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folder 13: Rebaptism in the LDS Church

folder 14: Concerned Christians Newsletters (1999-2001)

folder 15: Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center Newsletter (2000-2001)

folder 16: David Hyrum Smith Mission to Madness (1999)

folder 17: Byron Marchant (2001)

folder 18: Mormon History Association Conference (1999)

box 237: Publications and Conference Materials (1872-2001)

folder 1: MHA Conference (2001)

folder 2: Mormon History Association Newsletter (2000-2001)

folder 3: Mormonism Researched (1999-2001)

folder 4: The Newsletter: The Ministry of John L. Smith (2001)

folder 5: The Evangel (2000-2001)

folder 6: Inner Circle (1999)

folder 7: Religious Studies Center Newsletter (1999-2000)

folder 8: MHA and JWHA Conference (1995)

folder 9: Cross Roads , Salt Lake Seminary (2000-2001)

folder 10: Letter of Thomas Cook (1872)

folder 11: Leaving the Fold (1999)

folder 12: John Whitmer Historical Association Newsletter (1999-2001)

folders 13-15: Correspondence (1988-1990)

box 238: Correspondence (1991-1996)

box 239: Correspondence (1997-1999)

box 240: Correspondence (1999-2000)

box 241: Mormon Subject Files (1849-2001)

folder 1: Correspondence (2000)

folder 2: Utah News Clippings (2001)

folder 3: Letter (1849)

folder 4: Laurance W. Cracroft, "Confessions of a Native Utahn"

folders 5-8: D&C 5-20, 22, 25-88 Manuscripts

folder 9: Manuscript Revelations in Newel K. Whitney Collection

folder 10: Papyrus Bodmer II, Gospel of John

box 242: Book of Abraham (1985-1999)

folder 1: Book of Abraham (1997)

folder 2: Book of Abraham (1990-1996)

folder 3: Mummies, Kirtland, Ohio, Textual Excerpts

folder 4: Book of Abraham, Articles (1971-1999)

folder 5: Michael J. Barrett, Correspondence and Articles (1981-1989)

folder 6: Book of Abraham (1968-1991)

folder 7: Louis C. Zucker, "Joseph Smith as a Student of Hebrew" (1968-1981)

folder 8: Hugh Nibley, "The Three Facsimiles from the Book of Abraham" (1985-1995)

folder 9: Dan C. Jorgensen, "Life of Giovanni Peitro Antonio Lebolo" (1976)

folder 10: H. Donl Peterson, "Antonio Lebolo" (1985)

folder 11: Thomas Milton Tinney, "Michael H. Chandler and the P of GP" (1985)

box 243: Articles and Notes (1968-1999)

folder 1: "An Essay on Revelation: Documents, Stones, Symbols, The Book of Abraham, and Joseph Smith as Translator" (1987)

folder 2: John Gee (1991-1999)

folder 3: Stephen E. Thompson, "The Antiquity of the Book of Abraham" (1993)

folder 4: James R. Harris, "The Facsimilies of the Book of Abraham" (1990)

folder 5: Grant S. Heward, Articles, Bibliographies, and Newsletters (1968-1989)

folder 6: Grant S. Heward, "Book of Abraham Papyrus Found"

folder 7: Grant S. Heward, Truth (1980)

folder 8: Charles M. Larson (1983-1994)

folder 9: "The Testimony of the Joseph Smith Papyri; An Egyptian Endowment -- Or a Latter-day Disaster?" (1985)

box 244: Research Materials and Articles (1809-2002)

folder 1: "Witnessing to Mormons with the Book of Abraham" (1993)

folder 2: Robert C. Fillerup, "Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar" (1991)

folder 3: Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar (1989-1999)

folder 4: "Plan of the Camp" (1809)

folder 5-7: Marquardt, "Joseph Smith Family Life in New York" (1994)

folder 8: Marquardt, "Early Life of Joseph Smith in New York" (2000)

folder 9: Conference Materials (2000)

folder 10: Hugh Woodworth Jr., Individuals in Palmyra, New York

folders 11-12: New York, Research (1888-1995)

folder 13: Village Highway Records (1829)

folder 14: Willis Park Rokes, "The Rokes/Chase Palmyra/Manchester Connection" (1999)

folder 15: Presbyterian Historical Society (2000)

folder 16: LaMar C. Berrett and Larry C. Porter, "Sacred Places" (2000)

folder 17: Trip to New York with Dan Vogel (2000)

folder 18: Russell Stoddard vs. Joseph Smith Sr. (1825)

folder 19: Papyri Copies

box 245: Misc. Articles (1831-2003)

folder 1: Jeremiah Hurlbut (2002-2003)

folder 2: Joseph Smith Sr. and Jeremiah Hurlburt

folder 3: John V. N. Yates and Joseph W. Moulton, "History of New York" (1824)

folder 4: Charles F. Milliken, "The Beginnings of Mormonism" (1926)

folder 5: Pioneer Reed Family (2002)

folder 6: Mark Ashurst-McGee, "Moroni: Angel or Treasure Guardian?" (2001)

folder 7: Wayne Mori, "Mormon Connection in Chautauqua County" (2002)

folder 8: Fredonia Censor (1837-1856)

folder 9: American Eagle (1832-1833)

folder 10: Joseph Smith Log and Frame Houses

folder 11: Restored Log House, Manchester Frame House

folder 12: George Albert Smith, Journal (1907)

folder 13: Wesley P. Walters, Court Case, Laws of the State of New York (1826)

folder 14: C. Jess Groesbeck, "Joseph Smith, the Smith Family, and the Coming Forth of the BOM

folder 15: Todd Compton, "Christian Treasure" (2000)

folder 16: Early Members in Church of Christ

folder 17: Colesville, New York (1830)

folder 18: John Hulburd Gilbert (1881)

folder 19: Stowell Family (2000)

folder 20: Joseph Capron

folder 21: Joseph Smith Home (2002)

folder 22: Hiel Lewis; James T. Cobb (2001)

folder 23: Philadelphia Branch, LDS Church (1976-2000)

folder 24: Philadelphia Branch, Minutes, RLDS Archives (1840-1900)

folder 25: Ezra Booth, Correspondence (1831)

box 246: Ohio Articles and Notes (1831-2002)

folder 1: Joseph Smith Jr., Residence in Ohio

folder 2: Kent Fielding, "Organizational Development of the Church in Kirtland"

folder 3: Bank of Monroe (2002)

folder 4: Edward S. Abby, "Residence and Tour in US of North America" (1835)

folder 5: Steven C. Harper, "Infallible Proofs, Both Human and Divine"

folder 6: Amos S. Hayden, "Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve, Ohio" (1875)

folder 7: Kirtland Letter Book

folder 8: Meetings in Kirtland, Ohio (1831-1837)

folder 9: Kirtland Council Minute Book

folder 10: Transactions of Twelve Apostles (1835)

folder 11: Donald L. Huber, "The Prophet Joseph in Ohio" (1999)

folder 12: Saco Valley Settlements, Maine (1969)

folders 13-14: Ron Romig (1986-1995)

folder 15: Kirtland, Ohio, Correspondence (1838)

folder 16: Sally Parker to John Kempton, Correspondence (1838)

folder 17: "Land Transactions of the Saints" (1993)

folder 18: Ohio, Notes/Maps (1996)

folder 19: Ohio, New York, Locations and Notes (1998)

folder 20: Ohio (2002)

box 247: Articles and Notes (1830-2004)

folder 1: L. P. Parsons to Dear Sister, Correspondence (1836)

folder 2: John Johnson Home, Hiram, Ohio (1996)

folder 3: Portage County Temple Site (1997)

folder 4: Hartwell Ryder, Memories and Facts

folder 5: James Ryder, Kirtland Temple (1902)

folder 6: Printing Office, Kirtland, Ohio

folder 7: North Kirtland Cemetery

folder 8: Kirtland, Ohio (1831-1838)

folder 9: Incorporation of Church, Ohio

folder 10: Court Trials in Geauga County, Ohio

folder 11: Mormonism in Huntsburg, Ohio

folder 12: LDS Church in Huron County, Ohio (1995)

folder 13: City Plat of Kirtland, Ohio

folder 14: Richard L. Anderson, "The Impact of the First Preaching in Ohio"

folder 15: Davis Bitton, "Kirtland as a Center of Missionary Activity, 1830-1838"

folder 16: Kirtland Safety Society Bank

folder 17: The Kirtland Temple, Articles (1971-2004)

folder 18: Erik Barnouw, "The Benson Exodus of 1833" (1986)

folder 19: Cheryl Harmon Bean, "LDS Baptisms in Erie County, Pennsylvania" (1993)

folder 20: "The Evening and Morning Star" and "Kirtland Reprint"

folder 21: "LDS Messenger and Advocate"

folder 22: "The Elders' Journal"

folder 23: Nauvoo's "Wasp" and "Neighbor" and "The Gospel Reflector"; "The Prophet"

folder 24: "Painesville Telegraph" and other Newspapers, Notes

box 248: Missouri Documents (1832-2003)

folder 1: Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation, Newsletters (1993-2003)

folder 2: On Missouri Documents

folder 3: Missouri, Research and Materials6

folder 4: Mormon Inquest Testimony, 1838; Microfiche on Mormon War

folder 5: Copy of Handwritten Testimony, Mormon Inquest Testimony (1838)

folder 6: Document Containing the Correspondence, Orders (1841)

folder 7: Orson Hyde, Letter (1833)

folder 8: Propositions of the Mormons, Response of Samuel C. Owens (1834)

folder 9: Missouri Newspapers (1832-1839)

folder 10: Michael S. Riggs, "Where Cain Killed Abel" (1988)

box 249: Missouri Temple Documents (1830-2002)

folder 1: Mormon War Letters Written in 1838 by Missouri Militia Officers and Citizens

folder 2: George R. Gayler, "Attempts by Missouri to Extradite Joseph Smith"

folder 3: Max H. Parkin, "Zion's Camp Cholera Victims Monument Dedication" (1997)

folder 4: Michael S. Riggs and Leslie A. Brooks, Far West Burial Ground.

folder 5: Plat of Far West, Missouri (1837)

folder 6: Richard L. Bushman, "New Jerusalem, USA" (1955)

folder 7: Michael S. Riggs, "Beyond the Demise of the New Mormon History" (1999)

folder 8: Independence, Jackson County, Missouri; Temple Lot

folder 9: Laying of Cornerstone--Temple Lot, Jackson County, Missouri

folder 10: Corner Stone and Church of Christ, Temple Lot

folder 11: Crow Creek Record (1864)

folder 12: High Council, Clay County, 1834

folder 13: Haun's Mill

folder 14: Far West Record (1830-1839)

folder 15: J. B. Turner, Mormonism in All Ages (1842)

folder 16: Temple on the Hill, Nauvoo, Illinois

folder 17: Stanley B. Kimball, "The Nauvoo Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church"

folder 18: E. H. Young, "A History of Round Prairie and Plymouth" (1876)

folder 19: Phillip B. Winkler, "Mormon Nauvoo in Jacksonian America" (1991)

folder 20: Not to Forsake Nauvoo (1886)

folder 21: Carma de Jong Anderson, "In Beauty and Holiness" (2002)

folder 22: Melvin C. Johnson, "So We Built a Good Little Temple to Worship in"

folder 23: Bill Shephard, "The Nauvoo Temple as a Source of Controversy" (2002)

box 250: Nauvoo Articles (1841-2002)

folder 1: The Hawley Collection, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois

folder 2: Cemeteries in Nauvoo, Illinois; Nauvoo Temple (2002)

folder 3: Edmund C. Briggs, "A Visit to Nauvoo in 1856"

folder 4: Susan Easton Black, "How Large was the Population of Nauvoo?" (1995)

folder 5: Glen M. Leonard, "Picturing the Nauvoo Legion"

folder 6: Nauvoo House; Conference April 1841

folder 7: John Lee Allaman, "Policing in Mormon Nauvoo" (1996)

folder 8: M. Hamlin Cannon, "Bankruptcy Proceedings against Joseph Smith" (1945)

folder 9: Signatures of Persons Present at Masonic Lodge Meeting (1842)

folder 10: Minutes of the Twelve (1843)

folder 11: Succession at Nauvoo, Notes (1844)

folder 12: "Times and Seasons," Excerpts and Notes

folder 13: Richard and Pamela Price, "The Nauvoo Research Report" (1970)

folder 14: Nauvoo Relief Society Minutes (1842-1844)

folder 15: Kent Walgren, "The Nauvoo Endowment"

folder 16: Records of the Nauvoo Ninth Ward High Priests Quorum (1844)

folder 17: Charge by Joseph Smith to the Twelve Apostles (1844)

folder 18: Gary James Bergera, "Joseph Smith and Charismatic Leadership" (1986)

folder 19: Joseph Smith's Death, Research Materials

folder 20: Bill Shepard, "Samuel H. Smith, Hosea Stout and the Nauvoo Society"

folder 21: The Book of the Law of the Lord

folder 22: Nauvoo Temple Endowments

folder 23: Timothy L. Wood, "The Prophet and the Presidency"

folder 24: Various Items on Nauvoo

box 251: Articles (1830-2003)

folder 1: Kinderhook Plates

folder 2: Cutler's Park and Winter Quarter's Burials

folder 3: Ramus/ Macedonia (Illinois) Markers Dedicated (2000)

folder 4: Jeff McClellan, "Joseph Smith Academy: New Life in Old Nauvoo"

folder 5: Glen M. Leonard, Nauvoo: A Place of Peace, A People of Promise (2002)

folder 6: M.H.A. Materials on Kirkland, Ohio (2003)

folder 7: Garth Magnum, "The Law of Consecration and Stewardship at Kirtland" (2003)

folder 8: Kim Loving, "Sacred Space or Polemical Space?" (2003)

folder 9: Minnie Organ, "History of the County Press of Missouri" (1910)

folder 10: Rollin J. Britton, "Adam-ondi-Ahman" (1926)

folder 11: Lyman D. Platt, "Branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS" (1991)

folder 12: Richard L. Anderson, "Jackson County in Early Mormon Descriptions"

folder 13: Royal Skousen, "Scourged vs. Scorched in Mosiah 17:13"

folder 14: James Patrick Holding, "The Mormon Defenders: How Latter-Day Saint Apologists Misinterpret the Bible"

folder 15: Hans Jesperson Family

folder 16: Thomas Murphy, DNA, Book of Mormon

folder 17: Jules Remy, "Voyage Au Pays Des Mormons" (1860)

folder 18: Joseph Smith's First Vision, Various Comments

folder 19: Dale R. Broadhurst, Review of By the Hand of Mormon

box 252: Priesthood in Early LDS Church (1846-2002)

folder 1: David Thelen, "Memory and American Hiatory"

folder 2: Grant H. Palmer, "An Insider's View of Mormon Origins"

folder 3: Ben McGuire, "Did Lehi Use Egyptian?"

folder 4: Pual Y. Hoskisson, "Textual Evidences for the Book of Mormon"

folder 5: Ronald V. Huggins, "Without a Cause and Ships of Tarshishi"

folder 6: Elden J. Watson, "Approximate Book of Mormon Translation Timeline"

folder 7: Blake T. Ostler's, "Re-vision-ing the Mormon Concept of Deity"

folder 8: Earl M. Nunderli, "FARMS Redux; Why I Don't Trust FARMS' Research"

folder 9: Richard Stout, "How Could Joseph Smith Have Known That ?"

folder 10: Eric Johnson, "Review of the New Mormon Challenge"

folder 11: Thomas J. Finley, "Does the BOM Reflect an Ancient Near Eastern Background?"

folder 12: Endnotes to American Apoclypha: Essays on the Book of Mormon (2002)

folder 13: Ari D. Brening and David L. Paulsen, "The Mormon Understanding of God" (2001)

folder 14: Etienne Cabet

folder 15: Richard Bennett, "Has the Lord Turned Bankrupt?" (2002)

folder 16: Alan C. Miner, "Book of Mormon Geography" (2002)

folder 17: Priesthood in Early LDS Church

folder 18: Ordination to the LDS Priesthood

folder 19: The Ordinations of Joseph the Martyr; Origin of the LDS Priesthood

folder 20: Hal Hougey, "LDS, Where Did You Get Your Authority?"

folder 21: Bishops, Research Materials

folder 22: Joseph F. Smith, "Proper Order of the Preisthood"

folder 23: Basic Law of Succession: Ordination of David Whitmer

folder 24: Church of Christ (Temple Lot) and High Priest Question

folder 25: Sisters in Spirit: Mormon Women (1987)

box 253: Research of RLDS Church Archives, Joseph Smith Correspondence (1837- 2003)

folder 1: They Also Believed: A History of LDS Dissent and Dissenters

folder 2: Persons Excommunicated, 1837-1838 Kirtland, Missouri (1837-1838)

folder 3: Leonard J. Arrington, "The Legacy of Early Latter-Day Saint Women"

folder 4: Honest History

folder 5: RLDS Church, Inventory of LDS Church Exchange of Historic Documents

folder 6: Exchange of Historic Documents (1974)

folders 7-12: Research of RLDS Church Archives (1976-2003)

folder 13: "Journal History of the Church"

folder 14: Joseph Smith, Correspondence

box 254: Joseph Smith Correspondence, Sermons, Research Materials (1844-1980)

folder 1: Joseph Smith, Correspondence

folder 2: A Religious Proclamation

folder 3: Index and Concordance to Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

folder 4: Andrew F. Ehat, ed. and Lyndon W. Cook, The Words of Joseph Smith

folder 5: Sermons of Joseph Smith

folder 6-7: King Follett Discourse (1844)

folder 8: Historical and Doctrinal Impact of the King Follett Discourse

folder 9: Jim Elliot, Joseph Smith's Diaries, and Wilford Woodruff Journal (1844)

folder 10: John C. Alleman, "Translating the Language of Joseph Smith" (1973)

folder 11: Joseph Smith, Research Materials

folder 12: Elinore H. Partridge, "Characteristics of Joseph Smith's Style and Notes on the Authorship of the Lectures on Faith" (1976)

folder 13: The Joseph Smith Collection

folder 14: Richard L. Anderson, "Discovering Joseph Smith's Family History" (1980)

folder 15: Printed Text of Joseph Smith's Handwritten Material

box 255: Writings of Joseph Smith (1843-1891)

folder 1: The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith

folder 2: Diary of Joseph Smith Jr.

folder 3: G. T. Harrison, False Prophcies of Joseph Smith Jr.

folder 4: Prophecies against Government (1843)

folder 5: Richard L. Anderson, Joseph Smith and the Millenarian Time Table

folder 6: Dan Erickson, "Joseph Smiths' 1891 Millennial Prophecy"

box 256: Church History, and Mormon Revelations (1989-2000)

folder 1: Joseph Smith, "Rocky Mountain Prophecy"

folder 2: Mark A. Scherer, RLDS World Church Historian

folder 3: Anthony Chuala-Smith, Theologian-in-Residence, RLDS Church

folders 4-5: Lachland Mackay, Research on Church History

folder 6: Joseph Smith's Revelations (2000)

folder 7: "John Whitmer and Joseph Smith's Revelations" (2000)

folder 8: John Whitmer and Joseph Smith's Revelations

folder 9: Trip (2000)

folder 10: New Jerusalem Restoration Branch (2000)

folder 11: The Joseph Smith Revelations for Dialogue

folder 12: Richard N. Ostling and Joan K. Ostling, Mormon America (1999)

folder 13: "Without Form and Void, Gen 1:2"

folder 14: Rick Grunder, "Mormon Parallels"

folder 15: References to Adam in LDS Scripture

folder 16: Age of Adam

folder 17: Marvin S. Hill, Quest for Refuge (1989)

box 257: Articles on Mormon Revelations and Prophecies (1831-1999)

folder 1: Pseudonyms in the Revelations: Their Origin and Signifigance

folder 2: Pseudonyms in Revelations

folder 3: Edward Brotherton, "Mormonism: Its Rise and Progress"

folder 4: Richard P. Howard, Restoration Scriptures (1995)

folder 5: J. H. Beadle, Life in Utah , Excerpts

folder 6: Brigham Young Revelations

folder 7: Revelations (1844-1918)

folder 8: Alexander L. Baugh, "Parting the Veil; The Visions of Joseph Smith" (1999)

folder 9: Research on High Priests (1831)

folder 10: Helen Radkey

folder 11: Baptism for the Dead of Holocaust Victims

box 258: Research on Church History (1842-2000)

folder 1: Baptism for the Dead

folder 2: Michael Fuss, "Upgrading Ecumenism to a Celestial Kingdom?" (1998)

folder 3: Michael W. Homer, "Discovering Italy" (2000)

folder 4: Newell G. Bringhurst, "Telling Latter-day Saint Lives" (2000)

folder 5: "Reason: Dedicated to Filling in the Missing Pieces of the Mormon History"

folder 6: Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony (1994)

folder 7: Authentic History of Remarkable Persons (1849)

folder 8: Holy Order, Endowment (1842-1844)

folder 9: Richard Ware, "The Ordinance of Second Anointings- The Washing of the Feet"

folder 10: Masonic Items

folder 11: Jerald and Sandra Tanner

box 259: Research on Church History (1959-2003)

folder 1: A Tanner Bibliography (1959-2003)
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