First Quarter (Twenty Toss-Up Questions)

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AGQBA 2014-2015 Senior State Game 1

First Quarter (Twenty Toss-Up Questions)

1. This author was the second American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. She grew up in China and set her novels in that country. Name this author of The Living Reed and The Good Earth.

ANSWER: Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

2. What term is defined as any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment? ANSWER: adaptation

3. What term refers to the point where the bisectors of the angles of a triangle or of a regular polygon intersect?

ANSWER: incenter

4. From the French for “to stick,” what technique consists of composing a work of art by pasting various materials not normally associated with one another on a single surface?

ANSWER: collage

5. Beginning in 1801 and lasting until Taft's final message in 1912, the State of the Union address was delivered to Congress in writing. What president established this precedent in 1801?

ANSWER: Thomas Jefferson

6. Math Computation: Change the base two number one-one-zero-one-one-zero into base ten.


7. As the velocity of a falling object increases, so does its drag force. If the drag force reaches the point it is the same as the pull of gravity, acceleration stops. What is this called?

ANSWER: terminal velocity

8. This man was called Tisquantun in his native language. Name the English-speaking Patuxet Indian who helped the colonists at Plymouth communicate with the natives and also taught them to plant corn.

ANSWER: Squanto

9. In April 2014, over two hundred girls in Nigeria were abducted from their school by an Islamic terrorist group. What is the name of this group?

ANSWER: Boko Haram

10. Which current American movie actress known for playing a princess shares her name with the maiden name of the wife of William Shakespeare?

ANSWER: Anne Hathaway
11. Snoop Dogg went to Jamaica in 2012 and adopted their Rastafarian way of life. Following that, he reincarnated himself with a new name in 2013 which he used for 1-2 years . What was it?

ANSWER: Snoop Lion

12. What term refers to the quantity of a product that is obtained from a chemical reaction, as opposed to calculated or theoretical yield?

ANSWER: actual yield

13. What present-day nation is the setting for the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe (CHIN-wah uh CHAY bay)?

ANSWER: Nigeria

14. Give the name for the time period in English history lasting from 1649 to 1660 in which parliamentary and military rule controlled England after the execution of Charles I.

ANSWER: Interregnum

15. What is the numeric value for the cotangent of 30 degrees? If necessary, give your answer in simplified square root form.

ANSWER: square root of three

16. A body structure that has no function in a present day organism, such as a tail, but was probably useful to an ancestor is called what?

ANSWER: vestigial structure

17. The word “flaunt” means to display something ostentatiously. What does the word flout, spelled

F-L-O-U-T, mean?

ANSWER: openly disregard (accept similarly worded answers)

18. This is the only state in the Union to have acquired its sovereignty by proclamation of the President of the United States. Name this state, the only one to secede from another state during the American Civil War.

ANSWER: West Virginia

19. Math Computation: Water flows into a sink at six ounces per minute and drains out at two ounces per minute. The sink holds 180 ounces. How long does it take to fill the sink?

ANSWER: 45 minutes

20. Seen by many to be more an ethical and philosophical system rather that a religion, it is based on the Analects of a famous philosopher. Name this religion originating in China.

ANSWER: Confucianism

Second Quarter (Ten Toss-Up Questions)
21. In what Willa Cather novel are Emil and Alexandra Bergson the central characters?

ANSWER: O Pioneers!

22. Euclid (YOO klid) constructed his system of geometry by starting with five of what statements that are assumed to be true but cannot be proven as such?

ANSWER: postulates (accept non-logical axiom but prompt on merely axiom)

23. In Greek mythology, it was an ancient serpent-like sea monster with many heads. Tradition said that if you cut off one head it grew two back. Name this monster that was ultimately slain by Heracles.

ANSWER: Lernaean Hydra

24. Science Computation: The temperature of a system is held constant. At the present time a volume of three liters of gas is held at a pressure of four atmospheres. What will its volume equal if the pressure is reduced to one atmosphere?

ANSWER: 12 liters

25. This one-term president from New Hampshire lost a son in a train wreck just months before his inauguration. All three of his children died in childhood. Name this man who served from 1853-1857.

ANSWER: Franklin Pierce

26. What poem ends with these lines? "I love thee with the breath,/ Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,/I shall but love thee better after death."

ANSWER: How Do I Love Thee?

27. What knighted British playwright, best known for his highly polished comedies of manners, wrote Blithe Spirit and Private Lives?

ANSWER: Noël Coward

28. Cnidarians (ni DARE ee uns) display only two different body forms. One is called a polyp, what is the other form called?

ANSWER: medusa or medusoid

29. Caves have been discovered in south and southwestern France with significant artwork from sixteen to thirty thousand years ago. Name either one of the cave complexes.

ANSWER: Lascaux (lass coo) Cave or Chauvet (shaw vay) Cave

30. Math Computation: Find the least common multiple of the following two numbers: 12 x4y2 and 18 x2y

ANSWER: 36 x4y2

Second Quarter (Four Bonus Questions)

1. Essential Vitamins and the Diseases They Prevent

Identify the vitamin credited with prevented the disease or condition stated.
1. Prevents scurvy; it is also called ascorbic acid 1. Vitamin C

2. Prevents rickets 2. Vitamin D

3. Prevents beriberi; it is also known as thiamin 3. Vitamin B1 (prompt on B)

4. Prevents night blindness 4. Vitamin A

2. Literary Devices

Identify the Literary Devices in the following sentences and samples from Literature.
1. “This place is like a Garden of Eden.” 1. Allusion

2. “I’m not broke, I just have a negative cash flow.” 2. Euphemism

3. “The gushing brook stole its way down the lush green mountain.” 3. Imagery

4. “I remember because I have photogenic memory.” 4.Malapropism

3. Computer and Internet Acronyms

Expand the following computer or internet acronyms.
1. HTML 1. Hypertext Markup Language

2. FTP 2. File Transfer Protocol

3. WWW 3. World Wide Web

4. ISP 4. Internet Service Provider

4. U.S. Vice-Presidents

Name the U.S. President under whom each of these Vice-Presidents served.
1. Aaron Burr 1. Thomas Jefferson

2. Richard Nixon 2. Dwight Eisenhower

3. Adlai E. Stevenson I 3. Grover Cleveland

4. Walter Mondale 4. Jimmy Carter

Third Quarter (Three Sixty Second Questions)
1. Sciences

I will give a name of a science, you tell what is being studied.
1. Seismology 1. Earthquakes

2. Endocrinology 2. Glands or Hormones

3. Paleontology 3. Fossils

4. Cosmology 4. Universe

5. Kinesiology 5. Human body movement or physical activity

6 Psychology 6. Mind or mental function

7. Toxicology 7. Poisons or toxins

8. Botany 8. Plants

9. Anatomy 9. Structure of the body or Organism

10. Otology 10. Ear (not hearing)


11. Apiology 11. Bees

2. Novels into Movies

Given the author’s last name and the major characters, name the literary work that was the basis for a movie with the same title.
1. Cooper: Natty Bumppo 1. The Last of the Mohicans

2. Fitzgerald: Nick Carraway and Daisy Buchanan 2. The Great Gatsby

3. London: John Thornton and a dog named Buck 3. The Call of the Wild

4. Miller: Willy Loman his sons Happy and Biff 4. The Death of a Salesman

5. Austen: Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy 5. Pride and Prejudice

6. Wilder: George Gibbs and Emily Webb 6. Our Town

7. Alcott: Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth 7. Little Women

8. Walker: Albert, Celie, and Shug 8. The Color Pulper

9. Wharton: Mattie Silver and Zena 9. Ethan Frome

10. Penn Warren: Willie Stark, Jack Burden 10. All the King’s Men


11. Burgess: Alex and Mr. Alexander 11. A Clockwork Orange

3. World Geography

Identify these geographic superlatives from around the world.
1. Largest gulf 1. Gulf of Mexico

2. Largest known mass of weathered rock 2. Ayers Rock (accept Uluru)

3. Highest navigable lake 3. Lake Titicaca

4. Deepest spot in the oceans 4. Marianna(s) trench

5. Highest Mountain peak measured from ocean base to peak 5. Mauna Kea

6. Smallest continent by area 6. Europe

7. Highest water fall located 7. Angel Falls

8. Smallest country excluding Vatican City 8. Monaco

9. Longest named highway 9. Pan-American Highway

10. Driest desert 10. Atacama


11 Largest sea 11. South China Sea

Fourth Quarter (Twenty Toss-Up Questions)
31. Name the man who systematized parliamentary procedures in an 1876 book that bears his name. ANSWER: Henry Martyn Robert

32. The Atlanta Braves baseball team won their division of the National League fourteen consecutive years. During those years, how many times did they win the World Series?


33. This president took office after his predecessor died in office, but he could not win his party’s nomination for president when the next election came up. Name this thirteenth president of the U.S.

ANSWER: Millard Fillmore

34. What is the name for the colloidal dispersion of liquid in another liquid?

ANSWER: emulsion

35. Which of the twenty-nine travelers met by the narrator in the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer tells his story first?

ANSWER: Knight

36. From the French word for study, it often emphasizes technical skill. Name this type of solo musical composition most notably written for piano by Frederic Chopin (SHOH pan).

ANSWER: etude (AY tood)

37. This French statesman served eleven terms as premier of France. Name this architect of the Locarno Pact and a negotiator of the 1928 anti-war treaty that bears his name.

ANSWER: Aristide Briand

38. What is the term for the measure of magnetic induction represented by lines of force?

ANSWER: magnetic flux or flux or flux density or magnetic flux density

39. If you wanted to tell someone something happens very rarely but very predictably, what idiom would be appropriate?

ANSWER: Once in a blue moon

40. Math Computation: Consider the function f(x) = 2 – 7 sin (4x – π) (f of x equals 2 minus 7 times the sine of quantity 4 x minus pi). What is the vertical shift?

ANSWER: Up two

41. Chromium is obtained from the Goldschmidt process, using large amounts of what element, atomic number 13 and symbol Al?

ANSWER: Aluminum

42. What name is given to a mentally defective person who has an exceptional skill or talent in a special field, such as a highly developed ability to play music or to solve complex mathematical problems mentally at great speed?

ANSWER: Idiot savant

43. This city has existed since the thirteenth century B.C., but only became a national capital in 1921. Name this Middle Eastern city, the capital of Jordan.


44. Two events are said to be this if the outcome of one has no effect on the outcome of the other. What term from probability does this describe?

ANSWER: independent

45. In 1934, the Dionne girls were born in Ontario, Canada, and their survival made medical history. What was significant about these babies?

ANSWER: First known surviving quintuplets

46. The Rio Grande River forms much of the boundary between Texas and Mexico before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. In which state does it begin?

ANSWER: Colorado

47. Math Computation: Given vertices as (0, 0), (2, 0), and (6, 3) on a centimeter grid. What type of triangle is formed?

ANSWER: scalene triangle

48. Poetry lines written with ten syllables and accented on every second beat describe the most common meter in English verse. Name it.

ANSWER: iambic pentameter

49. Name the mystery-thriller TV show set in Rosewood, Pennsylvania that airs on ABC Family and in its sixth season featuring Allison and her four friends.

ANSWER: Pretty Little Liars

50. Which metallic element is associated most closely with the use of the adjective "auric"?


Extra Toss-Up Questions
1. S and “s squared” are conventional statistical notation for what two statistical items?

ANSWER: standard deviation and variance (in that order)

2. How is a tapeworm adapted to staying inside the digestive tract of a host and not be pushed out with waste material moving through the digestive tract?

ANSWER: mouth parts with hooks

3. What is name for a retail business under which a supplier gives a retailer the right to use the company's name in a specified location to sell certain goods and services?

ANSWER: franchise

4. The character, Hafez Alladeen, appears in what movie from 2012?

ANSWER: The Dictator

5. The salary of the first U. S. president was set at $25,000 per year. How much total money did George Washington receive while in office?

ANSWER: None (he refused the salary)

6. Math Computation: What are the coordinates of the center of the circle whose equation is x2 – 14x + y2 – 18y = 10 (x squared minus 14 x plus y squared minus 18 y equals 10)?

ANSWER: (7, 9)

7. Name the U. S. city that was on the northern end of the first successful steamboat line established in 1807 by Robert Fulton. New York City was the other end of the line.

ANSWER: Albany, New York

8. Science Computation: on earth, a scale shows that you weigh 585 Newtons. What is your mass in kilograms?

ANSWER: 59.7 kilograms

Extra Sixty Second and Bonus Questions
4. Philosophy

Given a letter and a definition, give the philosophy or idea.
1. A: Complete political authoritarianism 1. Absolutism

2. S: Doctrine which claims that we can never have real knowledge of anything 2. Skepticism

3. A: The rejection of the concept of God 3. Atheism

4. P: Thought is an instrument for supporting the life aims of a human 4. Pragmatism

5. A: The idea that pleasures should be renounced for some higher purpose 5. Asceticism

6. H: The principle that the fundamental standard of judgment is pleasure 6. Hedonism

7. O: Belief that all things will work out for the best 7. Optimism

8. C: Believes in leading a simple life free from possessions 8. Cynicism

9. U: Morality is the greatest good for the greatest number of people 9. Utilitarianism

10. E. The existence of humankind holds clues to the meaning of being 10. Existentialism


11. E: Pleasure lies in the absence of pain, pain of the mind outweighs

that of the body 11. Epicureanism

5. Trigonometry (Math Computation)

Using the trigonometry function f(x) = sin(2x – π/2) + 2 (read as: function of x equals sin of quantity 2 x minus pi over two close quantity plus two)
1. What is the amplitude? 1. One

2. What is the period? 2. Pi

3. What is the phase shift? 3. Pi over 4 to the right

4. What is the minimum value? 4. One

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