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And then when the doctor said that she can't be moved, and she knowed I was going to visit England, she had them to put her on a stretcher and pack her to a plane, and bring her to London, England, and send a guard out to the plane before going down to Buckingham Palace, sent a guard out there, to come pray her her. And she was so far gone until she couldn't even speak to me. They had to raise her hands to put it in mine.

You know how London is, some of you soldiers been there. It's always so foggy. And I knelt down there by the side of a window, and she... The tears were running off. She wanted to... I don't know how she even got enough moisture to let tears come. It was just only bones, skin over them; and her--her legs up here at the hips wasn't over about, looked to me like about two inches across, or three inches. Her veins was collapsed. How she was living, I don't know. You seen her picture later. I knelt down by the side of the bed. Now, she was desperate. Whether I could come or not, they're going to bring her anyhow.

And I got down there, my heart was a-bleeding within me, of the faith of that poor, little, dying creature, and I prayed with all the heart that I had. And while I started to pray, a little turtledove come flew on the window, begin to walk up and down, cooing. I thought it was a pet. I hadn't been in England but about an hour, just coming from the airport down there. And I thought it was a pet, and when I raised up and said, "Amen," it flew away. And I started to ask the brethren, did they hear that dove. And they were talking about it, and when I started to say, "Did you see... what that dove mean?" It come out, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll live and not die." And she's living today. Why? Desperation. Desperation drove the woman to take a stand, live or die. Desperation arranged it that she got there at the same time I did. And a token from God, He sent a dove to give THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Desperation, September 1, 1963

Foot Prints Book - Page 217


One of the greatest moments of my life. I'm looking across somebody's shoulder, my mother. I led her out here in the Ohio River and baptized her in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Now my boy. O God, if possible, let Hope look down over the banister, this morning, look across the veil that hangs between earth and Glory. I pray God will make a preacher out of my boy! I pray that God will anoint him and give him a double portion of the Spirit. May God bless his life.

Thank you all, for your prayer. Prayer changes things. I'll pray for your children too. Billy, boy, some of these days, honey, we, if Jesus tarries, we'll have to go down in one of these, they'll throw dirt on us. But, sonny, God will bring us up. "I know my Redeemer liveth, at the last days He will stand on this earth."

I pray that God will bless him, keep the enemy from him. Give him a free access, way down this long road, son. There's many souls dying down through there. But throw out the lifeline to them, bring them in. I trust, Billy, that you will stand and baptize literally thousands times thousands of precious souls, for the remission of their sin. God, bless my boy, I pray.

O Master! Oh, how I... My boy, Lord, that I've raised for Thee. Here's my boy, Lord, he's all I got. I bring him to You this morning. I'm so thankful, Lord, that he believes You. So thankful that he's repented, God. O Lord Jesus, O Christ, anoint him with the Holy Ghost. Grant it, Lord, that the power of the Spirit of the resurrected Christ hold my boy. Grant it, Lord. May he be filled with God's Spirit, to preach the Word, unadulterated Gospel of Christ, to all the ends of the world. Grant it, Lord. Bless him and use him.

Here he stands by the grave before him, Lord. I think of that morning out yonder, we're going like mother laying there with his sister. O Christ, this will be recorded in Heaven. And there'll be... God, grant my boy faith during his life and on his journey Home, bless him in that Life. Bless him, Lord. May he have a great ministry, saving souls. Here he is, Lord. As Thou hast commissioned Thy servant to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, therefore, Lord, upon this commission, my--my heart bleeds to You.

My son, upon the confession of your sins and your faith in God's Son, Jesus Christ, I baptize thee, my beloved son, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Baptizing Billy, April 9, 1950

Foot Prints Book - Page 218


One of my meetings, not long ago, there was a Jehovah Witness brother that had been a little skeptic of the meeting. And when he heard of it, then he came to Louisville. He had a boy that his legs was bent up from polio. But one night he saw a little boy taken from a wheelchair, that was so braced up over his hips, and one leg was shorter than the other, the little fellow ran all over the place and jumped up on the platform and preached a sermon. That convinced him. He was a contractor. His name was Wood, Banks Wood. He lives... and they are neighbors to me now. He was from Crestwood, Kentucky.

Up in Ohio, I had a big tent, he brought his boy and was sitting back in the tent. That night the Holy Spirit went back into the meeting, and said, "The man sitting back there, His name is Banks Wood. He's from Crestwood, Kentucky, a contractor. Jehovah Witness by faith. But he has a boy with him by the name of David, that's got polio, one leg is drawed up. THUS SAITH THE LORD, he's healed."

He didn't know what to do. In a few moments the boy's mother said, "David, stand up." And when the boy stood up, he was just as normal and perfect as he could be. That convinced him. He stopped carpenter work, contracting, sold everything he had, bought a little house next door to me, and has lived there ever since. And, Mr. Banks Wood, how many knows him? Why, you, many of you know him here, why, from selling books. He sells books in the meetings with me, many times. His family, all being Jehovah Witness, very fine people, just the very nicest of people, honest, their name is above reproach in the state of Kentucky. Fine people!

So one of his brothers, by the name of Lyle, came down to visit him, because they excommunicated him upon the basis of his--his faith then in God, on Divine healing, because they said it was of the Devil.

But the boy was healed. The boy now is a young man, and married. And he doesn't even... you have to... he has to study to see which leg it was that was crippled. And he works for the supermarket, some kind of a buyer or something for the supermarkets, or he just had.

And, now, this Mr. Lyle came into Mr. Wood's house, he said, "Banks, you know, as a brother, we all love you." But said, "How come you go off on a deep end like that? How come to you listen to some fanatic preacher and to give up the faith that your father has taught you?"

He said, "I haven't give up the faith that my father has taught me. I just believe more." He said, "I believe that plus what I know now."

Well, he said, "What kind of a quack did you get mixed up with?"

He said, "There he is out there in the field, cutting hay." And--and he said, "Well, you want to speak to him?"

Said, "Yes, I'd like to talk to him a minute." Said, "I'd like to just see what he's made out of."

Foot Prints Book - Page 219

So he called me out there, Mr. Wood did, and I was dirty, and you know how you'd be, and hot and sweaty, and overalls just white with perspiration and where they had been the day before. He come in, he said, "And you're the preacher that took Banks on this wild chase?"

And I said, "No, sir, I am not." I said, "I'm his brother in Christ, who preaches the Gospel."

And he looked me all up and down a few times. We set down to talk, not an unreasonable person, nice. But he said, "Mr. Branham," said, "we were raised strictly Jehovah Witness. Our father is a reader in the Jehovah Witness."

I said, "That's fine. I'm certainly glad to hear that--that." "And you have a nice name, and I sure appreciate a daddy that would raise you, and a mother, to be honest and upright people as you are."

And so while I was there, the Holy Spirit, in the goodness of His mercy, a vision came over me. And I said, "Mr. Wood, I see you're a married man. You have a wife. She's a blond-headed woman. You have two little boys, about six and eight years old." And he looked around towards Banks real funny, looked back. I said, "You thought Banks had told me that. He had not." I said, "Perhaps maybe you know this. You have left your wife, or you're untrue to her. Last night you was with a woman that had auburn hair. She's much younger than you are. You were in a place where she and you were in a room together, and there was a man knocking at the door. You slipped through the window. And it's a good thing you didn't go to the door, you'd a-got your head shot off, 'cause he had a pistol in his hand." And he fell on the floor, he knowed that Banks didn't tell me that.

He said, "Mr. Branham, I want to know more about this." Right there in the room, the Lord Jesus saved him. Away he went to tell his daddy.

And his daddy said, "Now you've got all mixed up."

So here comes his sister down. And she attended the first meeting and was converted, and I baptized her in the Christian faith.

Then that blew the daddy up, and here he come. And so Banks was gone, when my wife and I had just arrived at the house, and there was a car sitting down the road, and an elderly man standing in the yard. And so we spoke to him, and he said, "I'm Mr. Wood."

And I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "My name is Branham." I said, "I'm glad to meet you."

And he said, "Well, I'm glad to meet you, Mr. Branham." Said, "You know where Banks is?"

And I said, "He's probably gone to the grocery. This is usually our time to go, and he and his wife is gone. Won't you come in?"

And so he said, "No, I'd better stay right out here."

I said, "Well, come in and have a glass of water and refresh yourself, Banks will be in in a few minutes."

In a few moments he come in, and he said, "I want to go fishing with you. Have you got time to go fishing?"

I said, "Oh, sure." I wanted to work on him.

So he said... Well, the next, that night it rained like everything. And then the next day we went down to... Said, "Well, I don't guess there's any need going, the streams will all be muddy."

Foot Prints Book - Page 220

And I said, "Well, we can go, try." We crossed the river, and I was praying for the Lord to help me. I wasn't going to say one thing about religion, let him name it. And so then, if he's hungering, he will mention it. So then when we crossed the river, I saw a vision. And I said, "Mr. Woods, as you might know," I said, "today, every stream that we pass will be muddy." And I said, "Then when we get down to the lake that we're going, it'll be pretty and blue. We shall fish till about three-thirty this afternoon, without catching any fish. Then I'm going to start catching fish, I'm going to catch about fifty pound. You're going to catch one. Your boy, Lyle, will catch one. We'll stop fishing at midnight. The next morning we go back a-fishing again, I'll catch a large-scale fish. These fish that I catch will be blue cat, and the next will be a large-scale fish. Then we'll fish the rest of the day and won't even get a bite. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD." He looked over at Banks and kind of grinned a little, and looked around.

That's just exactly the way it happened. And when he left that night, after the second night, we fished all day, and that man climbed every bank that he could, to try to make a fish bite, and he couldn't even get another bite. And I had about twenty-five pounds of fish, caught two of them, five and eight pounds apiece, on a little number-four hook, and without a landing net. Now, that, that had to be God, if anybody knows about fishing. And he was sitting there watching it, He kind of talks down in his throat.

And his son said to him the next day, said, "Well, dad, what do you think about it?"

Said, "Well, I guess if anybody can see fish before they catch them, I guess that's all right.

And so I said, "But I can't do that always, Mr. Wood. It was for your sake." I said, "Now, without any disregards, the Bible said if there be one among you who's a prophet, or spiritual, if this one prophesies and what he says comes to pass, then hear him." I said, "No disregard to Mr. Rutherford, but he said 'Christ would come in '14,' then he turned off 'spiritual,' which, He come that way on the Day of Pentecost. Now if the other four things that he missed..." I said, "What about this?" See? And I baptized him about three Sundays ago, him and his wife, in the Christian faith.

Speak To This Mountain, November 23, 1959

Foot Prints Book - Page 221


Standing yonder in Finland that day, and that little boy laying there, and I walked around him laying there dead. Been dead for a half hour, you read in the book. I started to walk away, Something put their hands on me. I turned around, I thought, "What was that?" And I looked again. I thought, "Wait a minute!" Looked back here on the flyleaf of the Bible, "And it shall come to pass, a little boy about nine years old, he will be killed by an automobile. There'll be a long strip of evergreen, rocks lapped in there; the car will be laying across the road, wrecked. He will have on little stockings like, up high; a cropped haircut; and his little eyes will be turned back, the bones in his body will be broken."

I looked, I thought, "O God!"

I said, "Stand still, all of you!" The mayor of the city there. I said, "If that boy isn't on his feet in two minutes from now, I'm a false prophet, ride and run me out of Finland." Certainly! "But if he is, you owe your lives to Christ." That's right. They stood still.

I said, "Heavenly Father, across the sea yonder, two years ago, You said this little boy would lay here."

There was Brother Moore and Brother Lindsay, and them looking at that. And everywhere, and they'd wrote it in the Bible; and thousands of Bibles across the land had it wrote in it. What was it? An Absolute.

The Father had showed what would take place. There's no fear at all standing there. Absolute! Sure, he will rise.

Right there in Finland, where thousands of people coming in nightly, and have to even move some out and let them be... seat them, move them out and put somebody else in. There he stood with... All that--the people loved me; and they'd seen healings done, but here was a boy laying there dead. What was the Absolute? The vision. "I do what the Father says do. He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he also." There's your Absolute.

I said, "Death, you can't hold him any longer, God has spoken! Come back, give him up!" And the little boy raised up and looked around like that. The people got to fainting and everything. There it is, wrote right there and signed by the mayor of the city, by a notary public. That's right!

The Absolute, December 30, 1962

Foot Prints Book - Page 222


Billy remembers this, Costa Mesa, California. Every time when I get ready to make an altar call there'd be a woman jump up, and run up and down them aisles, speaking in tongues, and she'd just tear that altar call to pieces. And I'd just have to walk out. You could see the Spirit done--done grieved, you see. Nothing will grieve the Spirit of God if it's in order. See? [Blank spot on tape--Ed.]... just before she got ready to start, how she'd get herself ready, 'cause I watched her. Any minister will do that when he sees anything out of order. Then this woman was back there and she told Billy, and Billy told me when I was coming in that night, said, "Daddy, you know that woman that's broke them--them altar call, two nights?"


Said, "She was sitting out there," said, "she said, 'Glory to God, Billy, I got another message tonight!'"

Well, now, you see, I watched her down over the audience. There was thousands of people there; that's when the Reader's Digest wrote up that about the healing of Donny Morton, you know, The Miracle of Donny Morton. So I watched that woman, and just about the time I started to make my altar call, she... Now, she was just untrained; no doubt, a good woman. But she looked around, she started fixing her hair. She had bobbed hair, see. So, you see, she belonged to the Assemblies or some of them churches that--that permitted that. She was fixing her hair up. She reached down and pulled up her stockings, got ready like that. And just about time I started to make the altar... I said, "Now, how many in here, how many is there present now that would like to come forward and--and give their hearts to the Lord Jesus?"

She jumped up. I said, "Sit down." She started on. I said, "Sit down!" See? And, boy, everybody... I just stopped. She acted like she didn't hear me, and I squalled it out again. She heard me that time, 'cause I like to shook the building over with that big microphone standing right there. And she set down.

I said, "Now, as I was saying, how many wants to come to the altar and give their hearts to God?" And I went right ahead with the meeting, see.

And that night when I started the truck, I was surrounded. And here them bunch of women sounded like a bunch of chickens, you know, "You blasphemed the Holy Ghost."

I said, "I did?" I said, "How can I blaspheme the Holy Ghost by following the... His, the declaration of the Scriptures?" See?

And this woman said, "I had a message right straight from God."

I said, "But you was giving it in the wrong time, sister." I said, "I'm not..."

"You say that wasn't--that wasn't of God?"

I said, "I couldn't tell you, lady." I said, "I--I--I believe it was, see." I said, "I'll say it for your benefit, that, 'I say I believe it was.' And I believe you're a good woman, but you were out of order."

Foot Prints Book - Page 223

And there was her pastor standing there. I knew he was her pastor, see. And I said... I--I said, "There's only one thing I can say, that either you was in the flesh or you've got a pastor that's trained you that don't know nothing about the Scriptures." I said, "He ought to come and talk to us a little while about the Scriptures. That's wrong, you're out of order. You lost many souls, night before last, and many last night again, and would have done the same thing tonight."

And this man said, "Brother Branham," said, "I beg your pardon."

I said, "What do you mean?"

Said, "She had a right to give that message, you was through."

I said, "I was on the platform, and the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophet. I'm still in the platform."

And he said, "Well..."

I said, "I still had the Message. I was making my altar call, that's to rake in. I throwed my net out, I'm pulling it now. Don't throw barbed wire out there or something to upset it, see." I said, "I was still pulling my net." And--and I said, "She interfered with the--with the bringing in of souls. The... What good would it do to preach or anything else if you don't call and get sinners to come up? See?"

And he said, "Well, her message was later than yours. Hers was right off the platform... Hers was right straight from God."

I said, "'If any man thinks himself to be spiritual or a prophet let him acknowledge what I say is the Commandments of the Lord. But if he be ignorant, just let him be ignorant. We have no such custom, neither the Church of God,'" quoting Paul, you know. I said, "No, sir, nothing fresh! He, Jesus, said, 'Let every man's word be a lie and Mine be True.' Paul said, 'Though an Angel from Heaven come with anything else but what's Here, let it be accursed.'" I said, "Mister, you are firmly off the line." I said, "What kind of a church have you got? I bet it's a big bunch of confusion. See? If you'd let them people do that how do you ever make your altar call? She's got a ministry, they all got a ministry, but you got times for your ministry, see, that's given to."

Questions And Answers, January 12, 1961

Foot Prints Book - Page 224


Here's a little experience happened to me, I was up at--at Toledo, Ohio. I was in a revival and--and having a meeting down there, and so many people. They knowed the hotels was at, so they had taken me out into the country. And I was staying out there, a little motel.

We had been eating at a little Dunkard restaurant, it was a wonderful place. The little ladies in there just as Christian and sainted-looking as they could be, clean and real nice. Sunday come, I got hungry. I had been fasting a little, and I want to go across the street to another orderly little... a little road there by a corner, and there's a... just a regular, common, American place there to eat. Little, had a little place, a cafe, open all night. When I walked in there on that Sunday, about two o'clock in the afternoon, before going down to preach that afternoon.

I was so gotten, I didn't know what to do. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was a young lady about sixteen, eighteen years old (some papa's darling, and some mother's darling), standing back there with a boy, with her hands around her hips. Bunch of teen-agers setting at the--at the counter.

I heard a slot machine. And looked over here and there was a policeman standing there with his arm around a woman, up around here, her waistline, and playing a slot machine, Now, you know that gambling and slot machines is illegal in Ohio, you Buckeye people here. And you know that's illegal. And here was the law, playing a slot machine; and a man of my age, probably married, bunch of children, maybe a grandfather. A policeman, rode patrol, playing a slot machine. There was that young... What's a teen-age done? What's this done?

I stood there. And nobody noticed me coming in, they was too busy, half of them drunk. So, I watched. I heard somebody saying, "Well, do you think the rain'll hurt the rhubarb?" And looked around over here, and here set a lady setting there, old lady, real... she was sixty-five, seventy, close to it. And the poor lady... I don't blame anyone from looking their best, but when she... She'd fixed herself... She made her hair blue, real blue-looking, and all cut off over the top and made it real blue. And she had on real thick manicure, or what you call the stuff put on her face, and a big spots. And she had on little bitty shorts and the poor old thing was so wrinkled till the meat, flab, meat was hanging down like that over her leg. And she was drunk. She was setting there with an old man, in the summertime, with one of these old gray army overcoats on, or olive drab. And hanging down like that, and a big scarf around his neck. Drunk, two of them, and they was with this poor old woman.

Foot Prints Book - Page 225

I stood there and looked around. I said, "God, how can You stand it? What--what, how do You look at such as that? When it makes me, a sinner saved by grace, think that, how can--can You look at it? Why, it looks like You'd burst the thing open. Will my little Rebekah and Sarah have to come up under that kind of an influence? Will my two little girls have to meet a--a popular, so known, world as it is today, where the people act like that? God, how can I ever... what can I do?" Course, it's His grace. If they were ordained to Eternal Life, they'll come to It; if they wasn't, they won't. I don't know. That's up to God. I'll do my part.

I thought, "How can You stand it, God? Look like You're so holy that You just wipe that thing off the earth." I said, "Look at that poor grandmother setting there. Look at that young girl back there. And here's a woman standing here, probably twenty-five years old. And that police with his arms around her waist, a-playing a slot machine. And there's the law, the nation's gone. There's the motherhood gone. Here's the elder gone. And there's a young girl setting back there, and she's gone. Look at the boys, when they ought to be in church or somewhere."

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