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Debating France, 1789-1791

You have been assigned either

a historical figure vocal in the debate over the future of France or

a fictional character who represents the views of a group in French society at that time.

For historical figures, using the handouts and RESEARCH, prepare a 1 minute speech that introduces your person (in his/her voice) and their point of view at this juncture in French history. Avoid attempting to tell your whole biography—focus on the issues that are important to you. In addition, answer the following questions from the perspective of your person to help give you ammunition during the debate.

  1. What is the main cause of the present crisis and who is to blame?

  2. What is your long term vision for France?

  3. What are your political and philosophical values?

  4. What are your opinions regarding

    1. Veto power of the executive (king, etc.)

    2. Political participation of the people

    3. Women’s Role in government and society

    4. Religious Freedom (Citizens for all Christians and non-Christians)

    5. Slavery (keeping it or abolishing it)

For those with a fictional character, CREATE a persona for your person that you maintain through the debate. You may have some ambiguities as you are deciding what option is for you.

        1. Give a 1 minute speech—make us feel your pain based on your position in society.

        2. Develop questions and/or attacks for each of the groups in the debate. Prepare 3 per group.


Opting to Maintain the Absolute Monarchy, Tradition, and the Church

Abbe Jean-Sifrein Maury, Cardinal Ilana

André Boniface Louis Riqueti, Vicomte de Mirabeau Cami

Monseron de L'Aunay, on Slavery Julia

Jean-Joseph Mounier, the Monarchien Party Helen

Louis XVI Winston

Opting to Look to England: Constitutional Monarchy

Edmund Burke, English political theorist Cindy

Abbe Emmanuel Sieyes Josh

Pierre Victor Malouet Sara

Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau Caroline

Opting to Completely destroy the Old Regime

Maximillian Robespierre Philip

Olympe de Gouges Clara

Zalkind Hourwitz Dana

Jean-Jacques Marat Sophia

Marquis Nicolas de Condorcet Meera

**Pranav, Coco, Viveka, Maleeha, Gabi, Adam and Ms. Nee will play fictional French men and women

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