which gave a food source no income.

Research-Based Outline Worksheet II

  1. What?: Describe and explain thoroughly the historical topic/person.The topic is how the United States went from an isolationist nation to a World police power. This happened because in the beginning the United States wanted to stay neutral but since all sorts of mini wars were going on. The United States wanted to end these wars so they decided to get involved, and stop it because it ended up hurting the United States anyway.

  2. Why?: Thesis- The great depression caused the United States to become a global power, because everyone during one time decided to invest money in New York stock market.

  3. Body 1

a. The three factors that forced the United States to be an isolationist nation, was because one they didn’t have enough money to last a war, two they couldn’t handle the destruction of a way to their economy, and third the overall idea was that great depression which caused them to an isolationists country. These events show the logic behind the reason for the United States remaining a isolationists nation during the time of World War 2.

B. Specific example is the great depression, which caused the United States to become an isolationist country.

C. These events are important because they highlight why the United States paused and took a step back to check their situation, and ultimately into the war causiously.

D. This supports my argument because these ideas kept us alive, and gave us time to come out on top as a police power.

Body 2

a. We were allies with the French, and the French got in a war with the Natzi’s. Pearl

Harbor got attacked, and the United States got involved in the war. And also

Japan was attacking china. The Germans overall goal was to attack America.

b. Specific Example:Japan and Germany were working together to attack America on

both sides. By using Nuclear weapons to damage America.

c. These events got the United States of American envolved in World War 2.

d. This supports my argument because it’s the reason why the United States joined

World War 2. And it relates to my topic how the United States became top dog.

Body 3

a. The allies were in defeat, and with the help of the United States they were able to

defeat their allies enemies. This proved to be a good decision for the allies,

because they got helpe in the end and later won the war with the help of the

United States. The Nazis were in trouble, because they were being defeated by

the United States and their allies.

b. Specific Example: The United States helping the French out in the war, and

ultimately winning the war together. This was considered a turning point in the


c. This event is important, because World War 2 was a turning point in many ways

and thus becomes very important.

V. Conclusion:

The leagacies were from World War 2 is that now if their any disbutes or wars going on, the

United States would get involved to stop the war. The United States ultimate goal was to

create world peace, and have not violence in the world.

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