First They Killed My Father

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First They Killed My Father

Essay Topic

Directions: This book is about physical and emotional survival of people, including survival of dignity and spirit. It is also about the survival of culture and, to a lesser extent, the survival of a nation-state. Each member of Loung’s family and others in the book adopt certain survival techniques including secrecy, sacrifice, stealing, separation, and practical measures, as well as anger and hatred. Trace the themes of survival in the book and its effect on the characters.
Since this is going to be a five paragraph essay, here are some suggestions about how to organize your essay:

  1. Choose one technique of survival and reflect upon the effect it has on multiple characters.

  2. Choose one character and comment on how he/she survives throughout the story.

  3. Choose two or three techniques and show how they helped multiple characters survive for an amount of time.

Important Quotations: As you read, flag important quotations and page numbers.

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