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February 7, 2005 Dan Willson

(212) 669-8139
Fields Asks Mayor to Drop Fight Against Marriage Equality

Show the world we stand for fairness”

Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields asked the Mayor today to reconsider his decision to fight a Supreme Court ruling which would allow gay couples to wed. “I am urging you to reconsider your decision to appeal the ruling and allow the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples,” Fields wrote in a letter to the Mayor today.
Fields, a longtime supporter of marriage equality, took issue with the Mayor’s argument that the ruling might someday be overturned and called it “a timid position that doesn’t concur with your newly stated position in favor of marriage equality.” Fields added “we all know that court decisions can be overturned, but to base ones actions on that a missed opportunity to say the least.”
Fields urged the Mayor not to “stand in the way of marriage equality,” and to “show leadership and fight for those couples who are now denied over 1,000 benefits and responsibilities of legal marriage.” She praised the court ruling when it was announced on Friday.
“This is an opportunity of a lifetime to show the world we stand for fairness and equality,” Fields concluded.
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